Yesterday Was SO Fun!

Sarah got up here around 11 am. She helped me out with the kids’ school and lunch. James had tried destroying his homework page to get out of doing his math, but ended up grounded and with much more work to do which I wrote up myself. He stayed home with Jeremy, who was working from home yesterday. After lunch, the two of us took all four girls out to the Nature Center. They really enjoyed watching the turtles because one was actually moving all around its enclosure. If you were next to it’s space and talked, it turned it’s head toward you. Noelle loved that. She made up stories about how it was listening to us and what it was thinking. Once they were done indoors, we took a small half mile hike out to the pond. Christine doesn’t know how to be quiet, so as we got close to the pond, Sarah and I noticed that all the frogs we’d been hearing suddenly got quiet. Later, after we got back away from there, we heard them start back up. They just couldn’t compete with my girls. The hike ends at a few cages that sometimes hold injured animals. Only one of the cages had an animal, a red hawk. The sign said that it was badly injured and can’t be released back into the wild as it wouldn’t be able to catch it’s food, so it is there for life. It is beautiful.

After we were done with the Center, we headed to JoAnn’s Fabric Store to look for some patterns and material. Sarah had a few skirt patterns she is hoping to try and make and I was looking for something for my sister’s baby. She found some pretty material, but it was a bit too expensive for her. I found what I was looking for and can’t wait to start… but I will wait because we are leaving tomorrow to go down to my parents’ house in NC. Anyway, the girls enjoyed looking through the pattern books and asking if I would make them this or if I could make them that. They all want me to make them nightgowns with the nice soft satiny-ish material for summer. We’ll see.

After a quick dinner, we headed to church. We didn’t have adult choir practice last night, so I went and taught the Children’s choir during that time instead and was able to join in with the adults for Bible study later. I haven’t been up there for Adult Bible Study on Wednesday since the beginning of the year and it was a nice change.

After church, I dropped the kids off and Sarah and I went out to a restaurant and shared a chocolate dessert and just talked. It was great. On the way there, who should call, but my friend Michelle! She and Sarah got to meet a while back when I took Sarah to St. Louis and they got along really well, so they are hoping to both get up here at the same time before the end of August (and Sarah heads off to college.) Between the two of them, I got really giggly. It was awesome.


One of my best friends, Sarah, is coming up today and staying the night. She’ll be going to church with us tonight and then she and I are going out for a talking and chocolate time afterwards. I wish my other best friend, Michelle, could come up here sometime too. I don’t think I’ve told her yet that we have our bed couch up here now, so she can come visit when she’s able. I need to tell her. I would love to really have some time with her too. It’s been too long.

Oh man! A Whole Week…

I can’t believe it’s been that long since I last posted. I got James’ vest done on Saturday. It had a few hard parts and I got really frustrated, but it came out fine in the end. I need to start on the baby gifts. I’m waiting to hear from my sister what she is having. I think she has an ultrasound today. I’ll probably call her later. Once I hear from her, I’m going to go look for a pattern to make for her new one. I’m really looking forward to this. I also want to make something for Tabitha and Naomi… still thinking about that. I don’t know the next time I’m going to see them. We are heading down to NC to my parents’ house from March 29th to April 5th. I haven’t been down there for 2 years and I’m really, really missing the mountains and all that which I grew up with. I hope to see some friends while we’re down there too. One of them had a baby last year and I’d like to meet little N and see her cousins too who are around my kids’ ages. I don’t know if we’ll be able to get together with them, but I’d like to if it is possible.

In my Bible study time, I’m in Matthew. Going a little slower than normal as I digest the words of Jesus. I really want to figure out what He was talking about in all those Parables and lessons He gave. I know the Sunday School stuff, but I want to go deeper.

In other things… I’ve not felt completely well since I was sick about 3 weeks ago. My voice is definitely not all the way back. I sang a solo in the Easter cantata at church. It was a small one, thankfully, or I’m not sure I could have done it with my voice being like this. Jeremy said that he could tell my voice was straining a bit, but he doubted the others would have noticed as they don’t know me as well as he does. Other than my voice, I’ve just been extra tired and worn out since then. I hope my vacation in NC helps me to get back on track with the relaxation after these last few busy weeks.

Yeah, I’m Keeping Busy

I finished my skirt. Well, mostly. It’s done except for the bit of lace that goes at the bottom, but I think I’m going to wait to put that on until later. I need a small break before my next project. My back gets sore because I don’t have a good sewing table and all the cutting, pinning and ironing is done on the floor. The sewing machine itself is on my kitchen table and it stays there because we have no other place to put it. While I’m not working on anything, the sewing “basket” is pushed under the table. At the moment, since I was using it, my sewing stuff is on the coffee table in the living room that is next to the cardboard thingy I use to cover the floor and put the material on while I’m working with it.

