Wish Granted!

I woke up this morning hoping to find a little bit of sparkling on the grass and rooftops. No dangerous roads, just a nice light dusting of snow. It wasn’t there.

As I was working with James on Phonics in school, one of his words today was flake. I mentioned my little wish that we’d have a few come down then decided we’d make our own. Declaring today as an Art Day was fun, though the kitchen was quite a mess.

While we were finishing up our project, the kids started yelling at me to look outside. There, glistening on the roof of the garage, were small snowflakes floating down from the clouds.

I’m quite content. Thank you, God!

Edit: Ok, pictures are here.

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No more pacifiers!

Noelle did it herself. Not on purpose though. Jeremy is the only one who gets her out of the crib without making sure she spits out her paci. She tried to get away with it when he got her out yesterday. He took her straight from the crib to the van for our church’s evening service. Her paci is now somewhere at our church.

No Paci. No Walmart for 30 miles. No parent willing to go that far at that time of night. Cold Turkey for Baby. (Same thing happened for James at 16 months old)

Well, we’d planned on trying to take it away soon anyway.

She wasn’t happy about it and stayed up pretty late last night (she didn’t cry the whole time, but had to learn how to go to sleep without it which took her a while,) but she settled down to her nap okay after a bit of crying today (probably since she was so exhausted.) It’ll probably take a few days for her to get used to not having it, but she’ll be fine.

Ok, another month’s activities done


3rd – Children’s free shopping spree at our church. Need to help Amie and James make their lists of who to get presents for.

11th – Children’s Christmas program at church. Rehearsals every Sunday night and Wednesday night until then. I’ve got a part in it and Amie and James are part of the Children’s Choir.

14th – Caroling with Church

16th – Noelle’s 2nd birthday. Taking our youth group to see Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.

18th – Adult Christmas program at church. I’m going to be in the choir.

21st – Youth Christmas party.

22nd-23rd – packing

evening of 23rd – travel to NC

24th – arrive at my parents’ house early in the morning. I’ll probably get a good nap in sometime this day.

25th – have kids wake us up at an hour when adults don’t function well to unwrap presents. Church. Eat a lot.

31st (or maybe 1st, haven’t decided yet.) – Travel home

SO… how busy are you this month?

Shopping anyone? Not me!

I don’t like braving the crowds on this day, but I have some friends who will get up at 5 am and be out hitting the stores at 6 am. They browse through the “Black Friday” shopping lists days in advance to know which store they want to hit first for the best things. I just tell them, “Good Luck, have fun, and I hope you are able to get what you want.” As for me, I just laze around on this day. I’ll only go shopping if there’s a really, really good reason (like no diapers.) Jeremy and I are talking of going out later today, but not to any stores. Just have a little date. Not sure yet. We’ll see.

Taking a break between baking and starting supper

The kids and I made the pumpkin pies today and Jeremy’s mom peeled and sliced the apples to be ready to make those pies tomorrow. Amie and Christine used their little bakeware to make some mini-pies. I think we’ll eat those tonight so we can use the pie plate to make a little apple pie tomorrow and use the other pan to make a sugar-free pumpkin pie for Grandma Anna. The other reason I want to eat it tonight is because I don’t know if we can wait until Thanksgiving before eating at least a teeny bit of pumpkin pie and this way, we can get them and still not have to cut up the big ones.

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Had to share this…

Amie was helping me make pancakes tonight. I made one batch with soy milk for James and while I was cooking them, she started the regular milk batch for me. She cracked two out of the three eggs fine. She turned to me while cracking the third one and said, “I’m really getting the hang of this!” and as she turned her head back, her thumbs went in the egg and it splattered all over her face. I couldn’t help myself, I just laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. After getting over the surprise of having “egg on her face”, she thought it was pretty funny too.

Also, after dinner, both Jeremy and I were (and still are) tired. I asked Jeremy to run up to the store for something. He said he didn’t feel like it either, so he hands his keys to Amie and asks if she’d do it. (Joking, of course.) She laughed and said, “DAAAAD! I won’t be allowed to drive until I’m 13!”