Another birthday!! Christine is five today!

From September to January, we have birthdays and Christmas going non-stop. Three birthdays this month… AnnaBeth, mine, and Christine. One next month… Amie. One in November… Jeremy. One in December… Noelle, and then Christmas. The last birthday for our immediate family is in January… James. Money is always tight these months, but it is fun for the kids. I’m having the party for AnnaBeth, Christine, and Amie on this Saturday. It will be good to see my sister, brother-in-law, and little nieces. AnnaBeth is especially looking forward to seeing Tabitha. She really loves playing with her.

Anyway, Christine woke up this morning with a new babydoll. It’s the CITITOY 14″ newborn preemie. I didn’t pay that much for it. I got hers at Walmart and it came with extra clothes and a pillow for at least $10 less than that, plus I didn’t have to pay shipping. Her old one lost an arm and is put away until I’m able to fix it. She’s so happy to have another one anyway. Amie has multiple dolls (since she was the first girl, many people have given her dolls) and AnnaBeth has two, but Christine only had the one and as she said, “I’ve ALWAYS wanted another baby!”

Thank you for the birthday wishes!

My birthday was a normal Friday, but on Saturday we spent the day at one of Jeremy’s coworker’s houses. He and his wife have 3 children and one on the way. The kids all got along so well and I was able to relax some and have good woman socialization. I miss having that face-to-face. I don’t mind the online stuff and it helps me get through my lonely times, but sometimes I just need someone I can actually see. The four of us adults had about an hour that we took over the Gamecube and played MarioKart. It was really fun, though I’ve lost my touch with that game. I haven’t played it in about 4 years and it was with a different nintendo system and controllers. I think we should get it. I like MY controller at home. It’s a bit smaller than normal cube controllers and with my small hands, it’s easier for me to handle. I may do better with it.

My favorite birthday present so far is a little 9.5″ baby doll by Berenguer that looks like a real little baby. It represents the baby I lost before Amie. I have some other presents coming and I know what a big one from my dad is (I get it in October), but I’m not ready to share about it yet. Jeremy hasn’t gotten me anything yet. Since I’d spent some on the girls’ birthday presents (their party is on Saturday), he is waiting until payday (tomorrow or Wednesday) to get mine.


I don’t feel like it, but when I look at my 5 kids, I realize it has to be true. LOL

I still have a bit of a sore throat today, but it isn’t as bad. What I hate the most is that I clench my jaw when my throat hurts and end up with a headache that’s worse than the pain in my throat. I’ve been taking some ibuprofen which helps a lot.

I’m sick :-(

I have a VERY sore throat. I’m also very tired. The problem… I can’t get a substitute teacher and just sleep in. I can still do my teaching from the couch and I need to stay alert in case anything goes on with my 5 children. The kids are doing well, so I guess it’s all okay. I just want to take a nap sometime today though, so I hope Amie and James can finish before naptime is over so I can rest a little.

Did you know I have another blog?

Yes, I do! It’s on Xanga. I post about what I’m reading in my Bible. You’ll get a small inkling of what Jeremy hears each night as I’m reading. I don’t update it as much as this one, but if you want to know what I’m thinking about as I’m reading through my Bible, take a look. I have to warn you though. Only Xangans can post comments. I don’t think there’s a way to let everyone post. Just give me an e-mail if you really want to discuss something with me. I believe I have a link on that page.

I started it when my cousin, Becca, began her blog at Xanga. I tried to comment and couldn’t. I was putting down my thoughts of what Jeremy was teaching in Sunday School and Youth Group in a notebook, but was thinking of starting another blog anyway to put it all on. Instead, it’s become my way of putting my thoughts of my daily Bible study up. Everyonce in a while, I’ll talk about something Jeremy taught or tell about what’s going on in my life or at youth.

Wrote a post yesterday and lost it

Noelle hit the keyboard and then the computer screen froze. I logged out and decided to just shut the computer down since a storm was coming up anyway.

Anyway, what I was going to tell you all was that we went to the apple farm on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. The kids had a blast in the play area and picking apples. They thought the tents and wares they had up for pioneer days were neat. Their favorite (and mine too) was the tent with dulcimers and banjos in it. They even did a demonstration of it for us and let me try out the dulcimer. I’d love to have one someday and learn how to play. I also bought another ocarina to replace the little one I broke a few months ago, except it isn’t made very well and the sound is way too airy. Oh well, it’s still an instrument and can just be one of my collection. Someday, I’ll get another that I can actually play.

Went to see my crippled friend today.

She is so bored! She has to sit with her leg elevated for a while still and she is tired of reading books. I brought the kids up and she loved it. Amie and James did their rendition of “Joshua fought the Battle of Jericho” for her. I think I’ll get her some cross-stitching to do.

Since I was up there, I stopped by the Amish farm that sells Rod and Staff homeschool books and got Amie’s English text and the teacher’s manual. I got them both used, but still in great condition, so it was at a much better price than I was planning on paying online. Woohoo! There’s also a pumpkin farm up there and though we didn’t stop, the kids liked looking out at all the pumpkins we could see in the fields.

James had his second drama class today. He wanted me to stay and watch, but kept looking and waving at me instead of paying attention to his teacher, so I left and walked around the farmer’s market where I spent money. Saved money on books… spent it on yummy homemade cinnamon raisin bread and apple donuts. Actually, I only spent about half of what I saved by getting those books, so I still come out pretty good. Anyway, James was upset with me for leaving. He wanted to share how fun drama was. I’m going to talk it over with him later. We’ll have some mommy/son time. Maybe he’ll show me what he’s been doing.

I told you I’m busy

Homeschooling is keeping me busy. I just finished folding some laundry and have some more that will need to be done tomorrow. Amie loves her reading. Her stories are Bible stories. She is almost done with Genesis. She knows more than many adults because of these books. If you’re wondering, they are done by the Mennonite publishers, Rod and Staff. I haven’t gotten her an English book yet, but I think I’ll use the one they make. I’m also thinking of switching her to their math book once she’s done with the one she’s on now. They go at a slower pace and I think she’ll do better with them. I don’t know. I’ll figure it out when I have to… whenever she’s done with the book she’s working in.

James’s math book was ordered at the beginning of last week as well as Amie’s history book. I asked Monday when they’d been sent and I was told yesterday that they WILL be sent at the end of this week. My lesson for the week… don’t order school books at the last minute. I should have known.

Wow, that was rambling… that’s what I get for trying to post at 11 pm last night.

Ok, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

4-wheelers are dangerous. I was talking to a friend of mine last week. I told her I have never been on a motorcycle or 4-wheeler (or any ATV). I’m too scared. I’ve heard of too many people who had gotten hurt or killed on them and it had made me uncomfortable. (I know, more people get hurt or die from other things.) She called me on Friday and talked to me before going out on it and I asked her about her helmet. She said it was dirty and she’d wear it after it was cleaned, but she hadn’t had time yet. This morning, I was told she was in the hospital after an accident. I was happy to hear it was only her ankle, though it was completely crushed. She could have been hurt much worse since she didn’t have that helmet on. She had reconstructive surgery this morning. When I saw her this afternoon after she woke from her surgery… “Julie, you told me to be careful. I understand why you don’t want to ride them.”