Preaching and Singing

Jeremy is preaching morning services at the church we used to attend in St. Louis this morning. This is the beginning of a ministry that Jeremy and I have been felt called to do. I know most of you won’t check this until after he’s done, so pray that his message was heard and that people think about it.

I’m not down there with him because the youth choir is singing today and I direct them. I hate having to miss Jeremy’s first time preaching outside our church, but this is important too. Our youth really need to see how much the church appreciates it when they participate in the services. He knows that I’ll be praying for him and I know he’ll be praying for me.

Update on Chicago

I just thought I’d let you all know how things are going so far.

They were impressed with Jeremy at the interview. They told him that he was better than average* as a perl programmer. He had another interview by phone yesterday, the last one. He told them the minimum pay he’ll need to support a 7 person family in the Chicago area. Now, the waiting game continues.

Pray for us during this time. I’ve been trying to stay calm and I pray about it, but when I think of all the changes that will be made than I get stressed and usually so bad that I end up with a headache. I’m sure Melody remembers how bad my stress headaches can be. She was my college roommate and had to live with me when they were at their worst. I don’t have to worry about school systems and I know that in a place as populated as that, there will be homeschool support groups. What I worry about is a good dance program for Amie and if I’ll be able to find a drama program for James. Are the baseball programs for James’ age going to be so focused on win, win, win or just having fun? Will I be able to find something to put any of the others in? Will we be able to even afford any of this? Amie is on a ballet scholarship here. Her leg muscles are doing wonderful and keep her feet turned out properly now while she walks most of the time. If she relaxes, I still see some pull inward, but not near as bad. I want her to be able to continue her “therapy” which she enjoys so much, plus she is doing so well in it.

Anyway, those are just some of the things I think about. I know God will work things out for us one way or another, but I can’t stop thinking of everything.

* Better than average??? That’s all?? I know he’s a genius, but I guess they couldn’t see it because he was so nervous.

Try, Try Again

Ok, I’m on a break from caffiene again. I allow myself a cup of coffee every once in a while or a cup of Dr. Pepper when we’re out, but for the last week, I’ve had hardly any. I picked up some caffiene free Dr. Pepper last Friday because I was feeling too dependent on the caffiene and drinking too many Dr. Peppers. On Saturday, I had one regular Dr. Pepper (have some around because Jeremy drinks them) and then I haven’t had any more until today when I drank a cup of caramel kiss coffee. (yummmmy!) I have also cut back on my soda consumption. I decided to stick with only 1 soda a day. The same day that I bought the c-f Dr P, I bought some bottles of water. Our store has Spring! natural spring water on sale for $1 for 6 bottles. I bought 2 packs. While I’m at home, I have my bottle of water and I carry it around with me. I find it easier to carry around than a cup, especially since usually my cups get knocked over and spilled with all these kids around here . (Where did they come from? *laugh* Just kidding.) We got a filter for our kitchen sink cold water and so I re-fill my bottle over and over at home from that water. If I lose my bottle or it gets thrown away while the kids are doing chores, than I can easily grab another bottle from the pack. It’s tastes good and I feel like I get my $1 worth out of the whole pack. Also, if we go anywhere, I can grab a bottle or two and not worry about having to save them. Anyway, I’m going to try and stick to this a bit longer this time.

Why Is It?

that most days, the kids wake up around 7:30 or so, but when you want or need them to wake up around that time, they sleep in? *Yawn* I woke up a little earlier than when I expected the kids up this morning and they didn’t wake when they usually do. I have to take AnnaBeth and Noelle to the dentist at 9:30 am and it’s a 45 min drive, so I need to leave by 8:30 am to get down there and be there a few minutes early to fill out paperwork on them. It’s now 8:00 am and I had to wake them up. This will be Noelle’s first visit.

edit: No cavities for either one. Noelle is shy when first meeting someone and almost didn’t go back until they told her that she could watch cartoons while they looked at her teeth. They said that she wouldn’t let them into her mouth, so they only saw the front ones and they look okay.

Noelle’s Puppy

The friend who brought me flowers has a new little shih tzu puppy. She brought him over for a small amount of time to show us and let the kids play with him. (We had the cats in their cage during that time, just in case.) They enjoyed playing with him. That next Monday was when Jeremy and I went to Chicago and the kids stayed Sunday night with Jeremy’s parents. When we came to pick them up, his mom said that Noelle had taken a small pillow and named it Muffy. She was pretending it was her puppy. Apparently, she played with it almost all day. I didn’t hear much about Muffy for a few days. Near the end of last week, it was in the 70s and sunny, so my friend and I took the kids and her puppy to the park. The kids each took a turn at walking the puppy around. The next day, Noelle was talking about how much she missed Muffy since her doggy was at Grandma’s house. Then this morning, she decided she had a puppy here too. She has named him Spikey. She was telling Spikey all about her other puppy at Grandma’s house and how much he would enjoy playing with her. I found it quite amusing. So, now she has two puppies, one here and one at Grandma’s house.

