War on Thumb Sucking… End of Week 4

Yes, it has been the whole month of February. I forgot to put anything on their nails after Tuesday of last week until this Sunday, but they didn’t realize it and kept their thumbs/fingers out of their mouths. I think I’m going to start putting it on a little less each week, but still put some on for a little while. Not sure how long I’m going to keep it up. The bottle still looks like it’s been hardly used.

I think I’ll leave off updates for a while. I’ll let you know how it goes after a little while when I’m not putting it on anymore… if I remember.

Prayers for W Again

I asked you to pray for W when she found out she had breast cancer. Well, her husband died this morning. There was no warning and at the moment, no one knows what happened. We were one of the first families called because she was really good friends with Grandma Anna and Jeremy’s mom. I took Amie and James up to visit with them about a week and a half ago and he seemed to be doing fine. It’s kind of a shock to her and she isn’t doing well at the moment with having bronchitis and a low white blood cell count, so please pray for her.

Tricky Cheese

We went to Fazoli’s after church this morning. AnnaBeth and Noelle shared a child’s pizza. Part of Noelle’s cheese came off. She picked it up and it swung back and stuck to her hand. She tried to lick it off and it came partially off, but swung up and was sticking to her fingers. She had to stick her fingers into her mouth four times before it released it’s grip and she was able to eat it. AnnaBeth thought it was funny so she pulled a string of cheese off her pizza. Unfortunately, the cheese decided to cooperate for her. She then refused to eat her pizza for about 10 minutes because her cheese wouldn’t stick to her. I told her she was being a silly girl and after a little while she decided her hunger needed taking care of, so she ate it.

War on Thumb Sucking… End of Week 3

I have nothing to report. I’m continuing to put it on, but I haven’t seen anything this week. Not sure how long I’ll continue, but I want to make sure they don’t go back to doing it.

If you read the comments here, you may have seen that Erin said in a comment from my last post that she’s trying Mavala with her 3 yr old daughter and it isn’t working as well. Apparently her daughter is just licking it off. Yuck! Hey, Erin, maybe put it away until she’s a little older and then try again? Don’t know, but it might work. Did you try it to stop your older daughter’s nail biting too? Just wondering.

Anyway, that’s the report this week.

War on Thumb Sucking… End of Week 2

Still doing good. This week, I haven’t had any sign of them putting their thumbs/fingers in their mouths. I’ve watched AnnaBeth while sleeping slowly move her finger toward her mouth and then just before touching it to her mouth, she jerks it away. I’ve watched as Amie (also while sleeping) will put her hand up as if to put her thumb in her mouth and then pause for a second before tucking it under her chin. I haven’t seen a thing with Christine. Maybe next week, I’ll be able to report… nothing! Wouldn’t that be nice?