Very Sorry

I know that I’m not blogging like I usually do. I’ve just had a rough and very busy month and all. Tomorrow, we are heading to Jeremy’s parents’ house for the day. We’re going to let the big kids stay up a little late tomorrow night and play some games. I wanted to watch a movie with Jeremy tomorrow night, but couldn’t find one I wanted to see at Walmart and I can’t get a new one from Netflix by then.

Anyway, I’ll try and resume my normal blogging schedule soon. I have so much I want to tell you all, but I’ve just not felt like talking much yet.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

We’re leaving for my sister’s house tomorrow. We’ll be back on Wednesday. No internet during that time. I’ll miss you all, but I’m going to be glad to have family around. My mom will be flying in from Massachusetts on Christmas Eve. My dad is up in Indiana visiting his mom (Grandma Bromley) who is in the hospital (nothing serious thankfully) and he’ll be driving in from there.

So, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas. May God give you wonderful insight into the real reason for the season. Read the first chapters of Matthew and Luke and think on them. We will be doing that on Christmas morning, before the presents because Jesus comes first. My kids are in charge of how the “church service” (as they call it) will go. I’m impressed with what they have.

Goodbye Grandma Martin

My mom just called. My Grandma Martin has gone home to be with the Lord. My mom said that the family has been singing almost through the whole hymnal everyday. Around 4:00, they started “Precious Lord, Take My Hand” and Uncle Johnny said he was watching her and her last breath was taken when they sang the words, “Lead me home”.

Wow! What an amazing way to go to Heaven, to be ushered in with that song and all the love of her children and husband and other family around her.

I’m sure the family will appreciate any prayers.

I will have to wait to tell about her. I can’t do it right now.

God Knows What I Need

Scripture memory verse for the week:

For we have not an high priest which cannot be touched with the feeling of our infirmities; but was in all points tempted like as we are, yet without sin. Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. Hebrews 4:15, 16

I usually totally love this season and was looking forward to it with great anticipation. This year though, has had tints of sadness in it. It is so hard to lose someone who we love so much even when we know we will see them again in Heaven. I just haven’t really gotten into the bouncy joyous mood that I normally have during this time. Yet, during it all, I have still had the joy of the season underneath. It may come out while singing or listening to a song or while watching my kids get excited about the gifts they have for the other kid whose name they drew. God has given me grace in this time of need for me to get through. Jesus dealt with death during His life on earth, friends and family. He knew the sorrow and emptiness we feel and because of this, we know that He can give us what is needed to help. Thank you, Lord, for your mercy and grace. I really, really appreciate it so much.

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!

It’s Noelle’s 4th birthday today. Oh wow! Time has really flown since that time when I had that itty bitty preemie baby. I only got to see her for about half an hour or so on the day she was born as they had all kinds of test and stuff they were doing to make sure she was okay. Also, I had some trouble after she was born and went into a bit of shock, so I was out of it for the first 4 hours. She was born at 6:30 pm. Once I was feeling okay to sit up, I was wheeled into see her and they were doing a test when I first came so I just sat next to her and rubbed her little hand and arm and sang to her. “The First Noel” was the first thing she heard from me after her birth. The nurse said it seemed to calm her when I was singing to her since she didn’t cry at all when they had to prick her and she screamed the other times. That has been the first song I’ve always sang to her on her birthday ever since.

This morning, she knew it was her birthday. She got up and came into my bedroom and crawled up into my lap and I cuddled her and sang “her” song. (She says the song is about her and how the angels sang when she was born and it’s about Jesus and the shepherds too.) After that, we got up and ate some hot oatmeal for breakfast (9 inches of snow fell yesterday and last night) and got ready for church. Just before leaving for church, we gave her the present we had for her for today (she’ll get another at her birthday party in January), a Faith and Friends doll, the pink one. Jeremy had to shovel the sidewalk and the van out and we headed to church.

We have some brownies in the stove and ice cream to put on top after they are done.

