Just thought I’d let you know… after a few days of leftover chicken (we had cornish hens for Thanksgiving) and other leftovers, Little Caesar’s Pizza tasted really good for dinner tonight.

Oh, and I was very happy to fill up the van for under $30. It was all the way down to the red line too. Being up here in expensive Chicago, the gas prices are higher than some others, but it was good to find it for $1.59 today at one gas station. Everywhere else I looked, it was around $1.75.

Thankful, pt 2

As promised, I am putting up another five of my small thankfuls.

6. I am thankful for my friend, Sarah, who is in Florida right now. I call her up once or twice a week and we always talk for a long time. We just talk out all our frustrations to each other and then we talk silly and get each other laughing. Phone Therapy.

7. I am thankful for Facebook, Vox, Twitter, and Plurk. I have a network of friends in each. Some of which cross over to others, but from each of them, I’ve found friends… some old friends from high school and college and some new friends.

8. I am thankful for a bed. Jeremy and I lived for a long time either sleeping on a couch bed or on a mattress on the floor. I like having my bed now where I have some storage room underneath and I don’t hurt my knee trying to get up out of it.

9. I am thankful for sweaters and sweatshirts. Living up here in Chicago-land requires some nice warm clothes throughout the winter. I love the soft sweaters and thick hoodie sweatshirts that I have been given from different people.

10. Lastly, I am thankful for my blog. I enjoy writing about the things we do with the kids or whatever else I wish to write about.


I’m going to list 5 little things I’m thankful for today and then another 5 tomorrow. Not the big ones, like a house, vehicle, my children and so on, but those little blessings that just make life so fun.

1. I am thankful for nighttime chat buddies. When I’m going crazy thinking over all kinds of things and can’t sleep, I need something to get my mind to stop going everywhere and Colwyn and Angie do a good job of that. We get silly and I have to make sure I don’t wake up Jeremy with my laughing sometimes, but this helps my mind to relax and I go to sleep easily afterwards.

2. I am thankful for a nice landlord who checks on us every once in a while to make sure that everything is still going well here at the house. If there is anything wrong, he usually has someone out that day or the next day to get it fixed.

3. I am thankful for good books. I am still unpacking books and keep finding books that I want to re-read.

4. I am thankful for nice smelling candles. I have a few in the kitchen, one in the living/dining room, a few in our bedroom, and one in the upstairs bathroom. Jeremy is allergic to many air fresheners, but he can handle the candles, so if I want our rooms to smell fruity or sugary or whatever, I light one of my candles. My favorites are the fruit ones… strawberry, peach, and black raspberry vanilla. I’d like to get an apple pie one.

5. I am thankful for my little CD player. I have it in the living room and put in background music which I find myself singing to throughout the day. I like praise music, though lately I’ve been putting some old Christmas ones in… Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole. The music helps me to keep my sanity throughout the crazy-ness that my days are.

NOW, I’d like to challenge a few of you all to list some of your small thankfuls and don’t forget to check tomorrow for #6-10.

Hello Beautiful People

It’s been rough up here in Chicago-land. There’s been a lot of fraud, so our bank completely stopped all debit activity in the area. The really bad part was the fact that we found out when we had NO cash and I was out with some other homeschoolers for lunch. I tried to pay for our lunch and the debit card was denied. OUCH! One of the other moms helped us out and even bought the kids some cookies later. We’ve made it through, but it has really made it hard.

