Rollercoaster Days

The last few days have been kind of crazy. Nothing out of the usual, mostly nothing anyway. I’ve just been going from a happy, bouncy, silly girl to a thoughtful, slightly depressed, and wanting to be lazy (can’t be lazy or dishes and laundry would take over the house) girl. Right now, I’m on the up swing of whatever is going on. Changes are going on around here (prayer appreciated) which are affecting me some, but I also think the weather is affecting me as well. I’ve not been out of the house except for church and with Sarah on Sunday and church yesterday. Today, Jeremy decided we would go out to eat, which was good, but I really wanted to go somewhere afterwards to walk around and just stretch my legs. This tiny house is getting to me in these winter days. I am not a cold weather person, so I won’t go outside to walk right now. I can’t handle the cold for long enough, plus my knee really bothers me when I get cold and I can barely walk. Inside the house, it bothers me enough to give me an obvious limp because of the cold drafts that come through almost every window. My knee needs a warm place to stretch out and walk or it will feel worse after a while.

Yesterday, we got to church as one of the first ones there and was informed that the choir director was sick, so as assistant director, I was to take over. I thought this was interesting since I’d brought one of my karaoke praise and worship CDs with me and so I taught them a song from there. We went over a few songs that we’d been working on and we listened to one of the songs we will be doing for our Easter cantata. We couldn’t sing it though because we don’t have our music books yet. Once the adult choir was done, I helped the woman who is singing the special on Sunday and then I went downstairs and did the children’s choir. It is supposed to be ages 3-7 and 8-11, but since only Amie and James are turning up for the older group, the head of the children’s department told me to just stick them with the little ones. The reason we split them up in the first place was because a few of the other older kids had balked at being with the younger kids, so we had arranged separate choirs, but no one is coming to rehearsals, so we have put them together for now. Neither Amie or James likes this though since it is hard to sing songs that are more than one or two verses with the little kids. I sent home some papers for some of the kids to sing with their parents. The parents should know two of the three songs we are doing, so that should help. One of the songs has multiple verses for them to learn (since I had it picked out for the older choir) and I know the younger ones are struggling with it, but I think that with enough work that it will come through okay.

Well, now it is quiet in the house and the kids are asleep. I may rest and read for a little bit before I drift off.

Just Want to Say That…

I have some really great friends.

This week, I got phone calls from two friends who I haven’t talked to in a while. One needed to vent a bit and knew I would lend an ear and the other just wanted to share something funny that had happened that day, but it was so good to hear from both of them. I miss having real friend nearby who I can not just joke around with, but also talk serious with, and have a good time out where we all get our troubles unloaded and listened to at the beginning and then we just act crazy the rest of the day. I have missed having a girls day/night out. I got one today though. My friend, Sarah, drove up and went to Sunday School and Church with us. The sermon was really good, about Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist. Then we all went to Wendy’s to eat. Jeremy took the kids home after lunch and Sarah and I went up to IKEA to find something she was looking for. We talked and laughed and sang and joked around. It was really good. The tension headache that I’d been getting from stress eased up and decided I wasn’t worth bothering, so it left. I am feeling so much better now. I think the last time I really got away from my kids and had a day out with a friend was at Thanksgiving time. Jeremy and I had our last date at Thanksgiving too and we are both in desperate need of another one sometime, but I don’t think it will be happening anytime soon. We don’t know of anyone up here that would babysit for us.

I also have some great friends here online too. I may not be able to ever really meet some of you, but I want you to know how much I appreciate you. So, to all of my readers… I love you all and I am so glad that I am able to connect with you so easily. To Phisch and Dana, my first readers… you have encouraged me and laughed and shared your lives with me for such a long time. We’ve been pregnant close to the same times and that experience has really brought us together To Martin and Melody… I love that I have been able to reconnect with you after so many years and this time, we are staying in touch. To my mom… I miss you very much and am so glad I have such wonderful support from you. To everyone… I pray for anyone who comes across my blog. There is never a stranger to me, just friends who read and don’t comment. I know there are some of you out there who don’t ever comment and may never have left a comment on here and that’s okay.


