VBS Continued

I only have one more night of teaching for VBS.  I don’t know what we’ll be doing on Friday night, but it is parents’ night and I’m not really expecting any of the parents of the 7th and 8th graders to show up.  We may just play volleyball after doing a quick review of each of the stories of the week.  On Tuesday, we talked about Nicodemus and last night it was Saul (more commonly known as Paul, but this was before his name change.)  We had a new kid come in on Tuesday and though he is quiet, I think he is soaking it all in.  He participated some last night and seemed to really enjoy what he was learning.  We’ve been doing crafts and activities.  We didn’t have them the first two nights, but added them in because the kids were getting bored with an hour and a half of lessons and only having a five minute break for snack.  While they are doing crafts, I’m usually telling them a modern day story related to our lesson, so they are still having the lesson.  I guess it just helps to have them doing something with their hands.  We were planning on just going out and playing volleyball since we weren’t scheduled for activities, but the kids were watching some of the younger kids do it and thought it would be a lot of fun.  Since we don’t have but four kids, it doesn’t take very long to do the activity and then we still play volleyball.  That seems to work out well.

Anyway, things are going better now.

Update on Noelle

Guess what? It isn’t a displaced clavicle. That big bump is where bone has grown around where she broke her collar bone, near her neck. The dr said it is her body’s way of making a cast around the break and that it will most likely dissolve after she is healed up. Even if it doesn’t dissolve though, it won’t cause any problems. It is healing fairly well on it’s own. It is just slightly crooked, but not enough to worry about and it will work just fine for her all her life. I sighed and said something about this being our third broken collar bone in two years. He took care of AnnaBeth’s first one, so he knew about that one, but not her second one. He said he sees quite a lot of toddlers with broken collar bones. It is the one that they seem to break the most and they fall quite often due to all those growth spurts and having to get used to bigger feet or a longer body. I found out that a friend’s little boy (4 yrs old) broke his recently too.

All in all, I was able to see the x-rays and he explained it all to me. I am satisfied and know that she’s okay. He also showed me last week’s x-rays that had been sent to the ortho department to be looked over. He said he’s not sure who looked at them, but they were so washed out that whoever had seen them should have said, “I can’t really tell in those x-rays, have her brought over here for better ones.” He said he could see the break in them, but barely. I’m glad I followed up with him. I feel much better now.

Another Dr Appt Today

I’m taking Noelle to my ortho, one who did surgery on my shoulder two years ago.  Our family dr had told me it looked like a displaced clavicle and took x-rays and sent them off to a technician.  They called me back a few days later saying that the technician saw nothing wrong, so she was okay and no further action was needed.  I was furious.  There is a huge bump up on her upper chest and I know it is bone by the way it feels.  That is NOT normal.  They saw the bump, but the technician did not.  SO, I called my ortho up and asked him to take a look at her.  We are going up there this morning.

Vacation Bible School

This week is our VBS at church.  I’m teaching the 7th-8th grade class.  It’s challenging.  They just want to have fun and not really do a lesson.  I was so frustrated yesterday as I was trying to teach them about the story of Esther and the courage she showed as she trusted in God to keep her and the other Isrealites safe during this time.  I wish I could get them to understand how important these Bible stories are to them.  They just kept goofing off and wanting to go out and play volleyball instead or have a “snowball” fight with little foam balls we had over there.  On Sunday night, we did the story of Elijah and his courage at Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18).  One girl seemed interested and answered lots of the questions I asked and really seemed to get it.  She wasn’t there last night.  I hope she comes back the rest of the week though.  I think she’d help some of the others to join in and answer instead of either 1) just sitting there and not saying anything or 2) making silly remarks and joking about the lesson.

Sometimes I just feel so discouraged while working with the youth.

Oh, James, Christine, and AnnaBeth are really enjoying their VBS classes.  I don’t know how much they are absorbing of it, but they about had a fit when we turned up slightly late yesterday because I thought it started at 7pm and it had actually started at 6:30pm.  I was just getting there thinking I would have a little less than half an hour to go over my lesson again before the other kids came.  Oops.  My fault.  They’ve always had it start at 7pm on the weekdays before, so I assumed instead of actually looking at the schedule.


It is as if a blanket has been put over our town. The sun is no longer there. Suddenly winds come and then the rain is poring down. The cool air from our kitchen window feels so wonderful. The wind is blowing the other way, but it is pulling the warmer air from our house out. Ah! I like a nice summer storm.

Last Swim Lesson

Actually, I guess yesterday was Christine’s last swim lesson.  Today was where the family could get in with them and they could show what they have learned.  Christine decided she didn’t want to do anything.  It was almost like the first few days.  I just used tough love and had her do them anyway.

James had a lot of fun.  He got a kick board and worked on how to make his kicking more effective.  He really did well.  I think he’ll be swimming on his own soon.  AnnaBeth worked on kicking while holding onto me or the wall and blew some bubbles in the water.  Noelle just enjoyed being held by me and bobbing up and down in the water.  She did let me float her on her back once.  All three of them went down the water slide into my arms.  Christine wouldn’t do it.  AnnaBeth had so much fun that she went down the slide a few times.  It was a good time for all, but Christine.