As for the sales of my rice-heating pads. I’ve sold 3 of them so far. I made some for 2 of Jeremy’s co-workers’ wives during their pregnancies, so a few others there have seen or heard of them. Another of Jeremy’s co-workers was my first customer. She bought 2 for herself (one for home and one to stay at work) and one for a gift. I think word of mouth will be the easiest way of getting the news out there about these. At the moment, I have 12 regular ones sewn up and ready. (4 yellow, 3 purple, 3 flower, 1 basketball, 1 cream) I have some more purple and cream material to sew up to make more regular size ones. Then I want to see which ones I have enough of to make small sizes with and will probably sew some of those. I saw some HSM3 flannel when I went in last time and some other kid prints that I was thinking would be good for the small packs because the small ones are really great as cold packs. I had heard you could use a rice pack as a cold compress, but decided to find out myself, so I made a small pack for us and stuck it in the freezer. The kids used to balk at putting ice or other cold packs with liquid in them on their boo-boos because they were too cold. The rice pack doesn’t get too cold. My kids have used it often. I’m pretty sure it is needed at least once a week. Last time used… yesterday when Amie’s fingers got smashed.

I love going to my chiropractor. I just thought I’d tell you all that. I had lower back pain for the longest time. My freshman year in college, I got pulled out by another girl and slipped on ice and my lower back just never felt right after that. I haven’t had much lower back pain in the last few weeks and I’m loving it! I’m also having less shoulder pain. Also, since I do exercises there at the office, I’ve been getting more exercise than I normally would at this time of year. I’ve been sleeping more at night and taking less naps. I feel more energetic than I used to. I wish I’d had insurance that would have covered this long ago.

AND… um… I think that’s all I can think of for now.

Oh wait. I need to do a shout out: HI SARAH!! I can’t wait to see you at Christmas time! JILL, it’s only a few more weeks and I can see you and my nieces and nephew. I can’t wait to sing with/to them. MOM, I’m looking forward to some Christmas Caroling. COLWYN and ANGIE, thanks for just being silly friends. Some days that’s all I need.

I’m In Business!

I’ve been busy sewing up some rice heating pads. Notice the Buy Now Paypal button on the side? At the moment, these are the colors/prints that I have available and only in regular size. There is only 1 regular basketball one available at the moment. If you want a plain color that I don’t have, just ask and I can most likely get it. I can’t promise as much with the prints, but I can always try. I’m hoping to have a bigger selection once I’ve sold more of them. For people who can pick it up or at Jeremy’s work, I can set you up to go through Google checkout if you want to pay through your debit card and that way we can waive the shipping fee.

Oh, and the small ones are good as cool packs as well as travel heating pads. The one I made for our family is sitting in our freezer. It makes a great owie pack for kids. It’s cold enough to help, but not so cold, like ice, that the kids don’t want to keep it held against them.

Homeschool Group, Meeting #5

Yesterday, we had Thanksgiving dinner with the other homeschool families. Beforehand, a few of us met to make some bread. The kids had a lot of fun doing it. They did the dough beforehand and set it out to rise while we ate. After we ate, some of the kids did Thanksgiving presentations. Amie watched a baby while her mom was doing dishes and had a lot of fun with her. We got the bread in the oven during clean-up time, so that it came out as soon as we were ready to go, we had some nice warm bread to take with us. Each group of 2 or 3 kids had a bowl in which they made 2 loaves of bread. My kids had 2 bowls, so there were 4 loaves, but we donated 2 loaves to the church’s food pantry (the church where we meet for homeschool group) to put into Thanksgiving baskets. Every group of kids did that. They were all pretty proud of themselves.

Off-subject (from my title), it’s been snow flurrying here and it’s cold. I MISS the nice warm weather of summer. I wouldn’t mind being up here in the summer and going south like Florida or Texas or NC (Hi Mom!) for winter where the weather isn’t quite as cold and snowy. I guess I’d like TN or NC best because I like to have a little snow for winter, but not a lot and then temps don’t stay down as far there as it does here.

Oh man! I’m slacking!

I need to really get back into my blogging. Tomorrow, we have the next Grassroots Homeschool group meeting. It’s a Thanksgiving one. We’re going to show up early to make bread for the food pantry at the church we meet at. They are going to put the bread into the Thanksgiving baskets, I think. I’ll update you all on this sometime soon.

