Jeremy’s been updating our computer. So far, I’m having a tough time navigating around and it doesn’t have as many fun games on it yet. I’m not sure why, but all the web pages look different now and I don’t really like it. It’s annoying me a bit.

Anyway, this update should help it so my website (and others on our server) will not be down much.

Precise Speech

Some sentences from Noelle, who has really had no problem picking up the correct English language.

“Yes!” (No yeah from her)

“Dad, excuse me, Mommy needs some soda.” (after being asked to bring me a Dr. Pepper. I didn’t use the word soda.)

She was fussing while trying to put on her pants yesterday.
Jeremy: “Noelle, do you need something?”
Noelle: “Yes, you to help me.”

Home Stuff

We headed to Home Depot last night to look around. We need a new door with frame for our bedroom and same for the regular bathroom, so we took a look around at prices. We also looked at prices for insulation and water heaters. We want to get one of those new tankless water heaters. It will save money in the long run. Our water heater is okay for now, but we’ve had some trouble with it and know it will need replacing after a while.

We did buy a few things. Toilet repairs: new flush handle, flapper, and bouyancy thingy. We also got some caulking to put around the bottom of our shower and a water filter. Our water wasn’t too bad until recently and suddenly our coffee pot has calcium deposits everytime we use it and stuff is starting to taste different, so we picked one of those up. When we get our taxes taken care of, we plan on using some of it to get our living room painted and looking nice.

Ok Guys, Opinions Please

Wives can answer as to what their husbands prefer if you like.

A friend and I were discussing what we’d like to do with our hair and I’m not exactly sure how it came about but we were wondering what guys like best… long hair or short hair. She thinks most guys like long hair, but I wasn’t sure. I decided I wanted to poll you all and find out for myself.


We took a mini-vacation this weekend. We went down to St. Louis for Saturday and Sunday. It was fast paced, but still relaxing. We went to my sister’s house in the morning and had lunch there with her and her girls. The kids had lots of fun seeing their cousins again. After lunch, we went to the St. Louis Mills Mall and met up with Ash. Lots of talking and I got some exercise in too. The kids like that mall because it has a playground like one you usually find outside. When we were trying to leave, Ash’s car wouldn’t start, so we just popped her in our van. We all went to Jeremy’s brother’s apartment where Jeremy made dinner (yummy fettucinne alfredo with chicken in it, his is the best). After dinner, we went to the hotel and checked into our suite (have to have that with all our kids.) My best friend met us there to take me out on a girls night out. We took Ash home and laughed the whole way there. It was snowing pretty bad on the western side of the Missouri river where she lives, so we went back over to the other side to have dinner. I’d only had a few bites of what Jeremy made so I’d have room for something with my friend too. We sat in Applebee’s and talked for a long, long time. It was so good to talk and joke around with her again. She dropped me off at the hotel around midnight and the room was so dark and I didn’t know which bed I was sleeping in, so I went around with my cell phone lighting the way until I found which one Jeremy was asleep in. Only one mishap at night, Noelle fell out of bed, but it didn’t hurt her and after cuddling with me for a little while, she was okay and went back to the bed she was originally sleeping in.

On Sunday, we got up, got dressed into our nice clothes, packed everything up, ate the breakfast at the hotel (good selection of breakfast foods) and left for church. We went to our previous church and I really enjoyed catching up with some old friends and letting everyone know how we were doing. We went to lunch at IHOPs and then drove home. We’d planned on staying a little longer on Sunday, but with the snow, we decided to drive home while there would still be light for the whole trip.

My throat is scratchy today and I’m not feeling my best, but that’s okay. I’ll be fine after a little while.

Ten Things I Love That Start With “W”

Linda was giving out letters. I got “w”. These are listed in no certain order.

1. Wall family. They are my family by marriage, but I love them just as much as my own.

2. Wonders. All the cool things God has made. They are wonders to me. I love nature.

3. Worship. Praising, praying, discussing, learning, singing. All that for God. It helps me to combat the stresses of the day.

4. Womb Fruits. or also known as my children. They are such blessings.

5. Windows. The ability to let the light of the sun into my house and see all that is outside. I like being able to see the Amish buggies go by.

6. WWW. The internet is great. It’s so nice to be able to meet people so easily, though I’m a bit cautious as well.

7. my Wall man. My wonderful, loving husband.

8. Wicks. candles, nice smelling ones or the hurricane lantern. I love to turn off the lights and just have candles and our hurricane lantern on.

9. Waltzing. ok, so dancing with my husband. He can’t really waltz, but I learned back in high school for the musical “My Fair Lady”. I enjoyed it. These days, I like a dance I can do with my husband, laying my head on his chest.

10. Wonderful friends. I don’t have many friends, but those I have are good ones who care for me and love me for who I am.