I’m Tired and Ready for Vacation

The house got two and a half rooms painted today. We haven’t done trim yet in them, but did most of the walls. We painted the dining room and most of the kitchen a light yellow color. They had them painted pink. We got the girls’ room painted, a dark pink on the bottom and a very light pink at the top. Now we need to get a border to put in the middle. I bought the paint for James’s room, but we didn’t get to it this time. Maybe next time. All the trim is going to be done in antique white. I didn’t finish the kitchen because I couldn’t reach over the counter very well. I think Jeremy is going to have to finish it, plus it has tall ceilings so we need to borrow a ladder to reach the top 3 feet of the walls.

Jeremy did the stair railing on the mid-landing and from there on up to the second floor. He only has to finish the landing up there. It looks really good, much better than it had before.

He’ll have plenty of time to work on the house this next week. My Dad is taking me on vacation. For my 30th birthday back in September, he got me a cruise. Well, because of all the hurricanes, it was cancelled the first time we scheduled it in October, so we rescheduled it for this week. At the time, we didn’t know it would also be right after buying a house. Jeremy and I hadn’t even started looking when my Dad had to reschedule. All I knew was that the kids’ ballet and drama was off this next week for Spring Break, so it would be okay for me to be gone. My mom is taking the kids down to Jill’s house in St. Louis for the week. Jeremy has work, so he’s going to stay at the house and when he’s not doing his regular work, he’ll be doing house stuff. Poor boy. He’ll need a vacation when we get back.

Anyway, I’ll be gone for a little while. I’ll see you all when I come back and I’ll give a BIG update. Both on what I did and how much Jeremy did on the house while I was gone. See you all later!!

Progress Made

We have a hand rail from the bottom of the stairs up to the turn around landing! Jeremy and I worked from when he got off work yesterday to about 9:30 last night finishing that much. Now for the landing and on up to the second story and across the top of the landing up there. There isn’t as many stairs, but whoever built the house made this next set a bit wider than the lower set, so we have to adjust the angle of the banister to fit with that.

Considering we did this ourselves, it looks pretty good. I need to remember to take film today. I ran out the other day while taking before pictures. I don’t even remember if I got a before of the stairs.

Our House will be Descended Upon

On Saturday, our church is coming to help us get our house ready for moving in. We invited the youth to come after noon and some of the older men and women have heard about it and we were asked if they could come help out as well. Sure! We can use a lot of help with the house. My parents are going to be arriving sometime on Friday evening/night, so they will be there as well. Wow! We’ll be moving in soon with all this help. I hope some of them bring their own paintbrushes and rollers. We don’t have very many yet.

Oh, and our refridgerator was delivered this morning, so we can stock some drinks and sandwich makings.

Got Some Work Done

Wow! I’m tired. Rob (my sister’s husband) came up to help us out some today. First, it snowed as I said in my previous post. Jeremy had the van slide off the road. No damage, but kind of annoying. Rob took me up to Jeremy’s work and they called AAA to pull the van out of the ditch. We called around noon. They were so busy getting cars towed that were blocking traffic (high priority) that they didn’t get to our van until around six. While waiting, we worked. I swept, mopped, and cleaned windows. We got the holes drilled to put the balusters in. (Okay, so I only drilled two holes. The men did most of them.) We were taking some stuff out at the top of the stairs and found a big hole in the wall up there. Someone put up a wall that hadn’t supposed to have been there. Before, the stair railing had gone across there. We knocked out the wall. It was stress relief, destroying that wall. Quite fun. We also used the ax on a very rickety old cabinet that had been left in the house. Rob only had to hit it once and it flew apart. They had some wood planks screwed to the bottom of the walls that they called molding. We took those out of the living room and master bedroom. Right now, the dining room is full of lots of wood that we’ve taken out of other parts of the house.

Anyway, I am tired now.

Ack! Snow!

About 6 inches of it! That doesn’t help us much, does it? The kids love it. Jeremy and I just think… another delay with house stuff. Oh well, what we need to do before moving will get done eventually and hopefully not too long from now.

Getting Started

On Saturday, we bought the materials to build the railing for the stairs. Jill’s husband, Rob, is coming up tomorrow and hopefully we can get it built.

Jeremy came down with what I had on Saturday and after we went shopping and dropped everything off at the house, he wasn’t feeling up to really doing much, so we just went through the whole house with a pad of paper and wrote down what we want to do, both short term and long term. We found a huge attic off to the side of the girls’ room which might be made into another bedroom at a somewhere in the far off future date.

On Sunday, Jeremy stayed home from church. He was really not feeling up to anything. After church, we came home and ate and I took the older three kids with me to the house. We worked for about 3 hours. James learned how to use the drill to take screws out. He was quite proud of that. It helped me get a lot more done. He worked on unscrewing some things while I went around the house and pulled all the nails out that they’d used to hang things. There were quite a lot of nails in the walls and some were at odd places. There were a few screws he had trouble with because they were in at a funny angle or something, so I had to do them, but I think he did the majority of them. He’s going to be a big help to us. Amie went around with a little pocket apron taking the nails from me and the screws from James. Christine started helping by vacuuming a room, but didn’t finish and just kind of followed Amie around most of the time. I guess I’ll vacuum when we’re there tonight while AnnaBeth is having dance class.

I hope the water is turned on today. I need it to do SO much cleaning.

I Sit Here, Freezing

I have a fever. Yesterday, I had one off and on. I feel awful. Even with a t-shirt and sweater on, I feel really cold. I know I shouldn’t bundle myself up in blankets, that will only make my temperature go up, but that’s what I want to do right now.

I don’t think Jeremy got a lot of sleep last night. I was hot, so I’d throw the blankets off and then a little while later, I’d be freezing, so I get back under them and cuddle next to him. I tossed and turned from having a headache and achy muscles. I just feel yucky. I hope this is done soon.

We had visitors yesterday and today and I just didn’t feel up to socializing. I stayed back in my room with the curtain up and the gate locked so their little girl couldn’t come in. I hope I was able to keep my germs away from them, but my kids (who seem healthy right now) were playing with their kids, so I doubt it. Maybe they’ll be able to fight it off.

I’m going to go lay down again. I hope I’m better tomorrow. We are planning on shopping for the stuff we need for our house.

We’ll Be Moving Soon

Not far away. We bought our first house. Closing was yesterday. It needs a little work and then we’ll be moving in. It is about two blocks from Jeremy’s work and 4 blocks from the dance and drama studio. We’ll be saving a LOT in gas for our big hungry van. Our church is only about 6 or 7 blocks away, not exactly sure, but it is less than a mile. The library is about 2 blocks away.

I’ll be taking before and after pictures of the rooms. We’re going to work on all of them, but most of the work will be while we live there. It’s mostly painting and flooring that we plan on doing. It needs a handrail up the stairs to the second level where the kids’ bedrooms are. That is what we need to get done before moving. It’s too dangerous right now for them to be going up and down.

Anyway, this is the situation I was asking you all to pray for. Thanks for the prayers. They worked wonderfully. Everything went smoothly.