What a Fun Day!

Amie and I weren’t sure what we were going to do today. We did some laundry this morning, but then we took off. We stopped at a candy factory first. It was mostly a store, but it had windows into the factory part, so we watched a little bit of the factory part. It wasn’t much though. We were a bit disappointed that we couldn’t see more. Yeah, I got some chocolate. Yum!

After stopping at the hotel and dropping off the chocolates in the fridge, we just decided to head south on the interstate towards Indianapolis and see what there was in that direction. I was starting to think we weren’t going to find anything after about half an hour, so was planning on turning around at the next exit when I saw a sign advertising Fair Oaks Farm. We had some yummy grilled cheese sandwiches and then walked around. Amie had her first 3D movie experience. The best part of it for us though was when we got to watch a cow give birth. It was a really awesome experience. We got soaked coming out of the maternity barn and decided that it was about time to leave anyway, so I went to get the van and found I’d left the window open a little bit. We had some beach towels in the car and I put two on my seat and I was still wet when we got back to the hotel, so I had to change my clothes.

Now we’re waiting on Jeremy to call to let us know to go pick him up.

Ok, Zoo and stuff Update

We didn’t go to the big zoo up here. Instead, we went to Lincoln Park Zoo. A nice small, free zoo. It was really good. The animals all had cages that had inside and outside parts and you could go around the outside and go inside so that you could see most of the animals. The only one I really didn’t like was the penquin house. There was no outside part to it and the windows were all foggy so it was really hard to see them. Many of the animals were so used to people that they were right there checking us out too. We saw a black panther, a snow leapard, and a black bear up close. The big cats were behind wires about three feet from the fence and those two that I mentioned were right at the front of their cage. The black bear was behind a tall wall of glass and they’d made a “cave” for it with part of it on the bear’s side of the glass and the other part on our side. He likes to sleep there and when he went to lay down, we were right there, so I got a picture of Christine right next to the bear. You can hardly see the glass, so it’s a cool picture. Christine loved seeing the bear up close like that. The polar bears were both swimming right next to the glass at the underwater viewing area, so there was another big animal seen so near to us. The female lion was out in the open and seemed to be enjoying the 75* weather. She was standing up on the highest rock in her area looking content. They were working on an outside area so we didn’t get to see it, but that was okay. I think we saw the animals in the building. The zoo was small enough that we were able to walk around and see all of the animals between 9 am and 12:30 pm.

After the zoo, we went and had lunch with Jeremy and then he took us up to his office and showed us his little work area and the group he’s working with. I know he has to love it because he’s with a whole bunch of geeks, just like him! After lunch, we walked around downtown Chicago a little bit. Christine played in a fountain for a little while and we worked on a little of her school work. She really had a great time.

On Friday, I took her to the sand dune park. We didn’t go to the part where most people go. We went to a smaller one called West Beach. It was nice and had only a few families there. There had been a storm during the early morning hours, so the waves on the lake were kind of big, but Christine didn’t mind. She really enjoyed it. She didn’t go very far in because I didn’t have my swimsuit and couldn’t go in too unless for emergency. She just played there on the sand and got in to up about knee depth water which got up to almost hip deep on her with some of the waves. She also had a blast running after the gulls. Something funny that happened while we were there. There was a group of college age kids, maybe about 6 of them, that were there when we first arrived. They left not long afterwards to get lunch, but kept all their stuff there because they were coming back after lunch. They had some snack food that they didn’t put away in gull proof containers. About ten minutes after they left, the gulls attacked and tore open two packages. There were a bunch of gulls flying around with whole cookies and rice cakes in their mouths. Each of them had about 3 or 4 more gulls flying around attacking them for that snack food. Both Christine and I laughed at their antics. It was quite interesting to watch.

After picking up Jeremy on Friday afternoon, we went back down south to take Christine to Jeremy’s parents’ house again. Jeremy was planning on doing some painting at the house, but they decided to do that next weekend and we spent most of today with the girls. It was nice. We went to a small mall up in Decatur, IL and let them play in the play area for a while. All the parents left except for us and one father and there were still 9 kids playing around. Since James is down in NC, that meant the other dad was watching five kids that looked alike and three of them looked the same size. I went over and said, “Okay, I want to ask the two obvious questions.” He said, “Yes, they are triplets and yes, all five are mine.” I laughed. I told him that I had five kids, but one at a time and he responded that he recommended it be done that way as it is probably much easier. His oldest is only five years old. I’d say that family has a lot on their plate. The triplets are about the same age as Noelle and were born the same weight and at the same time gestationally. You can see that one is a little behind in his development, but not by much.

