No TV! Our TV blew something yesterday. The screen went out of proportion and then we smelled some kind of burning while we were watching the Looney Tunes right after I posted. We turned off the TV and the DVD/VCR player and I checked them both and found the smell to be coming from the TV.

Well, it isn’t a big loss. We don’t have any TV reception. We just use it to watch movies or we get shows on DVD and watch them at our leasure. The kids had a fit. They didn’t know how they were going to finish the LT shows. I let them watch them on the computer today. I just don’t like how small the computer screen is. It’s very hard to be comfortably laying on the couch 7 feet away and see the screen easily. For that reason, TV shopping will happen when paycheck time comes.

I don’t allow the kids to watch much stuff though. Only about an hour or an hour and a half during the course of a day. Sometimes not even that much. Jeremy and I like to watch an episode of something after they go to bed. Monk, Lost, Law and Order: CI and that kind of stuff. (BTW, Lost is so confusing sometimes. It’s hard to wait to see the next episode to find out what happens next.)

Now… how do I get rid of the bad TV? It’s not allowed to be put with our trash. I’m almost thinking of just putting it out with a sign that says, “Free messed up TV, for those who like to tinker.”

Vox Anyone?

I have two vox invites.  Just leave a comment and I’ll send you one.  Go check it out if you don’t know what it is.  I wish they had more diversity of backgrounds, but they are still new, so just give them time.  I got an invite mostly so I could get the Pixiemom name for Vox before someone else, but I like to answer a “QOTD” (question of the day) sometimes.  It is a neat, different way to get to know someone.

Family Fun at Night

After the little kids go to bed, we’ve been trying to figure out some things to do with Amie and James.  (Also, Christine when she’s allowed to stay up, which is once in a blue moon.)  Jeremy has taught James and Christine checkers.  We’ve played Uno a few times.  On Saturday, we went to Wal-mart to grab pink tights for the girls for ballet.  Jeremy decided to get his hair cut while there, so as I was walking around wasting time until he was done, I went through the game aisle.  Phase 10 caught my eye.  It’s a rummy-ish game.  I used to play it in college with Jeremy and my best friend.  I taught Amie and James how to play tonight.  They both took a little while to catch on, but did very well for their first time.  They both seemed to like it a lot too.  They want to start a real game tomorrow.  (We didn’t keep score tonight since they were learning hence mistakes would be made.)  They only have about half an hour to an hour to do something after the other kids go to bed, so we can’t play a complete game, but they want to play as long as they are allowed and then continue it the next night and so on.  I told them that was okay as long as they are good for me in school during the day.  Otherwise, they will be sent to bed when the other three are.

Off topic a bit:  We’re planning on having my family up here for Thanksgiving.  That will be so much fun.  I plan on having a game of Uno one night.  It’s something we did often when I was a kid and we all really enjoy playing.

Phantom Of The Opera

I finally saw the movie.  Oh wow!  I wish Jeremy and I had been able to go when it was in the theater.  That would have been awesome.  The actresses for Christine and Madame were cast very well.  I still like Micheal Crawford’s voice best for the Phantom, but this guy did a very good job with the part.  Now, I want to buy it.  Can’t afford it right now, but sometime in the future I would love to have it.

Amie was watching with me and when Christine hit that high note, she turned to me and said, “I’ve never heard you hit a note THAT high.”  I told her that she made me lose my highest notes.  After being pregnant with her, I’ve never been able to sing the highest notes I used to be able to reach.  She was sitting very high and pressed on my lungs so I couldn’t breath very well near the end of that pregnancy.  I couldn’t sing hardly at all the last two months.  I can still hit high notes (when tested on a good day, I got up to a high C), but the note she hits in there is a high D and I just can’t hit it anymore.

Summer Pictures

I had planned on uploading all my pictures from this summer, but I used my upload limit this month on Flickr between Amie’s pictures and ours.  Anyway, I made a set for this summer.  It starts off with Christine’s swimming lessons and then goes into our vacation.  I’ll have to finish uploading when Flickr allows me too.  The random pictures from the summer will come later as well as stuff from the reunion.