A Puppet and A Song

That’s what our family is doing for a special today. Remember how I said James had memorized Psalm 1. He is taking his puppet, Pastor Pops, and is going to recite it as if Pops is doing it. Also, we’re going to be singing Send The Light, probably the first two verses and then invite the whole congragation to sing the chorus with us. Pray that it reaches some hearts and gets the message across.

edit: The kids did a good job singing with us and James did very well with his puppet, though in his concentration of remembering the verses, he forgot to operate the puppet’s mouth during two verses. I was proud of them. Christine opted out of singing. She wanted to go up to Children’s Church more.

A Couch!

We have a couch in our living room.  From the 1970s, I expect, but still comfortable and I think it will fit with the colors we have picked out to paint the living room later.  Now we all have a place to sit in the living room.

I decided to take yesterday off of posting.  Noelle filled in for me.  I see she did a good job.

Say “Hi” to Noelle

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Coffee Review #2

This is actually the third coffee we’ve tried, but Jeremy is working on the review for that one for me.  I decided to do this one myself.  You will be able to tell it has a different author as the tone of the post will be different.

Blogger's Fuel Coffees

Blogger’s Beach Blast

The description says, “This luscious flavored coffee will make your blog!  Featuring a tantalizing combination of chocolate kiss and caramel.”

The aroma is nice and mild.  You get a hint of caramel wafting in the midst of the coffee.  I usually end up taking at least one big sniff while it’s brewing.

The taste is slightly above mild, but with a “kiss” of chocolate and the caramel, it smooths out very nicely, especially with some cream in it.  If you prefer, as I do, you might like to add a small amount of sugar, but not much is needed.

I think this is a good after dinner coffee.  It is a good prelude to or as dessert.  It is nice and relaxing.

One thing I have done every once in a while is add 1 teaspoon of hot chocolate to it to boost the chocolate taste.  It tastes very delicious, almost like a mocha caramel latte.

You can get this coffee or any of the other new Blogger’s Fuel flavors from Boca Java.  Stay tuned, more reviews will be coming.

Meet Harold

He’s our family ghost. He’s been with us since I was pregnant with Amie. Now you’re probably saying… WHAT?!?!? A ghost? First, to let you know, I don’t believe in ghosts, so I’ll explain about Harold. You know those natural phenomena where the warm or cooler air outside a room causes the door that is partially closed on the other side of the room to either open more or close? That’s what Harold is. Natural phenomena that happens in all houses, especially older ones like we have. At night, you can hear him “walking” around by the creaks. Also, none of our inside doors latch closed completely, so if anyone opens one of the outside doors, Harold is good at opening one of the inside ones. Last night, Jeremy took the trash out when I was in the bathroom. He got a bit of a kick out of me yelling, “Harold, close that door!” Oh, and for some reason, James used Harold as the reason why the water was running when no one was in the bathroom. I think a certain real little boy forgot to turn off the water after brushing his teeth. He really has a lot of fun slamming our screen door on stormy days if it isn’t properly latched too. Harold seems to try and go everywhere with me. The other day, when we were with friends, I said something to Harold for slamming a door. They all laughed at me. Oh well. He has no respect and I get none when he does something and I reprimand him.

Where’s the warmth?

It’s been in the low to mid-70s for about a week or more and the kids and I have really been enjoying it. Today though I am sitting here with socks and a sweatshirt on to help keep me warm. The temp outside at the moment is 40-something.  The temp in the house is exactly where it would be if I turned the heat on, so if it goes any lower the heat is coming on.

Oh, and it’s also the day I planned on taking the kids to the library, but it’s kind of drizzley with thunderstorms predicted later, so I guess walking will be out of the question. *sigh* There goes that exercise. I’ve really enjoyed the walks we’ve been taking. Yesterday, to take AnnaBeth to ballet, I put her in the jogging stroller and jogged up. I couldn’t have done that a few months ago before I started exercising.

Hymn Sing

Our family has Bible devotions before sending the kids to bed.  If you happen to pass our house these days around 8:30pm, you might hear a hymn ringing out since our windows are open.  At the end of each devotion we sing a song.  We sing the same hymn for a week so the kids can learn it.  We started last week with Blessed Assurance and this week we are doing Send the Light.  The kids love it and I’ve really been enjoying learning more verses for each song as well.