Hat Party!

Our church is having a Ladies Hat Party.  Everyone is supposed to wear a hat.  For the occasion, the kids and I raided an older woman’s house yesterday and came away with a bunch of hats.  Some of them are old.  So much fun.  We are bringing them to church for those women who don’t have hats.  I’m taking Amie and Christine along with me.  They’ve already picked out their hats.  I think I need to take pictures.

Prayers for Youth

Being a youth leader is fun at times, but lately, it’s been very trying.  We have some things going on at the moment and it’s really trying to my spirit.  Of course, as you all know, I’m not going to reveal anything of what’s going on.  That’s part of the “Being in Leadership” role.  I have to keep secrets.  Just pray for the whole youth group.  I feel like we are going through a fire at the moment.

I can tell you what we are trying to do with the youth.  We are trying to teach them how important memorization and meditation of scripture is to being a Christian.  This last month we’ve been working on memorizing Psalm 1 and what it means.  This next Wednesday, we’ll be asking questions pertaining to that piece of scripture and they have to answer word for word.  This next week, we’ll be picking another chapter to do.  Once the kids have gotten used to this, we want to challenge another church.  We have four kids who are very eager to do this and that is encouraging, but what is going on under the surface has really been tiring me out.

Visitors Tonight

Our first visitors in this house… that we’ve officially invited over. Guess I need to get the piles of clothes out of the living room. I only did 7 loads yesterday. Putting away winter clothes, going through clothes from storage, finding summer clothes, sorting by sizes, and just regular washing of the daily clothes. A lot of clothes.

Anyway, Jeremy is going to fix dinner tonight and talk tech or food with his friend and I’ll have another mom to talk to and the kids will have friends to play with.

Coffee Review #1

Here is the first review of the six coffees we received from Blogger’s Fuel.

Blogger's Fuel Coffees

Late Night Log In

Aroma: The aroma is light and not overwhelming or burnt like many canned store blends tend to be.

Taste: Mild with very little aftertaste. It tastes great black. Or if you prefer, cream and a little sugar is an excellent accompaniment to this simple blend.

This coffee is nice and relaxing. It’s a good social coffee for having friends over or sunday school at your church.

Well, Something Exciting Happened

It wasn’t fun exciting though.  It was the heart pounding excitement of being scared (and somewhat angry.)

Amie, James, and Christine were told that they could go play in the backyard for a little while so that the little ones might be able to get to sleep for their nap.  About 10 minutes later, after I’ve changed a diaper and changed AnnaBeth’s sticky lemonadey clothes and gotten them down, I checked out back.  No kids.  I checked around to the side.  No kids.  I checked in front.  No kids.  I went back inside to see if they were hiding somewhere.  Nope.  Went back outside to check both sheds and the cellar.  No, not there.  I can’t leave the house because of the little ones, so I called Jeremy.  I caught him just as he was leaving to go to a meeting, so he starts to drive around the block and found them two doors down playing with a neighbor.  I’d already forbidden them to play over there because the adults will come out with a few kegs and have a drinking party… in the middle of the day.  I had told the kids that if they wanted to play with those boys, the boys had to come down to our house and play by our rules.

That was kind of scary though.

Yay! Jeremy Did It!

I’ve probably been telling you all for quite a while that I was wanting a different lay-out because I wasn’t happy with the plain thing I had.  Jeremy took care of it last night for me.  I really like it.  Nice and soft and with a nature scene again.

In other news, I’m taking two rolls of film up to the development place (within walking distance) so I should have Easter photos and a few more “before” pictures of my house soon.  I’m sure getting my exercise… I walked the kids to the library yesterday, but it was still closed for renovations (guess they’re a little behind) so we walked up to Jeremy’s work to say hello to everyone and then back home.

Anyway, that’s all for now.  I may have more later to post, but nothing exciting usually happens in the morning.

We’ve Been Adopted

There is a cat who has adopted us today. She is pregnant. She looks young. I have a feeling that she was kicked out of her home when she was discovered to have a tummy full of kittens. She acts like she is used to being indoors more than outdoors, but we haven’t let her in. Also, she had NO problem with my children. Not even Noelle petting her the wrong way. She just stood there and purred.

Unfortunately, we can’t have a cat right now. We can’t afford cat food or vet bills, especially for a mother cat and the kittens she’ll have. If she is still hanging around in a few days, I’ll probably take her to a shelter. She needs good care and we can’t give it to her.

Six Weird Things

Matthew tagged me. I thought this would be kind of fun and let you all know something more about me. I hope I can think of some things.

1. I have five kids. We had actually planned on six. That’s right, six! Because of problems with pregnancy though, we decided to stop. Also, if we count the one baby which is in Heaven, we do have six.

2. I love broccoli and don’t like much fruit.

3. I’m the one who teaches sports to my son and takes him to the high school games. I love baseball, basketball, football, and badminton. Volleyball is growing on me. Jeremy only cares for soccer.

4. I’m proud to have grown up in “the back hills of Tennessee” (always said in my southern accent) and then add… that’s why I was barefoot and pregnant for my first seven years of marriage. LOL

5. If asked I will tell you how old I really am (30) and if you are really nosey, I’ll even tell you the correct weight, but not online.

6. I love learning about different animals and their internal anatomy. I enjoy learning the different types of plants as well, but start talking about their parts and I’ll glaze over.

There ya go. And I’ll tag six people who want to do this as well.

EDIT: I tagged my 1997 playgroup board.  I can’t wait to see what some of them list.

Just Think About It, Continued

Jesus was dead and buried in a tomb. They made sure the tomb was sealed tight.

On this day, so many, many years ago, the tomb was open and He was gone! Where was He? He had come to life again. Alleluia! If WE believe and ask Jesus to be OUR Saviour, WE will live again just as He does.

Acts 16:30 b and 31 – “Sirs, what must I do to be saved? And they said, Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and YOU shalt be saved, and YOUR house.”