I have found a teenager at our new church who is as much a music-aholic as I am. She sings and is trying to learn to play the guitar. She wants to learn the piano and is interested in all kinds of instruments. Last Wednesday, she asked me to bring in my tuner this week, so she could get her guitar strings tuned. As we talked about music, she asked what instruments I had and could play. I ended up bringing my guitar, mountain dulcimer, and bongo drum in as well as my tuner. I’ve taken the bass string off of my guitar because my hands are too small to reach it to push it properly. Her eagerness to learn all about the different instruments was so exciting to see. I let her borrow my guitar book. I look forward to sharing what I know about the instruments and teaching her to play some of them.

I’m also teaching her little brother how to use the autoharp that I play as accompaniment with the children’s choir. The older kids in the children’s choir are being taught how to use instruments, mostly percussion. Amie is learning the bongo drum (which has a neat technique to bring out two different sounds), James is learning the tambourine, and Christine is learning the maraca. If we get any other kids in, I will need more instruments. I have a few ideas and I need to find a music store up here.

Warm… Cold… Warm… Cold

The weather here is crazy. It got up in the 80s two days ago and so we opened up all the windows (didn’t want to turn on the air conditioner for one day) and that night it dropped down into the 40s, so I got up and closed all the windows in the middle of the night. We were comfortable throughout that day, but the next night, I had to turn on the heat as it got down to 60 inside the house and Noelle still isn’t able to stay under her blanket, so she was cold when I checked on her. I put the blankets back on her and that’s when I decided to turn the heat on since the temp would probably drop farther during the night anyway. Turning it off for the daytime and we’ll see how it goes tonight. We were wearing capris and short sleeves one day and long pants and sweatshirts the next. I haven’t put our winter clothes away yet and have only gotten out a few of the summer stuff. I’m thinking that closer to the end of May will be the best time to actually switch out the clothes.

One good thing… both the gas and electricity bills should be lower for next month.

Bird Watching

Today, the cats have been at the open kitchen window watching the birds and squirrels. We’ve stopped by there to pet them and all. Amie saw a bird that she didn’t know what it was, so we got out a really old bird book (from when I was little, I got it from my parents a few years ago) and we found that it was a Rose-breasted Grosbeak. It’s a pretty bird. This was the first time we’ve really used this book, but I want to use it more often. We’ll take it along the next time we visit the Nature Center. Maybe we can go in the morning and sit in their bird watching room. We’ll see.