Update on my Grandparents

My Grandma was severely dehydrated and they are hydrating her now. My aunt said “Her kidneys were in failure and her potassium level was way up. Also her blood pressure was extremely low. They got her potassium level down and hydrated her intravenously. She felt much better last night but was still very weak.”

They thought my Grandpa had had a heart attack, but found that it wasn’t his heart. They are still in the process of determining what was going on with him. From my aunt, “Dad’s pains were not from his heart although they still are monitoring that. He did not have a heart attack. They are going to do some tests this morning on his digestive system. I think this pain in Dad is probably the acid he has always had and the added stress of caring for Mom.”

Anyway, continue to keep them in your prayers.

I’m wanting to go up there sometime to help out at their home. Jill and I are going to try and schedule a time to go together.