Broken and Beautiful

Yesterday was the first stop of the Broken and Beautiful Tour featuring Mark Schultz, with Big Daddy Weave opening for him. It was on the other side of the nearby small city, an hour away from us.

We were there! Andrew Read, Jeremy, and I went. It was really good. My favorite part wasn’t either of the big names, but David Klinkenberg playing the fiddle. He plays fiddle for Mark Schultz’s band, but he’s done a few of his own CDs and it is so amazing to watch and listen to him. He only played two songs of his own. We wished he’d been given a little more time. On our way out, we picked up some CDs, both of the fiddler.

Six Years Old

This is the season of birthdays.  Today is Christine’s birthday.  It’s amazing how big she is.  My three other girls are tiny (10 percentile or less) and she is much bigger (75 percentile).  She started out as a little 5 lb 15 oz baby.

Baby Christine

She has grown to be such a sweet, yet extremely silly, girl.


Happy Birthday to my Chrissie-girl!

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Eye Report

Amie has her Daddy’s eyes.  In other words, no problems and the dr thinks she will be fine for a long time.  James has a little bit of astigmatism in his left eye.  The dr wants him to come in again in 6 months and have another check.  Christine is slightly nearsighted, but he doesn’t think it’s too bad and hopes it will correct itself without glasses.  She’ll come in with James in 6 months.  AnnaBeth has astigmatism in both eyes.  She goes back in 2 weeks for a re-check with the drops in her eyes to help the pupils dilate.  She may be getting glasses.  All the kids picked out glasses before their appointment, just in case.  I like the ones we found for AnnaBeth.  They’ve been written down, so they remember the frames and can make them if the dr thinks she really needs them.

Eye Dr!

The first appointment at the eye dr for all my kids except Noelle.  The only time they could get the time for all 4 kids was during Noelle’s naptime, so she went to the Crises Pregnancy Center with Grandma who will make sure she gets a good nap.

Anyway, I got glasses as a child, so I want to make sure my kids’ eyes are okay.

A Baby Needs Prayers

Actually, her whole family needs them too. She’s only 2 and a half months old and, after 2 weeks in the hospital, has been diagnosed as a carrier of the chronic granulomatous disease. Her grandmother, who is the person I am in contact with, is extremely upset. I’m sure the mother and father must be even more so. She’ll be going to a specialist later.

Just keep her in your prayers.

Edit to add: She was released from the hospital today. Everyone is extremely happy about how she is doing at the moment. Since she is a carrier and not actually have it, it may cause some problems, but not as many as they thought it would at first. They have an appointment with the specialist on Monday to do additional tests and get more info.  Her big sister is happy that Momma will be able to come home again.

Watching Old Times

I decided to check out what one of the tapes that we didn’t have labeled was last night.  I stuck it in and found that I HAD copied off the stuff from the little tape in our camcorder before it got destroyed in the van fire in March 2005.  It starts around Christmas when AnnaBeth was a baby (2002) and goes until the next August (2003).  I had stuff on the tape that got destroyed from after that, but thankfully the most important things recorded were on here… Amie’s decision to ask Jesus into her heart (Feb. 17, 2003) and her Baptism (June 15, 2003).

What a trip down memory lane.

God’s Will Be Done

Just a note to say thank you to all the people who were praying for me during the confusion I was having.  My co-leader and I are staying in our positions and all is going well.  The director is reorganizing everything and we are all happy with the roles we have been given to do.  I’m sure God was working in all this and now my confidence in what I do has been strengthened.