Too Hot

Today is just too hot and humid. Our living room is large and only has one vent (as do all the rooms). It really needs another one. The air conditioning can’t keep up. Also, I think there is a problem with the venting between the unit and the living room vent. It doesn’t blow as hard in here as in the other rooms.

Anyway, I’ve been cleaning and it’s been too hot and now I’m just worn out, plus the dryer is making it even warmer in here even with the door to the laundry room closed.

Amie is on her way home from North Carolina!!  They left this morning and will be here this afternoon.  Yay!!  I can’t wait for the hugs from her.

Different Church Service

Our church service today was a little different than our norm. Pastor put on a robe and sleeveless outer cover and played out Onesimus from the book of Philemon. (Oh, if you’re wondering where that is, it is the itty bitty book right before Hebrews.) He talked about how he was a slave and took some money from Philemon, but while he was out and about in Rome, he met Paul and became a Christian and now he is on his way back with a letter from Paul to Philemon to ask forgiveness. It was his sermon. He did a good job. I played my dulcimer for special music as well, which strays from our norm in that usually we have someone singing. Just before I started, the music director caught me and asked me to tell a little about my instrument and stall a bit so Pastor could finish getting his costume on. We had a new member give a testimony after Pastor was done and then the invitation.

After church, we had a pot luck. I was good and didn’t stuff myself this time. I’m trying to watch how much I eat at things like this.

Lastly, we had a Christian bluegrass concert at the church. The groups name was Muddy Creek.  AnnaBeth loved it. We sat near the back, so the kids could get up a little. It’s hard on them during days like this because there isn’t much time to get energy out. AnnaBeth and Christine danced in the back of the sancuary (Oh my, dancing in a Baptist Church!) and Noelle ran between Grandma and me. James just sat and enjoyed the music. I was proud of how well he stayed in his seat.

Anyway, that was our day today.


Raggedy Ann and Andy Festival

Remember when I told you about us going to the Raggedy Ann and Andy festival. Anyway, while we were waiting for the parade, a photographer from United Media took a picture of the four children and me to use in her article for a newspaper in NY city. She sent me the picture. Want to see?  AnnaBeth was laughing and Noelle was just being her normal self around a stranger.  Christine had a cardboard mask on her head making her head and pony tail look funny.  They all have their faces painted.