The Truly Ultimate Makeover

Is that a new reality series? No, it IS reality. The ultimate sacrifice is the key to a truly ultimate makeover. I’ll be getting mine someday. You’re probably wondering what I mean. Well, when we get to Heaven, we’ll have a new body with the same soul. This is revealed in Revelation 21:3-5. No more aches and pains, no more sickness or tiredness. Won’t that be so awesome? Are you looking forward to that also? I hope so. If not, then I can tell you how you can be sure to join me in this Truly Ultimate Makeover.

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Grandma Anna is home

She’s been home for about a week. I’m helping take care of her. Also, we’ve had company… people coming to see Grandma because they care. That makes extra housework. Add in my 5 kids, 2 who were sick last week, and you have one busy Pixiemom. I’ll get back as soon as things settle down.

Grandma Anna and a few words from Noelle

First, about Grandma Anna… she is Jeremy’s grandmother and she isn’t doing very well right now. She went to the hospital a week from yesterday with pnuemonia in her upper left lung. Within a few days it had spead all over both lungs. It is still there and they did another chest and neck x-ray to see if they could find out what was causing this. The pulminoligist (lung dr) came with news yesterday afternoon. Apparently her throat has stretched some in the last few years and now she isn’t able to swallow correctly. Some of her saliva, water, milk, and sometimes food is going down into her lungs and she is aspirating (choking) on this. This is most likely the cause of the bronchitis she has had off and on the last two years and now this bout of pnuemonia. Just pray for her, she is very tired of being sick and just wants to come home and see “her babies,” Noelle and AnnaBeth, again. We went up to see her on Mother’s Day since all the kids were healthy and she was thrilled. The nurses said it was the best day she’d had while there.

Now, to tell you about Noelle’s words. I just figured out some things she says. I’ve been hearing her say “Gramma” for a while now, but sometimes it seemed like just “Gram” and sometimes it seemed like it was “Grammama.” I realized what the differences were on Sunday. Jeremy’s mom is “Gramma” and my mom, who she talked to on the phone, is “Gram.” The other one is for Grandma Anna and I figured it out because she said it once at the hospital on Sunday and then yesterday, she pointed to the chair where Grandma Anna sits and said it. It dawned on me that she was saying, “Gram Amma.” It just hit me like a load of bricks when she did that yesterday. I was just thinking she was trying out different ways of saying it, but she has given each Grandma their own name to go with their own identity. So cool, huh? She may not walk yet, but she’s a smart one!!

From Jill – Tabitha’s new song

Tabitha is always singing. Yesterday, when we were getting in the car to go home from Grandma’s house she was standing in the yard singing, “Ho wee, Ho wee, Ho wee…. Ho wee, Ho wee, Ho wee.” Grandma said “It sounds like she is singing a new song.” I said, “It sounds like she is singing ‘Holy, Holy, Holy‘ but I don’t think she knows that one.” Then immediately Tabitha went on to sing, “Lord God a mighty!” all in the right notes. We were surprised.

Tabitha also likes to sing I’ll Fly Away (and the ABC’s, and Twinkle Twinkle little Star.) She knows several others, but those are some of her favorites. She got a hymn CD for her birthday, but it has sticky stuff on it from the package it came in. Does anyone know how to get that off?


With thanks to Ash.

You Are 60% Extrovert, 40% Introvert

You are quite outgoing

You are a social connector – you know a ton of people

While you aren’t a wild extrovert, you are a great talker

A fantastic storyteller, you keep everyone laughing

Jeremy can tell you this is mostly true. I don’t think I keep people laughing though. Also, though I may know a lot of people because I’m not shy about introducing myself and talking, I really don’t have many friends. Well… true friends that is.