Getting Out

Between sick kids that prevented me from going to church a week ago Sunday and the snow that prevented us from going to 4-H or church on Wednesday and the absolute negative Fahrenheit cold that just made us huddle in the house for 3 days, I started going a little crazy and having horrible stress headaches. On Saturday, I really wanted to get out of the house. Jeremy thought he had the solution by hitting the grocery store to get a few things, but we had 4 kids, 2 of whom were cranky, with us during that half hour excursion and it was stressful and not nearly long enough. On Sunday, we went to church which helped a good amount. (We had a baptism of one of my children’s choir kids. I was so excited.) We also went to Panera’s for lunch, but having my church responsibilities and all the kids around just kept me so busy most of the time, so though I felt a bit better, I was still having a little stress headache. Today, we needed to pick up James’ first pictures (film camera that someone gave to my parents and they let him have it.) We also had a $5 Borders gift certificate that I needed to use before the end of the month, so I decided that I’d let James pick out what non-fiction book he would like to read next… with the requirement that it must be either a biography or US history. He chose a book and timeline of the Civil War. He wanted something about the American involvement in the World Wars, but we couldn’t find a good book for his age. He is interested in wars right now. After looking at a few different books, he said he might think about checking out the Revolutionary War next and then maybe a biography on Daniel Boone and the fighting in Texas. I have a few books that I’m wanting him to read this year that we have at the home… two of which will go with the Civil War book… they are biographies: Harriet Tubman, President Abraham Lincoln, and Helen Keller. The two former were big people in the Civil War, so he is excited to read those and put all he reads together. I love his enthusiasm.

Anyway, the two of us headed out and picked up his pictures, then went to Borders and picked up the books as well as a photo box to store his pictures in, and then we had lunch at McDonalds while he read his school assignment on Martin Luther King Jr. We had a quick stop back at Walgreens to return some photos that we found in his envelope that were someone else’s and then came on home. The relaxed time walking around Borders and looking at books and then eating at McDs with my boy was so fun and helped quite a bit. Next, I need to take Christine out. I still need a one-on-one time out with AnnaBeth and Noelle too sometime in the next few months. I guess since I can’t get a Girls Night Out up here, this will help me until I get one. These dates with a child or the mini-dates with DH help me quite a bit. I don’t get silly like I do with my friends, but that’s okay.

Happy Birthday to my Boy!

I can’t believe my son is 10 yrs old today, January 14. A few funnies that I remember from that day so long ago. The dr running in to deliver, than telling me, “Hold On” and running back out because he forgot to put on his shoe covers. I yelled back, “Tell that to the baby!” He was back in time to catch James. Then he looked at the clock and said, “Birthtime was 4:57 pm.” I laughed and commented, “Well, I didn’t miss my 5 pm appointment with you today, did I?”

Anyway, I’m going to see if I can make some cupcakes or something to take to church with us tonight and have a little party just after the kids’ choir rehearsal tonight. I bet I can get the pastor’s wife to help.

Edit to add:Here’s a picture of what the snow looks like right now. There’s at least 6 inches out there and it’s still snowing.

Lyme Disease Pictures

Those pictures I took of AnnaBeth’s tick bite/Lyme Disease back in June have gotten quite a bit of traffic. I am glad they are being used as references to show how Lyme Disease looks sometimes since it can look a little different for different people. Here is one site, Right Health, that they are on. Since the first dr she saw didn’t even realize this was Lyme Disease, it is good to have them out there for references. I think I’ll offer them to our dr’s office for them to put somewhere to use if they need to.

Nighttime Nebulizers

Why, oh why, does the first time needing nebulizers always happens in the middle of the night? Noelle woke up wheezing horribly at 1:00 am last night. I think I woke the other 3 girls up trying to get the nebulizer’s bag out of the top of their closet. Then, I woke Jeremy up when I brought Noelle and the bag into our room, turned on the light and put it together. I think he kind of snoozed, but didn’t really sleep while Noelle had her treatment. I finally got Noelle back in bed about 2 am and I think I finally fell asleep around 2:30 am. The fact that I woke up sick yesterday probably doesn’t help my tiredness and the clumsiness I feel while trying to do stuff. I’m feeling better today, but now I’m needing to keep tissues nearby, for myself and for Noelle whenever she comes in with her drippy nose. Noelle needed another treatment this morning at 7 am and she is seems to be doing fairly well now that she’s staying upright and not laying down. She’s still having a nasty cough sometimes, but not as bad as it was last night or this morning. She’s playing with AnnaBeth while the others are doing school.

Happy New Year!

We had a lot of fun here at the house last night. We allowed the three older kids to stay up late. We asked the kids what kinds of healthy snacks they liked and that’s what we had for dinner (and to eat throughout the night). We had pigs in a blanket, tunafish crackers (with optional roma tomato), bananas, crackers and cheese or peanut butter, cheese squares, peanuts, carrots with ranch dip, and vanilla wafers as a dessert. We played games all the way until quarter to midnight. The first game was Gobble Gobble, a new game they got from Grandma Wall. After they were done with that, we sent AnnaBeth to bed at her normal bedtime because she was so cranky. Noelle went to bed not long afterwards on her own. I was planning on sending her to bed soon anyway. Other games we played were Sequence, Battleship, Mouse Trap, and Clue. When we finished, Amie and Christine were so tired that they went on to bed even though it was so close to midnight. They fell asleep really quickly and didn’t hear us celebrating or the fireworks outside. I thought it was funny how quickly and deeply they fell asleep in such a short time. James stayed up until midnight and then after dancing around and loudly saying, “Happy New Year! It’s 2009!” a few times and giving Jeremy and me some kisses of his own, he went to bed. Jeremy also went to bed fairly quickly. I cleaned up what was left out on the table (which wasn’t much) and headed to bed as well, so I think we were all asleep by 12:45 at the latest.

Anyway, no resolutions here. I don’t make them. I do pray for a wonderful and blessed 2009 for all of you.