Some AnnaBeth Stuff

I have a HisStory bracelet and either she or Noelle have asked me to tell the story of it many times in the last few days. Today she picked it up and almost told the whole story herself. I changed the story they had just a little bit, so it isn’t the exact same as on the card that comes with the bracelet, but it is still Biblically correct and works with the beads.

She is a thin kid and must have a high metabolism because sometimes it is hard keeping her weight up even though she eats enough (three meals and two snacks a day). Today, she came to me and pointed to her belly and said, “Look Mommy, I’m getting some fat!” I tickled her belly and said, “Fat? I didn’t know you could ever have some of that.” She laughed and went off skipping and saying, “I’ve got no fat. I’ve got no fat.”

Prayers for our Church Today and Tomorrow

Our church is doing a public showing of “Facing the Giants” tonight and tomorrow. We know that lots of people know about it, not just in town, but in many towns around here. It is a free showing. The youth will be standing at the doors at the end for donations at the end of the movie. Donations, after the movie license fee, will go to the youth group to hopefully help with a mission trip this summer.

Pray for this movie to impact our community. I would love to see people saved or rededicated to Christ because of this movie.


I don’t know how to upload the photos, so I’m waiting on Jeremy to do it. For some reason, this camera won’t let us just plug it into a USB port and upload. That is somewhat annoying. Jeremy can do it on his laptop by just plugging in the little photo disk, but our Linux run desktop isn’t able to. He is hoping he will be able to find a Linux friendly program that will work with the camera so I can upload them from here easily.

I Have a Digi!

I got a small digital camera that can fit into my purse. I don’t want to rely on my phone camera when we’re out and about. It’s a Canon PowerShot A550 with 4x optical zoom and 7.1 mega pixels. I hooked it up to my TV, so the kids could see the pictures I’d taken at James’s drama play on Saturday (oh, wait, I forgot to post about that… pictures coming soon, maybe later today) and we checked out how big the picture could get on the TV without getting too pixellated. It was pretty good and I’m satisfied for now. Someday, I’ll be able to afford the Canon Rebel, but until then I’ll stick with this one for whenever shots and my film camera for the nice shots.

Oh, speaking of my film camera. This last roll of film has not a single photo of any of my children on it. It was dedicated to other things. I’ve used the last 10 or so shots on it to keep track of a flower growing in a pot on my window sill. I have 1 photo left on that roll of film and the flower should bloom anytime, so I’m saving it for that.

Girls Night

I had a Girls Night for our church youth girls last night here at my house. Only two showed up, but that was fine. We had some good conversation and talked about forgiveness. After the lesson, we just talked and ate pizza for a little while. For the last 15 minutes, my co-leader gave her testimony. I think it was a good time.

I Have it Back

I will have computer time everyday again! Yay! Jeremy got a laptop for his work, so he can take it with him whenever we go somewhere. That means I have the desktop when I have the time to check everything.

My little laptop is okay, but it has some touchpad problems still even though I don’t use the touchpad anymore. I do happen to love the little mouse that we got for it. It’s cute. Once Jeremy disconnects the touchpad, I think it will be a good computer for the children. It is old and doesn’t have much on it.

Taking Inventory

In our shower: 5 bottles of shower gel, 3 bottles each of shampoo and conditioner, a bottle of body scrub, and 3 loofahs.

Around our tub: 2 bars of soap, 3 containers of foam soap, a bottle of baby shampoo, 2 bottles of bubble bath, a container of bath fizzies (little balls that fizz as they dissolve), an envelope of fizzy crystals, and a jar of bath crystals (menthol smell, great for when I have a cold), 2 bottles of shower gel, and multiple wash cloths.

At our main bath sink: A regular bottle of hand soap, a bottle of kids foaming hand soap, 2 bottles of regular gel, a bottle of curling gel, 2 things of toothpaste and 7 toothbrushes.

My Weekend With the Youth

As I said in my previous post, I went with our church youth group to Acquire the Fire. Despite the sleepless night, it was a pretty good weekend. We had some teens affected by the message taught. I pray they remember this weekend and that they apply what they learned to their life and keep continuing to do so.

We also had some good talks with some of the kids. I talked to two of the girls after the first night and we got a bit deep into it. My co-leader also contributed to this conversation and she helped because she can relate to one of the girls much better than I can. We had another girl come in for a little while and talked with us as well. It was nice to be able to do that. On the car ride, both up and back, we talked with a new guy that recently joined our church. He seems very eager to talk about the Bible and learn more about God and Jesus.

I know I asked you to join me in praying for these kids. I know some of you are praying. I have been less frustrated and have been able to reconnect with two of the girls. I thank you for those prayers. I ask you to try and keep these kids in your prayers. We picked up some new curriculum and I would love to have it make a big impact on them. I have really come to love these kids so much. It is hard when I know they are having trouble.

Extreme Tiredness

This time, it’s not kids.

I got up at 7 am on Friday morning to go to an Acquire the Fire event in Muncie, IN. I roomed with two girls who did not sleep at all that night. We didn’t get home until 2:30 am on Sunday morning. I had to wake up at 7:30 am for church this morning. Jeremy decided to go to the chinese buffet restaurant in a town 20 minutes away for lunch. It had a long line. We didn’t get home until 3:15 pm. I had to go back to church for choir at 4:30 pm. Got home around 7:30 pm and Jeremy made me dinner. Kids finally went to bed and got quiet.

When did I sleep? Between 3:00 am and 7:30 am this morning and a bit of a snooze from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm this afternoon. That gives me around 5 hours of sleep since Friday morning.

Good Night!