More Update on Amie

Official lab results didn’t come until today. In addition to finding a slight bit of blood and protein in there, it also showed some crystals. She is having a renal ultrasound next week. Hopefully, we’ll be able to figure something out. She’s not happy about the part where she’s not allowed to eat or drink anything for 8 hours beforehand and it isn’t scheduled until 11:30 am. She said she’ll die of starvation by then. She is so dramatic.

House into Home


We are slowly turning our house into a home. We have a few things hanging on the walls. Of course, when we are finally ready to paint, we’ll have to take them down for a little bit. The pictures of the kids that I took at Easter should be ready today. I’m going to frame them and hang them up as well. I need some pictures of Jill’s girls. I took some with film Jill had when they were here and gave her the film back to develop. I wonder how well they came out. Anyway, back to subject. We have lots of the children’s books in a bookshelf. We still need to put together the other bookshelf. We have a toy box upstairs and one downstairs and I’ve gone through them and thrown some away, gave some away, or put away baby ones for when a baby is visiting. That cut down our toys by at least half. I found a place for puzzles, games, and those toys of multiple pieces (legos, train set, ect.) which I only allow out when the living room is completely clean. We have cleaned out what they left in the attic and put in our own stuff. I’ve thrown out one port-a-crib that was used for Noelle’s bed for the last two years and put the other (for visitors here) away. We have two cribs here. Not sure where the second one came from, but I’m giving one to the pregnancy center if it is still good and keeping one. We have a bed that we’ll be setting up for James today and a crib mattress for AnnaBeth that we’ll slide under Amie’s bed during the day. We found the leaf to our table, so now we can make it large enough for all of us to eat at. It’s been a bit cramped at dinner times.

It’s just so exciting for things to be coming together and looking like a home. I’ll have to take some more pictures. I really need to put up our before pictures for you all.

Test Recheck

Well, James’s test came out okay, but Amie’s did not.  They are thinking of sending her to a urologist to be checked.  Not sure what all is going on.  They said it looks like a UTI, but she’s having no pain.  They want to make sure there is nothing seriously wrong.

Kitties and Motherhood

I’m up early because Jeremy had to be up and I couldn’t go back to sleep this morning. So, I went into the kitchen and sat on the floor and watched Striped Beauty and the kittens. As I was watching, I was thinking of the way she acts with them. If one is hesitant to come to me, she’ll come over and rub my legs and purr, the whole while looking at that certain kitten. I watched as she had to hold one down to clean him. Reminded me of when James was a toddler and wanted to run around all the time, but I had to hold him down to change that stinky diaper. It wasn’t an easy task for me and it didn’t seem easy for her either. Different kittens would come up to her as she was laying on the floor and tug on her ear or bite her tail or bat at her nose. Sometimes she carefully batted back at them, but most of the time she just purred at them and let them play with her with no resistance. They’re still learning and she’s going to let them try out their skills. Soon, she’ll probably start batting them back all the time to teach them defence. One of them rubbed himself up against her neck and head when he was done playing. She threw out one paw to rest on top of him, as if holding him in a loose hug. A kitten got into the box where her food and water are kept and had some trouble getting out. A few days ago, she had jumped in and gotten the kitten out after Christine put him in, but today she didn’t. Today, she was alarmed at first when the kitten started crying, but when she saw what was going on, she stood about 5 inches away from the box and meowed softly. The kitten came to the side where she was and though it took time and lots more soft meows from her, he climbed out. Reminded me of how right after moving here, I was carrying Noelle up and down the stairs, but not long afterwards I was coaxing her to try them herself. The last thing before I left was they were settling down to nurse. The look of contentment on her face as those little furballs were being fed from her body was wonderful. It reminded me of how joyful I felt everytime I nursed one of my children, or even bottlefed one. The closeness and bonding time is such a wonderful time.

Motherhood is so grand, isn’t it?

Weight Loss

Well, I don’t know about weight since we don’t have a scale here, but I’ve lost inches. I went out and bought two pairs of capris that are two sizes smaller than my jeans. Those jeans were getting a bit tight at the beginning of this year, but now they are nice and loose. You should have heard me give a big “Woohoo!” in the dressing room when I tried my first pair of capris on. Upon exiting the dressing room, the attendent said, “I guess you were able to get into the size you were hoping for.” LOL

I Love Garage Sales!

The town my in-laws live in had their annual community garage sale weekend.  Everyone who wants to can have a garage sale and you just walk or drive around the town and see what you can buy.

We’ve been looking for a way to get two twin beds and a toddler bed in the girls room.  We decided we wanted to try having a bed that is a little higher off the ground and then the second twin be a trundle.  Today I found an almost new roll-away bed.  It will be a good trundle.  Until we get the higher bed, which we may make, we are going to fold the bed up during the day.

We also were looking for bookshelves so we can unpack a bunch of our boxes.  I happened to find that at the same place as the bed.  We do happen to have one thing of bookshelves, which we just bought brackets for, so I’ll be happy to have those boxes out of the way soon.

Striped Beauty

Remember the cat who adopted us?  She’s been coming off and on since then.  The last few days, she’d been trying to come in.  She found a way into our house and brought her kittens along.  Five adorable little balls of fur, still wobbley on their legs and fully dependent on their mother.  I got them in the kitchen right now with the baby gate up.  I guess I’ll be making a trip to the humane society.  I really hate to do that.  I do so love cats and I want them to have good homes.  I know the kittens will most likely be adopted if I take them in, but I’m afraid for Beauty.  She’s a wonderful family cat and would be a great addition to have, but most people don’t want already grown cats, especially since she’ll need to be spade.  She’s such a sweetheart and already trained.  She deserves a good home as well.

No More Cribs!

There are no more children in cribs in my house.  Actually, there hasn’t been for a week, but I just took it down and removed it from our house.  Noelle has officially switched to a toddler bed.  She was very happy to have her new bed.  It is James’s old toddler bed, so it is shaped like a car, but she doesn’t mind.  I plan on keeping a port-a-crib around for those guests who may need it, but I no longer need to take it around with us anywhere.

She’s done really well with her new bed.  She has only gotten out once at 10pm when I accidently left the light on outside her room.  She came down the stairs, cuddled with me for about five minutes, and then let me tuck her back in.  As long as she has either her Raggedy Ann doll (she calls it Annie) or the rag doll I brought her from the Bahamas (she named it Mia) then she is quite happy.

More Copycat

We have the children scrape off their dishes into the trash can after dinner before putting them into the sink.  Noelle decided to try it today.  She’s barely taller than the trash can, so it was cute watching her.

I need to get more film for my camera.  Photo ops always abound when no film is around.