These are Cute Dolls

The Faith and Friends dolls are smaller than American Girl dolls. This is the one that Christine got for her birthday yesterday. The arms are able to move around a lot more than most other dolls and it has a plastic body instead of a cotton stuffed body. The hair is able to be fixed and I like the expression on her face. They all have different expressions.

We haven’t bought a present for AnnaBeth yet, so we’ll be getting her one too. Maybe the yellow one.

Want to Write

But have a blank mind. I need a good time out, some crazy time with another (or 2 or more) crazy lady like me. I miss Michelle, Ash, Mandy, and Sarah right now. Michelle and Ash live in St. Louis and Mandy and Sarah live around Sullivan. I hope to find someone like them up here, but I have such a hard time making good friends. I make casual friends easily, but I need someone more than that. Someone who I can go hang with and talk things out with and then toss those things aside and just be silly.

Well, guess I found something to write about.

If any of you girls are reading this, I miss ya SsooooooooO much! God blessed me with friends like you.

Stories From the Kids

The kids are making stories with their spelling words. I’ll write out Amie’s as she wrote it in her notebook. James dictated his to me.

The Great Dribbler in Basketball – by James

One time, there was a boy named Jason. He loved baseball. Only his dad wasn’t a baseball fan, he was a basketball fan. One day, they were walking down the street eating bananas. They saw this basketball court with a basketball, so his dad started running toward the basketball court. He started practicing his dribbling, when his son got out his baseball bat. His dad dribbled and threw the basketball and the boy hit the basketball with his bat. Then they made a deal with the mayor. They said to him, “We’ve made up a new game named basebasket. You dribble the basketball, then throw it. Someone else tries to hit it with a baseball bat and get it in the hoop.” They went to a restaurant and got peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and met someone named Jam who loved baseball AND basketball. They told him about basebasket and he said he thought it would be fun. When they were done with their sandwiches, all three of them went out. They saw a beautiful girl who had a bead necklace and a braid in her hair and a bright pink dress. The boy said, “Would you like to watch my dad and someone named Jam play basebasket? It’s a game we made up.” She said, “I would love to.” and sat down. The boy gave Jam his baseball bat and his dad started dribbling the basketball and threw it at him. He swung the bat and hit the ball and the ball went right through the middle of the basketball hoop. Then they went back and had some more peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and this time they also got lemonade and ice cream.


Soy – by Amie

One day, a little boy named Soy was walking down the street joyfuly in Chicago to Church after school and found a coin and herd a lot of noise. His frend Flower was in trouble. She was kidnaped by a man called Bow (long o sound.) Soy was mad at Bow. He found some flour in a town at a House. In the home of Bow and Bowed (OW! sound) and threw the Flour. Soy had Saved the day!


Hermie Spectacular

I wanted to do something fun today, since tomorrow is my birthday and there is nothing going on for that. I couldn’t think of anything free and we couldn’t afford to do something that used any money right now. Lo and behold, an e-mail popped up in my inbox from Family Christian Bookstores. They were having a Hermie Spectacular event for the new Hermie and Friends video that came out. I thought, “Wow, great timing. The kids will love this and I’ll enjoy it as well.” I like this series of videos from Max Lucado. It’s really cute. I wasn’t sure what to do about Amie because it was for up to age 8 and I know she wouldn’t want to go and be left out, but then Little S’s dad needed to work because he’d been sick earlier in the week and since I had her, the van was full. Because of this, Jeremy stayed home with Amie.

Little S is a handful and not quite 2 years old, so she didn’t sit still for the video. She did like the ladybugs though. I walked around with her while the video was playing, but still in sight of everything so I could discuss what was taught later on. After it was over, the lady running it asked the kids some questions and they earned prizes that way. James got the first question and knew the answers to all the other questions, but couldn’t answer so the other kids could have a chance. He won a CD of songs based on scripture by Hermie and Friends. He likes it, but really wanted to win the movie. I told him that he’s got another three and a half months before he’s too old and they have these things fairly often, so he’ll have more chances to win other things. When everything was done, the kids looked around and picked out somethings they wanted for Christmas or their birthday. James wants the BibleMan board game and one of the videos. Christine wants a Faith and Friends doll. AnnaBeth and Noelle wanted plastic Veggie Tale mugs. Afterwards, the kids got goody bags and we left. We gave Amie the bag that Little S received because most of the stuff was for kids just a little bit older and Amie was okay with it. Little S got a little hacky sack ball which was all she needed to make her a happy baby.

Anyway, it was a fun time and I look forward to doing it again whenever they have other things going on for the kids.

Soft-Hearted Son

James and I were driving around yesterday and just talking about things and he saw a billboard that showed a covered body on a medical examination table with the caption, “Smoking, Table for One” on it. He asked me what it meant and when I told him, he got very sad. He mentioned a few people who he knows smoke and asked if they would get sick too. He was the most concerned about two different people, the father of the girl whom I am babysitting right now and my brother. He is concerned about Little S because he knows that her mother is an alcoholic and isn’t fit to take care of her. (Little S has been in the vehicle during TWO different drunk driving accidents she’s had and Little S isn’t yet 2 years old.) Her father has custody of her and does the best he can. The kids all love Little S and James just said he doesn’t want anything bad happening to her or her father, so she can be taken care of by the parent who is best able to do so. Since he knows her father smokes and that smoking can cause many different problems, it has made James sad. As for my brother, James just loves his rough uncle who takes him 4 wheeling and on his sea-doo and doesn’t want him to be sick or hurt.


AnnaBeth got a package of wooden blocks for her birthday. Since we don’t have many toys up here, we thought it would be a good purchase, plus it would be another of those things that I put away in the multiple items closet to bring out when bedrooms and chores are nicely done.

With there being very little toys here, the blocks have become many different things. AnnaBeth and Noelle picked up about 4 or 5 of them and made a “family”. James has used them as weapons. They’ve been bowling pins with a small beach ball or rubber dog ball (actually, here it’s a cat ball, Charlie’s) as the bowling ball. I know there’s been other uses as well as their original use, but I can’t remember them. I just find it so interesting how the kids adapt to this situation so well.

Kid Stuff

I’m just going to put a few things the kids have said lately up here. If I can remember them.

I was singing the Christmas songs, The First Noel and Sing We All Noel and my Noelle said, “Stop it Mom! My name is NOT a song!”

The kids were telling stories about a week or so ago. Jeremy and I cracked up when we heard the beginning of Christine’s: “Once there was a monster who was lovable, but wasn’t supposed to be.”

The kids were talking about how Mom and Dad are the bosses. Amie said something about how Dad is the head of the house and AnnaBeth protested and said that Mom is the head of the house because she’s the one who cleans it.