Just Me

Hi, it’s me. I’m living here alone until this house gets packed and cleaned up. James is with my parents in NC and the girls have gone to Jeremy’s parents house. I have some friends that are coming over to help me and keep me company, which is really nice.

If My Lips Left Me…

That’s from a Veggie Tales‘ silly song titled, “I Love My Lips

In I Corinthians 7:4 it says “The wife does not have authority over her own body, but the husband does. And likewise the husband does not have authority over his own body, but the wife does.” After reading this verse, I picked that silly song to be the ring tone for when Jeremy calls because he has the lips that I have authority over on him and vice versa. To quote from song: (Archibald) “So what your saying is, if your lips left you.” (Larry) “That’d be too bad, I’d be so sad, I might get mad, I’d call my Dad, that’d be too bad” (Archibald) “That’d be too bad?” (Larry) “That’d be too bad!” (Archibald) “Why?” (Larry) “Because I love my lips!”

Anyway, my lips have gone up to Chicago-land. Jeremy has his new job orientation tomorrow.

I’ll update more when I have a little more time.

Another Daughter of God

Christine prayed to ask for forgiveness for her sins and for Jesus to come live in her heart tonight! She’s been talking about it for well over a year and praying that God would help her learn about how to be a Christian, but didn’t understand everything until this week. It just seemed to click with her when Jeremy and I were talking with her over dinner a few days ago and we could see that it wouldn’t be long.

That’s three out of my five!

Back Home (Temporarily)

Well, to the home we have for the next however many days.

Jeremy and I went house-hunting this weekend. Silly me didn’t think to pack a jacket. Most of the places I’ve lived, it is usually warm enough by this time to not need one except in early morning or late evening. I’ve only lived up in northern US for 6 months the year I turned 16 and I didn’t really think of the difference in the weather. He had to work on Friday and we left the children with his parents after he got off of work and headed up north. I talked to the Realtor up there while we were driving to get some of our mental bearings oiled and working together. We got to Lansing, IL kind of late on Friday. It was the closest hotel to Hammond, IN and I was so cold that I turned on the heater in our hotel room.

On Saturday, we were up bright and early for an over the phone meeting and to get a fax with all the houses she’d pulled up with the criteria we asked for. After breakfast, we went around to different houses and looked at the outsides of them, taking notes to see which ones we actually wanted to see inside of. I called her back at different intervals during that time so she could call and make appointments for us to see the houses. It was chilly out, but I was able to endure it because we were in the van the whole time. We were done by lunch time, so we took a break and waited for her to call us back about any appointments later that day. We had time to go to one of the libraries and browse their selection. They still didn’t have the Terry Brooks one that I am wanting to read. Anyway, after a while, she called us back and said that she couldn’t get any appointments for that afternoon, but was able to get all but one of the houses for Sunday after church. That one house was a back-up, only if we couldn’t find another house we liked. It didn’t fit all our requirements exactly, so it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. We went back to the hotel and took a nap. Ah! That hardly ever happens for us. We checked out a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was yummy! It might be a good date restaurant for later… if we can find anyone who is willing to babysit 5 children and not make us pay a ton to do it.

On Sunday, we visited a possible church for us. We like small churches. This one was really small. It was very, very friendly. I think almost everyone in the congregation came up to greet us and they prayed for us and our housing situation. I thought it was very sweet. After church, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed for the first house, than #2, #3, #4, and #5. We didn’t get to see inside #4. The lock box wasn’t working. We looked in the windows and saw that most of the rooms were just too small and there wasn’t nearly enough cabinet room in the kitchen for all our big family groceries, so it was struck off the list. The ones we liked best were #1 and #3. We started driving back just before 3:00 pm. A cold front had come in and I was very cold. I don’t like much under 70* and it was only about 50* there. As we were driving home, we discussed the pros and cons of both and decided that #1 is probably the best choice for our family. We got back just in time for evening church at our own church. I loved getting out of the van down here. Wonderful, wonderful warmer air. It was great.

