Prayers for the Youth Group

God has put on my heart to really pray for the youth group. I’ve prayed for them since I started working with them 2 and a half years ago, but not so deeply. I’ve felt led to pray for each kid, each activity, each leader, and the group as a whole.

He has also put on my heart to ask others to join me in praying for the youth. Pray for revival in their hearts. Pray for understanding of God’s Word. Pray for obedience to that Word. So, now I’m asking you to help with the ministry I have here by praying. God is working. I know it. I also know that it is in His timing and that things may not happen while I am a leader, but at the moment I am still in this position and have no doubts about being here. God wants me here and I will stay here until He is done with me in this position and leads me to something else.

Full House!

You all thought I had a full house before, didn’t you? Well, guess what? We had SEVEN kids here this weekend, all under 10 years old. I watched my sister’s two daughters while she and my brother-in-law went to a Marriage Get-a-way night. They said it was very refreshing. Anyway, for Friday and Saturday, I watched Tabitha and Naomi who are almost 4 years and 20 months old. I went and met them halfway to pick up the girls. We met at a McDs with a play area. They did very good, not a single cry the whole time from either of them. Naomi got a pouty face when her parents left, but as soon as they were out of sight, she went to playing and had no problem. At bedtime, Naomi had no problem. Tabitha tried the “I have to potty” thing a few times, but I put a stop to it the third time up and she was asleep soon after that. The next morning, Amie got them breakfast and they all played very well. After my older three children got done with their chores, I got out the big legos and the lincoln logs and all seven children were happy for the next two hours. Naomi even went down for a nap without a problem and James was still playing in that same room. My sister and her husband got there about 6:30 pm on Saturday and had dinner before leaving. We had no problem with any of the kids and I know they all enjoyed having the time to play together.

Do you think James was overwhelmed with all those girls? Nope, he loves them all.

Funny thing Naomi said: At dinner on Saturday, she was sitting on her mom’s lap and Jeremy was sitting beside them. She’d been calling Jeremy “Dadduh” the whole time here. She turned to him and said, “Hey, Dadduh, HEY DADDUH!” Jeremy pointed to her dad sitting behind him and asked, “You mean him?” She looked over and got a surprised look on her face and said, “Wow, TWO Dadduhs!”


I taught Amie and James how to play using this Jigsaw Sudoku. I changed it to 4×4 squares and they figured it out. Amie did it by herself in a little over 8 minutes. James did one by himself in 51 seconds. He’s more mathematically minded, so it didn’t surprise me how easy it was for him, but I didn’t expect him to be able to do it so quickly. Now he wants a more challenging one. He’s asking me to print off a 9×9 puzzle to work on. We’ll see how he does on that.

Ah! This Feels Better

It is 45* out there. First time over 30* in a month. I walked out on my front porch in my bare feet and no jacket to check the mail. I promptly put socks on when I came back inside to warm them up. Still too cold for my feet.

Edited to add: It’s President’s Day. The post offices are closed. I didn’t have to go outside, but I’m glad I did. It felt good to get some fresh air.

Sign Seen Here in Town

I told you about the snow we got. Lots of people around here have been complaining quite a bit about it. I’ve done okay, but it is cold and I’m not used to this much snow. Starting last night, more snow. So far, it’s dropped another 5 inches on us. One of the youth came in last night at our Parent’s Night Out laughing. He said, it’s snowing again, but no big deal. I asked him about his attitude and he said a sign changed it. The sign says, “Be grateful! You could be in New York!”

Speaking of New York, I only got about a third of the amount of snow they got last night. My friend in Syracuse has been keeping us somewhat updated. She said she is tired of shoveling twice a day and that her husband has to shovel snow off the roof today. Yikes. I wonder how my aunt and her family up there is doing?

I Was Wrong

It was hard to tell exactly how much snow had fallen because of drifting and I just guess-timated before going outside to take pictures. It was at least a foot of snow, maybe more. The official weather people all said they weren’t sure exactly, but they did know that at least a foot had fallen. Different measurements went from about 10 inches to 2 feet, so taking an average would actually have put it over a foot of snow. I do know that most of it was iced over, so I was able to walk on top of lots of it. One of my feet did break through once and it went in up to most of the way to my knee and it didn’t get all the way to the ground. I helped a lady get her van out of her driveway. Our van was stuck until today because the plows put at least three feet of snow around it and then there was another icing after the plows had gone, so it was hard to shovel away.

Ok, Forget Warmer Temps

Back down to below 20*. On Monday night, around 6:00 pm while we were eating dinner, it hit. We could hear the ice hitting the windows. Around 7:30 pm, we were in our living room watching Monk and saw the snow starting. It didn’t stop all day yesterday. We have ice with about 9 inches of snow over it. It is still flurrying, but that is all. Noelle woke me up around 1:30 am this morning and I could hear the growling and scraping of many plows outside. The ice is still on the roads though. Jeremy is very happy that he has a home business and is able to work from home right now.

Forget Spring Cleaning!

Why would you want to clean when it’s nice outside? Cabin fever cleaning beats it hands down! I got so much done on Saturday.

Oh, it finally got above 20* yesterday. It actually got all the way up to 30*. Woah! I still thought it was too cold, but Jeremy said it felt good after the frigid temps of the last three weeks. He didn’t wear his coat yesterday. I think there was something affecting his brain. Brrr.