Update #2 on Grandma Martin

This was sent to my mom and her brother and sisters from my Grandpa:

Dear Children,

Mom is still in Mercy Hospital. She has been unable to communicate since Thursday morning when she was taken in by ambulance. In the ER they did many tests including a CT scan for signs of stroke. She hadn’t had a stroke but her potassium was extremely high and she had high levels of ammonia. Her kidney function was at 5.4. Anything over 2.0 is bad. In September it was 1.2. The Kidney Doctor, Dr Fares, said that her kidneys had completely stopped functioning. In addition, her liver doctor, Dr. Whitcomb, said her liver has not been functioning for some time. Blood sugar has been going up rapidly. They were able to bring her sugar levels down to a reasonable point. Doctor Fares said that the only treatment left is dialysis. He did not know if it would be long or short-term. I told both doctors that I felt that Ethel and I would not wish to have treatment that could not improve her health but only postpone the inevitable but I would like them to do all they could to make her comfortable. Her brain function seemed to improve some today. She still can’t communicate but she reacted to discomfort and pain. Dr. Whitcomb said he believed that he could bring her potassium and ammonia levels down so that her brain function would be restored enough so she could communicate. He would like to continue that treatment for one more day. After that he would have all the tubes removed. They are going to move her to a private room on the fifth floor sometime this evening. The nurse said this was so that family members could come any time to visit and stay as long as they wished. They gave her another shot of morphine and that knocked her out. She seemed to be resting peacefully when Holly and I left about 6:00 PM.

Please to continue praying for Mom and Me.

With all my love,


Update on Grandma Martin

From my mom:

I just talked to Holly and they were at the hospital. Mom cannot talk so she is unresponsive in that way, but she is responding to Holly singing to her and rubbing her feet. She is folding her hands as if she is praying. Also, she keeps trying to pull the oxygen tube out of her nose. Holly put the phone up to mom’s ear and I talked to mom. Holly said that mom did respond to my voice. Anyway, I thought we needed some clarification on her status. The doctors said that since she was so dehydrated it could take a few days to come out of it.

My Grandma Martin

I’ve been letting you know every once in a while how she is doing. My sister went up to Massachusetts last week to help take care of her and do things around the house. She said that Grandma had a pretty good week until Friday. On Friday, she was in a lot of pain. Since then, my grandpa said she’s been sleeping a lot, but he’s been able to wake her up when needed. This morning, he wasn’t able to wake her, so she’s been taken to the hospital. I talked to my mom and I think she said they are going to try draining the toxins out of her body and see if that helps.

Just pray for her and my Grandpa and for my mom and her brother and sisters and the rest of the family. (No english majors are allowed to make comments about this last sentence)

Trying to Get Back into Routine

Today was hard. I was sick yesterday and still feeling yucky today, but the kids have been really out of whack the last few days because of being so off their routine. We got up this morning and I started them out on their daily routine: getting dressed, have breakfast, do chores, schooltime, lunch, more school (for older two) or rest time, playtime, dinner, more play, clean-up, get pjs on, bedtime. Most of it went about right except for a lot of crankiness, especially about chores since we were in and out so much last week and didn’t get the house as clean when we were here as we needed to. I ran all over the house picking up discarded drawings, pencils, crayons, and the doll socks that Charlie cat keeps dragging out. I had the dishes from yesterday to do (since I slept most of the day and Jeremy took the kids to church and watched them for me while at home) and lots of laundry from the last week (which I’ll still be doing for a few days.) I don’t usually let the dryer run at night because I can’t sleep well with it’s noise, but because of the amount of laundry, I am doing that tonight. I still need to get my bedroom organized again. Hopefully that will be done tomorrow.

I am glad to have kids that help out around the house. It is so wonderful to have that help. Amie did a pretty good job sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor and Christine cleaned the bathroom sink and floor for me. AnnaBeth and Noelle like to help pick up toys and dust mop after a big kid sweeps. They also usually help pick up the dirty clothes from their room and get the blankets/sleeping bags into their proper places (not exactly neatly, but good enough.) James usually is really good at helping out too, but today he just rebelled against it the whole day which earned him a grounding from the computer and snow play and an early bedtime.

I’m praying for a better, more even-tempered day tomorrow.