Third Kid, First Tooth

Christine finally lost her first tooth this morning. It’s been loose for a very long time. She woke Jeremy and I up by announcing how loose it was this morning, so much looser than before. When I was getting dishes washed, she came over to show me and I told her that I bet it could easily be pulled out. She was kind of nervous at first, but tried anyway and out it came, no pain at all. Now she’s waiting for the other bottom front one to get loose enough. Unfortunately, I can’t get a “gap” picture. Her other two teeth already have come in behind and so there is no gap there.


We didn’t have a really busy vacation for the kids’ Spring Break. It was really cool down there which is unusual for this time of year. The first day was somewhat busy because it was Easter and we were traveling right after church. I thought that at least Noelle would have taken a nap on our way down, but they all attacked their candy after lunch and not a single kid slept the whole way down. We got there about 10:30 pm and got the kids ready for bed and down. Amie was awake by 6:30 am on Monday morning and able to see her cousins before they went to school, but Noelle slept until 9 am. That morning, we went to a park and let the kids play while my aunt and I talked. In the afternoon, the kids played on the trampoline and see-saw at my aunt’s house. On Tuesday, we went to the Botanical Gardens down there. The kids really enjoyed going there. The cool morning meant there weren’t a lot of people there and the kids ran around on the paths in our sight while we had a nice walk. That afternoon, it got up to around 65* and the kids really, really wanted to swim. My cousin (Amie’s age) did too, so they all got their swimsuits on and got into the pool in the backyard. Brrr! AnnaBeth got in, but not for too long. Amie, James, and Christine all got in and played for quite a while. Noelle took a nap during most of the time they were swimming and even after she got up, she didn’t want to get into the “cold freezer water”. Christine fell from a raft into the 4 ft deep part while trying to reach the side of the pool. Her swimming lesson stuff helped her to kick herself up and I was able to pull her out without getting into the pool. (I was fully prepared to jump in if needed.) That was the end of her time in the pool. Not long afterwards, the other kids all got out and we had them get dressed and then settle down with a movie while dinner was fixed. On Wednesday morning, we went to another park. It had a bunch of good climbing rocks all around it and my kids spent more time on the rocks than on the playground equipment. That afternoon, we went to the mall for dinner and walked around a bit. I got Amie a shrug for ballet. In the winter, she needs something to help keep her arms warm, but can’t have it cover her lower back or abdomen, so her teacher can tell if her posture is right. A shrug is perfect for this and we finally found one. It is a size too big for her right now, but she should be able to wear it for next year. She may wear it today since it is still kind of chilly around here. On Thursday morning, we let the kids play in the backyard while I was getting all the suitcases packed back up and Jeremy was getting the van all ready. We left after lunch and traveled home. Noelle, AnnaBeth, and Amie all took good naps not long after we left.

It was a nice relaxing time for me and the kids had fun and enjoyed no schoolwork to do (though I did go over phonics with Christine a few times).

Flowers and Goats

This cold snap that came around two weeks ago destroyed all my early spring flowers. Thankfully, I happened to get pictures the day before the storm hit that brought the cold. I also took a few pictures during the day of the storm.

On Good Friday, we went to a goat farm. The kids had a lot of fun despite the cold. They also got to have their Easter egg hunt then. The chickens “hid” and “colored” the eggs for us. They enjoyed finding the eggs in the chicken coop and later eating them.

I have a few other pictures up as well. Enjoy! I sure love my new camera. I still have the ones from Alabama and Chicago to upload sometime from my camera.

Hello From Chicago

Yeah, I know. We just got back from Alabama. This is a little impromptu trip. A few weeks ago, Jeremy got a phone call with a job offer up here and they followed it up the next week with a phone interview. I guess they are impressed so far because we are up here for him to have another interview. Jeremy’s parents took the kids overnight and I came up here with him. We’re going to check out the area a bit before his interview to get more of an idea what it is like. Kind of scary and kind of nerve-wracking. We weren’t expecting anything like this. We just bought our house a year ago and are working on ministries in our church. It’s kind of weird to think of maybe having to move AGAIN so soon.

Pray for him today. Pray for us in this situation. Pray that we know what God’s will for us is if he is offered this job.

I’m trying not to worry. I’ve gotten a peace about it knowing that God is in control, but I still have moments of panic or deep worry.