Anyway, after our day with the girls, we came back up to Chicago-land with Amie. She is hoping that she’ll get to see Emily this week, but we’ll have to see if Crystal and she have time or not.


the sand dunes and the beach! Christine’s been asking for this since she came, but it was too rainy on Monday and Tuesday and we didn’t drive Jeremy in on Wednesday because we were so tired that we slept instead and yesterday was the zoo. At the moment it is rainy, but it looks like it will clear up nicely soon. I sure hope so.

Christine is Here

I asked at the desk and they said we could have one child in our room if we bring something for them to sleep on because this hotel doesn’t have roll-aways. When we went down for the weekend, we brought Christine back with us. I’m pretty busy with her, so I’m not on as much.

Next weekend, we’ll be taking her back and bringing Amie up.

No Soda?

I went all day yesterday with out my Dr. Pepper. I’ve switched to the caffeine-free stuff because I can’t sleep very well if I have caffeine late in the day and I only drink my Dr. P around dinner-time. Anyway, yesterday, I didn’t even think about it. I just had my water and a cup of hot tea (also de-caf). I didn’t realize until this morning that I hadn’t even had the craving for one. Yay! I’m glad to be getting rid of that craving. Last year when I went on a cruise with my Dad (father-daughter thing, it was a lot of fun) and there was no Dr. Pepper anywhere once we were in Miami and on the ship, I had some bad cravings and it was kind of hard on me, but I made it through. That’s when I decided to try and cut it out because I didn’t like the feeling of needing something like that. I’ve gotten down to only one a day and some days I’ve resisted and gone without it a day, but I always felt the cravings those days. Yesterday was a milestone in that I didn’t have that craving. I didn’t even think about it. Woohoo! Progress is being made.

Now, to get me to drink more juice.

Back up North

We went to the Chinese buffet place for lunch tonight. They had to put us at two different tables and all the girls wanted to sit with me, so we all put an extra chair at the table where I was sitting and all five of us ate and talked over there. Jeremy sat at the other table with his parents. I don’t know what they talked about over there, but I asked Amie what she learned in Sunday School and then we discussed it. It was nice to have a discussion like that with my daughter. Near the end, Noelle dropped part of her dessert on the floor and since I wouldn’t let her pick it back up to eat it, she threw a temper tantrum. I quickly gobbled up the last three bites of my food and took her out of the restaurant. As soon as we got out, she settled down, but since we’d left already, I didn’t want to take her back in and have her think she could finish that food she dropped. We took a walk up the sidewalk a little ways and then back down. It was fun walking along, holding her hand, and just talking about whatever came into her head.

After lunch, Jeremy and I went back to the house to get our clothes and headed back here. I really enjoyed spending the time with the girls that I was able to. It really helped me feel better.

I Love My Kids

I really enjoyed spending some time with my girls today. First, Jeremy, his Dad, and I did some work here at the house. We got most of the boxes put into storage for now. Then I went to Jeremy’s parents’ house and spent the afternoon with my girls. It was great! We haven’t received the results of Noelle’s last chest x-ray, but she seems to be doing much better. She really clung to me until Jeremy got there and then she wanted him for a while. Christine is a little upset about having to stay away from us for so long, but she’s doing fine otherwise. The others either don’t understand or are okay with it. I played outside with them for a bit and then we went inside to eat. After dinner, I gave the little girls their bath and brushed their hair and made sure they had their curls still. That’s something we always play after a bath. When I brush their hair, it straightens out, so I have to scrunch it to make sure the curls are still there. After that, Jeremy and I left and had sometime with our best friends. It was an exhausting day at the beginning and a fun day at the end.

I missed my boy though. Hi James! I love you! I know Grandma will read this to you.

See My Girls Soon

Tomorrow, Jeremy and I will be heading back down to our house to finish up cleaning and putting boxes into storage. We’ll be staying until Sunday, so we can spend some time with family. I can’t wait to see the girls. That’s what I’m looking forward to the most. I really miss them.

Noelle has another chest x-ray today, so we’ll see how she’s doing.

Edit: We are going back tonight as soon as Jeremy gets here. I need to shut down this computer and get it put away. I’ll update you on Noelle as soon as I have news.