Special Day… and I’m sick.

Today was my angel’s day. She was due on this day 8 years ago. I’ve always kept this day special for her and we’ve always done something, but today I slept on the couch most of the day while Jeremy’s mom watched the kids playing in the kiddie pool outside. Noelle slept a lot of the day away with me.

Oh, and the kids left the soccer ball under a vehicle and it was run over. James is not happy.

Family week!

Jeremy has this week off. Yahoo!! Not sure what all we’ll be doing, but I do know the van is going to the shop today to get some hoses and stuff taken care of so we don’t have to keep putting transmission fluid, power steering fluid, coolant, or water in it over and over. Then we won’t have to worry about it the rest of the week.

Two sick kids

I haven’t had sick kids in a while, but of course with all these kids we can’t go too long without someone getting sick, right? Noelle and AnnaBeth are fussy and tired. They’ve both been taking two good naps the last few days. I’m home with them this morning. AnnaBeth may be getting better since she’s still going okay now and her nose isn’t very runny anymore, but I kept her home from church anyway just in case. She keeps asking to watch Blue’s Clues, but it isn’t on right now.

Well, I think I’m going to rest a little while. Noelle woke up last night once and I gave her medicine for fever and I had a nightmare which woke me up and kept me up for about an hour.

The pool is out

Well, it’s a small kiddie pool and all five of my children fit in it if they stay standing up, but they had a lot of fun jumping and splashing yesterday. It was amazing… everyone except AnnaBeth was soaked. I didn’t believe it was possible. There was about half an inch of water left in there when they got done. As for my curly girl, she got out when the splashing got too crazy and the pool was still mostly full at that time.


My cousin, Joshua, is getting married tomorrow to a very lovely lady. I wish him and Renee lots of happiness and will be praying for a wonderful day tomorrow and a great marriage. I know they have God as their anchor, so they are set for a secure marriage already. I wish we could be up there to see the blessed event, but issues have prevented us from this.

Jeremy helped me figure this out… PICTURES!!

I have a close-up one of Naomi that Rob e-mailed out. If Jill has your e-mail, then I’m pretty sure you got it already.

Also, I have one of Noelle and Alyce. Noelle is on the right. They were looking out the window at a passing train. Alyce’s Dad is Jeremy’s cousin. They live in St. Louis, so we see them a few times a year. She just turned a year old. Her twin sisters are about 2 years older than Amie and they like coming up and playing with my kids. They are all really sweet.

Ash also took a very adorable one of AnnaBeth which is up on her Flickr photos. I’m pretty sure she has some of my other kids there too. I just haven’t looked all through them yet.