We’ll be talking to the Realtor tomorrow about our decision. Keep praying. Pray for wisdom in this choice, pray that the house here sells easily, and pray for all the packing and cleaning we’ll be doing in the next few days.

Dance Recital

This weekend was mostly full of getting girls ready for dance or watching dance, but I did get a lot of cleaning and packing done.

On Saturday, we went to the 2:00 pm showing of the dance recital that AnnaBeth and Noelle were in. They were cute. AnnaBeth did better this year than last year, but she still didn’t do a whole lot. Her costume included a pair of gloves and she held her hands up near her face the whole time because if she put her hands down they fell off. That took a lot of her concentration, I think, so it distracted her from dancing. Noelle did the first part of her dance, but became ornery and didn’t do the rest. That’s okay. I know she enjoyed her class a lot and it helped with her large motor skills.

On Sunday, we went to the same showing of Amie’s dance recital. She did a very good job. I felt my eyes tearing up a bit thinking of my little girl who is growing up so fast up there on that stage. She looked more grown up in the costume this year and the light blue went very prettily with her brown hair, always tan skin, and chocolate eyes. I couldn’t believe how beautiful she has become. When I went to pick her up, she was downstairs with the ballet mistress saying her goodbyes and getting slightly upset. Poor girl. She has really come to love Mrs. D over the last three years.

The Sunday performance one was a tearful one for many people. It was the last one of all four performances. One of the Seniors has been there since the dance program opened and she had a solo performance. She was crying at the end of it. Also, the director of the dance and drama program is leaving. She’s been there for ten years and worked with so many of the children. She was Noelle’s teacher this year.

Anyway, it was a good program and we’ll miss the way this small town makes a big deal over the dance recitals. It really makes the kids feel special to have so many people come to watch them. Enough to have to split up the classes into four performances. Half of the classes, usually the high school age, dance in all four. The other half is put into two groups and each dance in two performances each. So many people at our church came up to congratulate my girls on how well they did.

Busy, Busy Week

On Sunday, our church started having a Missions Conference. It was Sunday morning and evening, and at 7:00pm yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Yesterday, we went out to show respect at the funeral procession of the young man at 3:30. AnnaBeth had dance class at 6:00.

Today, Amie has dance class at 5:00.

Tomorrow, Amie has her ballet dress rehearsal at 5:30 and then pictures at 5:45 and AnnaBeth has her dress rehearsal at 6:00, with pictures at 6:15. They will both need to get changed before heading to church. James has baseball practice at 7:00.

On Thursday, Noelle has dress rehearsal at 4:45 and pictures at 5:00.

Friday, Noelle and AnnaBeth have to be at the Little Theater for their dance recital at 6:00.

Saturday, N and AB have be up at theater at 1:00 for recital matinee. Amie has to be there at 5:00.

Sunday, we have Sunday School and Church, then Amie has to be ready and at the theater at 1:00 and then evening service at church later.

Sunday is our hardest day. We have to get a very quick lunch and I help Amie get dressed, her hair done, and a slight bit of make-up on before dropping her off at the back of the theater.

A Hero’s Funeral

One of the young men who fought in Iraq and died on April 28th was from around here. On Saturday, his body was brought down from the nearby base to the funeral home here in town. It had to pass through about 4 different little towns. The streets all the way had people standing out to pay tribute to him.

Today, the streets were cleared by public consent between the funeral home and the graveyard since 3:30. They weren’t cordoned off, everybody just stopped and waited. The funeral procession just went by at 3:45 and the streets were lined with so many people, like for a parade except that it was hushed and the mood was subdued. Even the children were quiet. Those who had been in the service of our country were all out in their outfits, saluting as the procession passed. I didn’t know the young man, but I’d heard a lot about him and it brought tears to my eyes to see so many people showing respect and honor to him. A few of them I talked to afterwards and most didn’t know him, but they wanted to show his family that they are proud of him and teach their children about a hero.

May God bless this little town for their respect for one who sacrificed himself for us. May God be with the family and fiance of this young man.