I’m very frustrated today. I need a few minutes to rest and get my own self under control. Two of my children were just plain disobedient and argumentative today. Two were tired. One was hyper. I was wanting to go to a gospel music concert held at our church today. I’ve only gone to one since we moved here and I had Jeremy’s help as well as my in-laws, plus Noelle had been a tiny baby at the time and slept through it. I missed three since then and really wanted to go to this one. Jeremy had a softball game and my mother-in-law was working in the church library. I only got to be there for part of it today and didn’t get to enjoy it since the whole time I was trying to get kids to sit down, be quiet, not do certain things with Noelle that make her be noisy, and so on and so forth. At the end of a song, I gathered up our stuff and left. I didn’t want them distracting anyone else. Once we got home, they were put down for naptime or time-out depending on age. Only Noelle got any sleep. They others wiggled and talked and fussed. There are days when I feel like they want to gang up on Mom. Today was one of them.

I have a headache. I think I’m going to go now.

Things I love about… (part 1)


Hugs and kisses. Being able to stay up and talk with my best friend anytime and have no phone or computer connecting us. Snuggling. Sharing a soda and chocolate ice cream cake. Having a shoulder to cry on. Having children. Sharing what the children do with someone who will be just as excited as I am. Growing spiritually together. Discussing what we think different scriptures mean. Acting childish together. Acting childish with our children. Enjoying a night out where all we do is talk. Watching movies together. Just enjoying the company in the room even when we’re not talking or doing anything together.

I think I’ll do a series of these. I don’t plan on them being in any order or having them on any certain day. They are not specifically the top things I love. They are just a few of the things I love about whatever I’m writing about at the time.

Riding along!

James learned to ride his bike yesterday. He learned how to use his brakes today. Yesterday, he got many cuts and bruises. Today, he crashed once, but caught himself so no new boo-boos. That’s all he did yesterday and today except for his chores. Amie went out today on her scooter and was wanting to ride alongside him, but he’s not comfortable with that yet. He’s afraid he’ll run into her. It won’t be long before he’s confident. He’s doing REALLY well.

Christine is trying to learn how to roller skate. Once she figures that out, I’ll have three balancing themselves on wheels.

Shuttle launched!

Ok, I have to admit. This is the first launch I’ve watched all the way through since the shuttle Columbia blew up when I was in 8th grade. I had flashbacks whenever I’d try to watch one to that video I saw over and over that fateful day. Anyway, I thought the kids would enjoy it and watched what Yahoo had on their news, but it didn’t show a lot, so I went over to Fox News and they showed it until the launching rockets are let go, plus you can hear a little of what Nasa is saying and not just a commentator. The kids enjoyed it and had to watch it three times. The part they liked the best is where it is showing a view from the shuttle and you can see part of the coastline of Florida. I thought that was pretty cool too.

Youth girl time

Every so often on Sunday evenings, I plan on having a girl time with the youth girls. Yesterday was the second one I’ve done. The first one was only an hour and it was when I first became a youth leader. I sat down with the girls and gave them my testimony and then set down some rules. I think they were glad to learn they have an adult who is honest with them. Only one of my girls has parents that come to church regularly.

Anyway, we had our second girl time last night. It was supposed to last 2 hours, but ended up going half an hour over. It was about trust. Trust in marriage, trust in God, and what happens if you trust in nonchristians. We did trust walks, where one person is blindfolded and the other person either guides by leading them or by giving directions with their voice. In the first one, I gave it as an example of how it is in marriage, you go through it together… side by side. I purposely ran my charge into a chair (I’d warned her beforehand) to let them see that we are human and our husbands are human and may make mistakes and though we let him guide us, we can always have a little say in it since he may not always see that he’s heading the wrong way. When I was sitting across the room giving directions, I didn’t even let my charge come close to hitting anything. That is like God. He is always here giving us directions and if we put our trust fully in Him, He’ll help us to avoid sin and temptations, but we don’t always listen and sometimes fall because of our waywardness. I explained that if she hadn’t followed my directions completely (good thing she did) then she would have tripped over a chair or ran into a table, just as we would trip over sin or run into temptations when we don’t listen to God. We don’t feel Him physically touching us, but He is always here spiritually to guide us. They seemed to have fun.

It was a good thing I’d already arranged to take everyone home, except the one girl who can drive, or parents/grandparents would have been getting impatient waiting for us to get done.

Lots of pictures!!

I just decided to have share a few of my favorite pictures with you. Most are Noelle, because she’s a baby and just has those little cute baby moments. I don’t have one of Amie. I had planned on taking a picture of her on her scooter, but she decided to come in and nap when I was heading out. Hopefully, I’ll get one soon and can share it with you. James has been trying out his roller skates lately. I enjoyed watching Christine as she was singing and jumping. While she was doing that, AnnaBeth was doing something she shouldn’t be doing… putting sand in the pool. Noelle was inside trying to find her shoes. Well, she found an unmatched pair and put them on. I experimented with her hair a little. I twisted it up and put it in a butterfly clip. What do you think?

Thanks for looking. I know it’s a little disjointed, but it’s all I can do on this busy day.

Company coming

Jeremy’s aunt and uncle are coming down to visit, mostly with Grandma Anna. All her children have made an effort to come visit at least once, some twice, this year. She really enjoys having them come.

Today, it’s off to clean for me! I have one of my youth coming. We are raising money for the youth group for different things we plan on doing by having them doing some odd jobs for the members of our church. She is coming to help me clean today.

Baby Fix

I know you all probably are tired of reading about me, but the kids aren’t doing anything original right now… they’re just being kids.

On Sunday, I noticed the bulletin said workers were needed for the nursery during church. We have two people who usually end up down there when it says that and they hardly ever get to be up in service to worship with the adults, so I went down and refused to let them work this time.

Guess what? There was a little one down there this week. She was so beautiful and has such a calm disposition. Even when she was hungry and wanted a bottle, she didn’t really cry, she just rooted around and fussed a teeny bit. I had three others down there in the baby nursery, all girls; AnnaBeth who belongs in the toddler room, but since I was down there she came over, Noelle, and a 9 month old. The 9 month old was needy and liked being held a lot. No problem. I held her while the baby was sleeping. She finally got down and started playing with toys just before the baby woke. When I picked up the baby, she wanted to be held again. No problem. I held them both. I’ve done that many times. Then Noelle wanted up. Ok, I had to think about that. I used to have three in my lap when Christine was a baby, but it’d been a while. I figured it out and she enjoyed hugging the 9 month old and stoking the baby’s arm. I sat there and sang songs to them with AnnaBeth singing along and they really seemed to enjoy it. Noelle and the other girl didn’t mind too much when I had to put them down to feed and diaper the baby and I just enjoyed watching those little smiles and hearing those little coos again.

What I thought was really funny was when people heard I’d had the baby nursery by myself with four little ones and they said I was brave. I just replied that it was easier than what I do everyday.

It sure felt nice to hold that baby in my arms. I can go for a little while before needing another fix.