AnnaBeth walked into our room this morning with one of her eyes half closed because it’s swollen. She doesn’t know what happened, she just woke up like that. She said her eye and that side of her nose is sore. I think she’ll have quite a shiner in a few days. This is the first black eye in our house.

For a Friend

First, a small update. My brother-in-law, Rob, was up in Chicago today for a job interview (pray for him and my sister and their family concerning this) and afterwards, he came down this way and visited with us a bit. Instead of him taking the train back up to the airport, I drove him. It was nice because I always like chatting with him and we didn’t have the kids interrupting during the drive. Plus, I was able to have some time to myself on the way back where I turned up the music and sang with the songs on the radio. I am really enjoying ShineFM up here in Chicago. Good station. It’s mostly at the south part of Chicago though. When we go up toward the west/northwest, I have to turn the station to K-Love which doesn’t come through in the southern suburbs, but that’s no big deal. Same kind of songs on both stations.

I’m feeling better, but I am stressing about some things that have to do with our house we are trying to sell and stuff. The stressing has given me a headache and now I’m having trouble sleeping. I played a few games of Scramble (game like Boggle) on Facebook, but that didn’t help much this time, so I think I’ll just do this meme thingy that Crystal had posted on her blog.

Four things about me (in 12 different categories) that you may or may
Not have known–in any particular order.

Four jobs I have had in my life:

1. Nursery help – from the time I was 14 to around 17, I was paid to help in different church nurseries
2. Librarian assistant or somthing like that – while at Missouri Baptist College (now University), I did work in the library and totally loved it.
3. Chick-Fil-A – My only full time job that I worked starting the summer before Jeremy and I got married and quit when I lost our baby.
4. Wal-mart – cashier from 9pm to 1am. When James was a baby. Jeremy worked days and I worked nights and napped when the kids did.

Four movies I’ve watched more than once (I could list a whole lot more than four! How about four that I like to watch over and over):

1. The Princess Bride
2. Narnia – The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe (totally looking forward to Prince Caspian)
3. Lord of the Rings (Any of them)
4. Ever After (It satisfies the romantic in me sometimes)

Four Places I have lived (Hmmm, another one which I could list many more than four):

1. Tennessee (GO VOLS!) – Rutledge and then Kingsport
2. Lake George, NY
3. Missouri – O’Fallon and Elsberry
4. Illinois – Alton, Sullivan, and now Chicago

Four TV. Shows that I watch (thanks to Netflix):

1. Psych
2. Monk
3. CSI: Miami
4. Law and Order: Criminal Intent (you don’t think I like detective/murder mystery stuff, do you? Oh, I just found Columbo on Netflix, I look forward to seeing those again.)

Four favorite pastime activities:

1. singing, listening to music, playing my instruments, dancing with my kids
2. having a girls night out with other girls who are prone to giggle when guys aren’t around
3. reading
4. internet stuff… blog, twitter, facebook

Four places I have been (another more than 4 one) :

1. Massachussetts, to see my Grandparents
2. Indiana, to see my other Grandparents or aunts, uncles, and cousins or for Indy 500 time trials
3. Canada, with my Dad’s family, it was beautiful
4. National Parks – Yellowstone, Yosemite, Smoky Mountains (the mountains are my favorites)

Four People who e-mail me regularly:

1. Melody
2. My Mom
3. My sister, Jill
4. My aunt Trish (we talk cat stuff all the time as well as updates on our kids)

Four of my favorite foods:

2. chocolate
3. Beef and Broccoli stirfry with rice… Jeremy makes it so very delicious
4. Fajitas, steak is best, but chicken is good too.

Four places I would like to visit:

1. Washington and Oregon (never been up there, want to see the mountains there)
2. New Zealand
3. Ireland/Scotland
4. St Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables series are some of my favorite books)

Four friends I think will respond:

1. ??
2. ??
3. ??
4. ??