We are planning on going down to the house we own tomorrow after church with a trailer and getting a few things that we need… like a working clothes dryer and some twin bed frames and mattresses. I’m not sure what else, but that is all I know of at the moment. Maybe a dresser too. We’ll see what we are able to get.

At church, we have been working on our Easter program. We are using 4 songs from a cantata and two hymns. I think we could have added on another song from the cantata, but it wasn’t up to me and this way, it won’t take quite as long as it may have.

Well, I need to go. I probably need to get out some chicken for dinner. We’re grilling out tonight. Woohoo!

Four Easter Dresses

They are done! My girls are all happy to know that they have their dresses ready for Easter. I bought material for my skirt and after we pick up James from Grandma’s house on Saturday, I plan on getting the material for his vest. This week, I’m working on my skirt and then next week is the vest. The week after that is a baby gift for a friend’s baby shower at the end of the month. I know, I’m going to be cutting the baby gift close. I may have some time to work on it this week or next week too, so we’ll see. After that, I’m taking a break for just a little while. My sewing machine is earning it’s keep.

Dove Fellowship

The fellowship meeting that Jeremy and I have been working on starting for a while is having a session tonight. It is a time of dinner and discussion of the Bible with a small praise and worship song time afterwards. If anyone is near Calumet City, we are holding it in the First Baptist Church of Calumet City, IL at 6:30 pm tonight.

May I say that is seems a bit unreal to me at this time. We are hosting this and it is what we have felt is our mission for the last year and a half if not a bit longer. Sometimes it felt as if it would never come to be, but we kept praying about it and now it is. God’s timing is always best. It was hard waiting and with it taking such a long time, I sometimes questioned whether it would ever be. (Human nature) This is a place that people can come and relax and ask questions they might have about the Bible or discuss something they have read. We want to make this a weekly thing and sometime when we have a big enough place of our own, we’d like to hold it in our home, which would be a more relaxed atmosphere. Any prayers you offer for this mission of ours is appreciated. I’ll update you all later.


Amie and James have been wanting their own blogs for a while. I set one up for Amie the other day on Vox. She is still a bit unsure of what to post, so her entries are a bit short. I am keeping a close eye on it and any e-mails or neighborhood requests she is sent from it. If you have Vox, you are welcome to add her to your neighborhood to keep tabs on her posts, but don’t be discouraged if she doesn’t add you. I’m only allowing family and friends we know off web on her neighborhood.

Starting to Feel Better

I had such a horrible week last week. Stuffy head, which caused bad headaches, especially when I layed down, earaches, and a sore throat. I started feeling better on Thursday finally and got up and did dishes and laundry and got a little bit of packing done. I was happy because of what the weekend had in store for us. On Friday, two of our friends were married. They were some that came to our house every Saturday when we lived down in mid-IL. All the people who used to come to our get-togethers on Saturdays at our house were there. It was so good to see them all. Jeremy’s mom watched the two little ones during the wedding and then I dropped off the other three before heading to the reception. I had planned on taking them with us to the reception, but James had an unforeseen accident and so I decided to leave all three of them there. They got more sleep that way anyway. After the reception, our group of friends, minus the newlyweds, went to another friend’s house and spent a little while talking. Jeremy and I arrived back at his parents’ house around 12:30 am or maybe a bit later. I’m not sure. The next day, we went up to the house we own and talked to the people living there and met with a plumber who will be taking care of the pipes. They were just too old and all of the pipes under the house need replacing. Ouch! He is giving us a reasonable price though and I think it will work out well for all concerned. By the time we left the house, I knew that I’d overdone it. My head was hurting really bad and one of my ears was bothering me again. Driving home was absolutely horrible. We stopped with only a third of the way left to eat and I took some ibuprofen which really helped a lot. Today, I took it easy. We went to church, but I didn’t go up in the choir. I stayed with the girls (James stayed with Grandma and Grandpa). After we got home, I rested a bit and then we went back for a VBS planning meeting. It was a good meeting and we talked through a few things. I got the music DVD so I can start learning the songs and movements that accompany them as I will be leading the music for it. It’s going to be fun. Amie is excited that we got the DVD because she always loves learning these and hates it when they make her wait for VBS and then only have a few days because then she usually forgets them not long afterwards. I love it because it means I have an exercise program to work with. he he he. Ok, so 6 songs may not be enough exercise, but it will be fun no matter what.