More prayers

My kids like a certain blog by a girl from Baghdad because she posts lots of pictures of cats. She told a little of what’s been going on in her neighborhood recently in this post. I pray for her everyday that she will continue to be unharmed and also that she meets a Christian and learns about the peace of Jesus Christ even during the turbulence of the war there.

Naughty kids

Amie and James did something muddy yesterday and had to clean it up today. James made a bunch of mud. Then they decided to play a game. Amie took the broom and dipped it in the mud, then made marks on the side of the house, the garage, and the storage shed. James went around after she was done and counted all he could find. Today, I gave one the broom and one the mop and made them wash every wall. I went around with them to spray the hose. I’ll post pictures later. They are grounded for two weeks for it. No bike, no scooter, no gamecube, no TV… tsk, tsk, I’m such a hard mother.

Conversation with Noelle

Me: Oh, look at all the birds.

Noelle: They fly! Flying, flying. Where’d birds go?

Me: They flew over the house where we can’t see them.

Noelle: Ok. Look, more birds.

Me: They are in the trees.

Noelle: (pointing) ‘Nother bird in tree! Look, Mommy. Birds in grass.

(Amie and James were listening to our conversation and start running in our front yard flapping their arms and tweeting.)

Noelle: *Giggles* Amie, James are birds!

Me: They are pretending they are birds.

Noelle: JAMES! Go with other birds. (He runs toward the flock on the ground.) *Giggles* Look at the birds flying. James made birds fly. *Giggles quite a bit more*

Wanna see my faves?

Ok, I’ll show you all my favorites of each of us. Yes, you’ll finally get to see a small picture of me. They are all 90×90 pixels. I made them into icon sizes for the collage. I think it will be cute once I’m done. I have a few color pictures, some in black and white, and a few sepias. Okay, okay, I guess I’ll link you to them… ready? Jeremy, Amie, James, Christine, AnnaBeth, and Noelle… oh, and ME!


I finally got my pictures uploaded from the memory card of the camera to my desktop. Tonight I’m going to be working on them. Hopefully I’ll have some for you all to look at very soon. I took a lot of my kids that I plan on making into icon sized pictures and making a collage of them for the background of this site. Jeremy is happy I’m doing this so he doesn’t have to do it later since he’s so busy.

Pray without Ceasing!

This is what Paul said in 1st Thessalonians 5:17. SO… is it any surprise that my children have named the Praying Mantis they caught yesterday, Paul. (I’m only guessing this is a male since it is smaller and usually the females around here are larger.) We have a lot of crickets in our bathroom, so we may set him loose in there, but for now we’ve caught a few and put them in there for him to eat. He ate one last night and the legs are in the bottom of his cage. I guess they don’t eat the legs. I think I’ll do some research on this insect to see if there is anything we need to do for him.

I think he’ll enjoy the flies in the house too. With four kids that know how to open the front door, it is opened quite often and we have plenty of flies to last him quite a while, I’m sure.

Grandma has pictures of Noelle again!

Jeremy’s Mom got some twin baby dolls which she named Seth and Sarah. Noelle took them to Grandma Anna to show them to her and I got that first picture on her site while they were “taking care” of those babies. I think the other pictures are explained quite well. Go on over and enjoy.

I have pictures of all my kids on our digi-cam, but something is up with our printer which has our photo uploading thing on it and Jeremy hasn’t had time to look at it. It’s probably something simple… like being unplugged, but I’m hoping it’s not that because I think I checked the plugs.


At this moment, I have four children on the floor trying to do exercises. All because I said something about needing to remember to exercise. Well, if they can help me remember that’d be great. Why am I not down there with them? I’m still eating lunch. I’m always the last one eating. I get Noelle and AnnaBeth’s food ready, help Christine with hers and sometimes help Amie or James if they need it. By the time my food is actually ready to eat, they are all done with theirs. Anyway, once I’m done eating and letting my food settle some, I’ll do some exercising. I need to keep my body in shape and keep my shoulders working okay. If I don’t exercise enough, my shoulder that I had surgery on gets stiff and hurts if I try anything out of the ordinary, but as long as I keep it limber it does fine. I’ve learned how to keep my shoulder limber and incorporate the rest of my body into the exercises so I won’t have thin strong arms with a flabby body. LOL That’s quite a picture isn’t it?

Noelle is talking up a storm…

… and when she doesn’t know a word, she substitutes “blah, blah, blah” for it. Last night, she was trying to tell Jeremy and I something. I think it went like this, “Mommy! Daddy! I played blah, blah, blah with AnnaBeth.” We both burst into laughter. We’ve heard her use that for different toys or food that she’s not sure of the names for also. She knows a lot though and does really well with saying what she wants to say for the most part. Yesterday, Jeremy and I were sitting on our bed watching a movie. She climbed up, pushed his head off of my shoulder and proclaimed, “Hey, I’m the baby!” I guess she thinks only babies get to cuddle. This morning, after I got her dressed and James was supposed to come get her to take her to the kitchen for breakfast while I helped AnnaBeth get dressed. He didn’t come very quickly when I called, so she yelled, “James, I’m all ready!” She’s picked up a few things from her older siblings like “Uh huh” for yes and saying “Grandma Wall” to differentiate between Grandma (Wall) and (Great) Grandma Anna. However, I think the blah, blah, blah came from me… I use it when the kids give cheesy excuses.