Four things I am looking forward to in the coming year:

1. a visit with my sister in the fall :-)
2. sell our house??? (please pray for this one)
3. a visit to my parents, hopefully in the spring
4. ????? (I know there should be more, but my brain is stressing and not feeling too UP at the moment, sorry)

Four things I am not looking forward to in the coming year:

1. another move, I hate moving, I just want to find somewhere permanent
2. dr’s appointments… I am afraid of going to the dr to find out what is causing some of my sight problems
3. being lonely (still haven’t found anyone nearby that I can hang with or talk to face to face when I get stressed and I need that so badly, especially right now.)
4. changing out the clothes in the spring and again in the fall… really crazy with five kids

Long Term Results

My aunt and uncle got an e-mail from the great-nephew of my Great-Aunt Pearl. It is kind of hard to read because of the way it was translated, but I think it says that she died back in September at the age of 96.

Who is Great-Aunt Pearl? She is someone who I like to tell about in church.

My Great-Grandparents (Bromley) were missionaries to China in the 1920s (I think). While there, they adopted Pearl Hu and brought her back to the states when they came back. During World War II, the USA became very suspicious of anyone of German, Chinese, or Japanese descent and because of this, she was sent back to China. When she arrived there, they saw her as a Christian and thought of her as a spy for the USA, so she was thrown into prison. We are not sure of details, but we think she was tortured for her faith, but we know she stood strong. After she got out, she starting writing letters to the family again and continued for a while until she could no longer do so. I remember getting letters on that thin paper from her sometimes. Anyway, she had a church there. The e-mail received mentioned that the church there prayed and sang hymns for her after she died as it was her wish. Also, her Great-nephew signed off with “All Praise to God our Lord, Saviour and King”. I know that when my cousin and other friends have gone to China, they have always used code to tell about God’s work there just in case. This e-mail had no code. It was right out there. Oh, the legacy that my Great-Grandparents left with her and that she has carried on and left to others. Isn’t it wonderful to see how God has worked through some missionaries so long ago? They followed His call to go to China and now we know that people are being saved still because of them and her. See the long term results of what happens when we follow God’s will? This excites me so much. Someday, I will finally meet her in Heaven and I will tell her that I looked up to her and told her story to kids who said that they were ridiculed for being a Christian in their schools. They don’t suffer as she did and thankfully, they won’t have to. We have a freedom here that China doesn’t have. Rejoice in that fact.

I am not called to be a missionary out there, but I am a missionary here. I am trying to do as I am called to do and at the moment, it is right here at home in Chicago. I don’t know how far my legacy will go, but that is not what I should care about. I should only care to make sure I am in His will and He will take care of other things. Thank you God for this reminder of how You work. I really needed it right now.

Still Sick, but a Bit Better

My throat is doing better, but still a little sore on one side. I still get a little dizzy and have had some bad chills, but I’m not getting the hot times today. Jeremy said I was burning up last night. With our memory foam mattress, it takes the heat and spreads it out in the mattress, which is nice on these cold days. He said I must have put out a lot of heat because his side was already nice and warm when he first got in and I hadn’t been over there. My head doesn’t have so much pain either, but I still have a bit of thrumming at my temples.

Anyway, that is what is going on with me.

James finally got his big birthday present yesterday. Jeremy took him out to get haircuts, but they couldn’t find a place where they could get their hair done, so they went and got James his Lego Bionicles kit. It has two things in it, the robot guy thingy and his pet. James put the pet together yesterday and is working on getting the guy together now. It’s quite interesting.

Well, I’ll talk to you all later.

Hi There!!

I am sick today and have barely gotten out of bed because of how I’m feeling. I keep going from feeling extremely cold to extremely hot. My throat is sore and my voice is barely here. My eyes are watery and have trouble focusing even with my glasses on and they want to close and rest. Mostly though, my head just doesn’t feel good at all. I feel like I have cotton in my ears and my brain is too slow to keep up with any conversation, especially one with Noelle who inserts made-up names which I can’t understand under normal situations. Along with all that is the dull ache that won’t go away in my forehead and temples.