Homeschool Group, Meeting #4

This last week’s homeschool group meeting wasn’t quite as good as the others. They didn’t really have any educational aspects to it, but we all had fun. I manned the Welcome table and helped sign in people, take up money for various dues and fundraisers, and took the candy everyone brought for the kids’ bags. The kids put on some music and did some silly dancing and played hot potato and ate dessert food. The adults just stood around and talked and passed the babies around to cuddle and coo at. One of the babies is 7 mo old, but was born 2 mo early (same birth weight as Noelle) and is tiny, so she reminds me so much of Noelle. Her mom and I talked a lot about our preemie babies and their development. Just like me, she is enjoying her baby staying a baby longer and not worrying about any of the large or small motor skills being behind because it’s normal for preemies. I think she enjoyed talking to someone who has already been there, done that.

At the end of the meeting, they did a quick announcements for the adults to know upcoming field trips and whatnot. Then they handed out bags of candy to the kids and we left.

I was somewhat disappointed to lose a whole day of school since I hadn’t expected it to have nothing educational this time AND getting 5 bags of candy which we don’t need since my kids hardly eat candy, but I’m okay with it now.

Our next meeting will be about Thanksgiving and then our first one in December is going to be a talent show. The kids are really excited about the talent show one because we unpacked our puppets and they can’t wait to pick a song and perform it with the puppets.

Wow! We are So Busy These Days!

I’ve now got all five kids doing school. Noelle didn’t want to be left out, so she started doing some Kindergarten stuff, like phonics and counting. She likes me to print out the letter sheets to trace. Anyway, that keeps me fairly busy until 2 or 3 pm. I also have housework which is done before, in between, and afterwards. We have church on Sunday mornings and evening and on Wednesday evenings. On the first and third Wednesdays, we have our Grassroots Homeschool Group meetings in the late morning/early afternoon and on the second Wednesdays, we have our 4-H meetings in the late morning. Now add in Chiropractor appointments to this and you have one very busy family. I got fed up with my sore lower back and it was getting extra sore, so I gave in to some ladies who were asking me to just check it out. They do whole families. Jeremy hasn’t gone, but the rest of us go. The kids love getting their backs adjusted and doing the therapy exercises to help their spines. I do too. My lower back is already feeling much better. Now if she can help that discomfort I keep feeling between my shoulders, I’ll be one happy Momma. The Chiro said that this might help my headaches as well. I so hope it does. We’ll just have to wait and see if I get any of those.

Another thing we’ve been doing more of is family time. We have nightly Bible Study. Jeremy has verses which we read and discuss. We’ve also started up our family movie and game nights. Last night, we played Chutes and Ladders. Noelle loved it… of course, she won too. She actually loved it before she won. She was able to do everything she needed to do herself and that’s what made her happy. I had to show her which way her piece needed to move, but that was all. This last Thursday night, we watched “National Treasure: Book of Secrets”. The kids really liked it. Jeremy and I did too. I think we may have a movie night tonight. I bought corn chips and spinach dip (and salsa for James because he can’t have the spinach dip.) I think the kids are debating between “Enchanted” and “Game Plan”. Let’s just say that we love Netflix’s Watch Instantly option. On Friday night, we went to our church for it’s annual Harvest Festival. Since we helped set up and tear down, we got a lot of candy. There weren’t many kids that showed up, so they gave our kids the freedom to go through the leftovers afterwards and pick out what they wanted. I was somewhat pleased that they wanted the peanuts and crackers more than the candy. Just to let you know, the peanuts and crackers were gone in 2 days. Now the candy will very slowly disappear. My kids aren’t big candy eaters, for which I’m grateful.

Anyway, there you go. Up to date on Pixiemom’s family… for now. Oh, and if anyone is interested, I’m having a blast plurking. It’s kind of like an on the spot, quick post, like twitter except that the timeline is different and responses are listed UNDER the plurk they are intended for. My friends and I sometimes use it as a multiple subject IM since it refreshes often and lets you know how many plurks have new responses.