Thankfully, Jeremy has the day off and he is helping the kids with their chores and keeping them mostly occupied. Noelle and AnnaBeth have been in here a few times to talk or sometimes I think they just want to check on me. They come in and look at me then head back out and close the door. I think I’ll have each of the kids come in and talk to me for a little while so I can spend a little time with them and tell them I appreciate the way they are trying to keep it all nice and quiet (well, a low roar) in the house.

Anyway, I thought I’d tell you that I found a cute little jumper pattern at Walmart that goes from size 3 to 8. Noelle is size 3 and Amie and Christine are size 8, so it should work for all of my girls. James asked what I might make for him sometime and I told him that I’d look for a vest pattern, then his only nice white shirt that he wears almost every week to church on Sundays would have some different things to wear with it. I found a Jo Ann’s Fabric store about 10 or so miles away, so I want to check it out once I’m better.


Just before Christmas, I bought my first sewing machine. I figured out how to do a bobbin and thread the machine and only had to call my mother-in-law to ask how to get the thread from the bobbin up to the other thread. The book showed how to put the bobbin in and then just said to thread it up, but didn’t explain how to. I had some old t-shirts that none of us were wearing and I usually would have thrown away. Instead, I cut them up and tried out a few different stitches and then made a little bag for each of the kids out of them. I had enough left to make bags for Naomi and Tabitha too, which I took and put into their stockings. Tabitha didn’t use it at the time, but Naomi seemed to like it and put all her presents that would fit into that little bag. Both Amie and James had made stuff with Grandma Wall on her sewing machine, so they had wanted to make stuff for the sibling they had drawn in our little family. This was the whole reason I finally bought the machine since I’d been wanting to for a while, but just kept putting it off. Amie made a pillow out of a t-shirt for Noelle and James made a rice heating pad in the shape of a cat’s head for Amie because she kept taking my rice heating pad and she collects cat stuff. When I bought the material for James, he wondered why I bought 2 yards when only a quarter of a yard would have been enough for his project. The material is a somewhat thick red cloth that is slightly fuzzy-soft on the outside. Well, he found out. I’ve been making a lot of rice heating pads. Each of the kids have a small one to heat up at night to help warm up their bed and I made one for Jeremy because he also kept taking mine. I still have some left, so I made one today for my mother-in-law. It is E shaped, except without the middle line, so she can drape it over her shoulders. I have also cut out and mostly made another one (about 6×12″) for Jeremy to give to a co-worker for his pregnant wife. I don’t have anymore rice though, so I have to pick some up before I can finish it. I’ve been thinking of seeing if I can find more of that material in different colors and selling them, but I don’t know if there is a market for them.

Edit: Went to Walmart for essentials… laundry soap, trash bags, and Dr. Pepper and decided to stop by the craft department to see if I could find the material again. I remember telling my mom that it was kind of like flannel, but a bit thicker. Guess what? It’s called super flannel. They had a few other colors and some prints too. Most of the prints were baby style though since they will most likely be used on blankets. I think pastel balloons would be a cute heating pad though.

Happy Birthday To My Only Son

My wonderful boy, James, is 9 years old today. He is usually very sweet and helpful, but he has his times of temper which he has put as a prayer request at church. He got a bit upset the other day and I reminded him that he put his temper at the cross. Our church has a cross with hooks on it to hang prayer request papers on. That is the request he put on it. If you would be so kind as to pray with us about this, I’m sure he would appreciate it. He is working hard on it, but he has his times of trouble like all of us do. He’s going to have to wait until tomorrow for his big birthday present from us and for his birthday dinner because Jeremy is paid then, but he’s okay with that. I can’t really get his gift very well. I’m not finding what I really want to get him at Walmart or Target, but I saw it at the Lego store in Chicago, so I told Jeremy what I wanted to get him and the amount that we spend. It really helped that he got his Lego magazine a few days ago, so he was talking about the different kinds and sets and pretty much told Jeremy what he would really like to have if he can save up enough money. Jeremy just looked and me and winked.

I love this boy that God gave me. He has such a big heart in him. Happy Birthday, James, my wonderful son.