Prayers for Friends

I just thought I’d list a few friends who could use prayers.

My friends from college, Melody and Aaron. Aaron is having some major health problems and is in a considerable amount of pain. If you know them, you know that Aaron has always had health problems, but this is something new and it is making Melody nervous. Pray that they get answers to what is going on and are able to help Aaron get back to living his normal life.

One of Jeremy’s co-workers, Nola, had some problems with headaches and loss of vision. It was pretty bad. After tests, they’ve determined that she has MS. Pray for the wisdom of the drs in working with her and for her and her husband, Nick, as they learn to work with this.

Lastly, pray for a friend of mine from way back. I’m going to keep this one nameless, but depression and loneliness are making life a bit rough right now for my friend.


Well, let’s see if I can tell you about the last few days without repeating anything.

Last week, on Monday (March 16), the three older kids and I went on a field trip to Eli’s Cheesecake Factory. It was so extremely yummy. The two little ones had been dropped off down at Grandma Wall’s house for the week while she was on her Spring Break. James had not wanted to go at first, but once we were there and they had some little samples out that didn’t have milk in them, he was a happy boy. We all enjoyed sampling the different cakes. Out of the three little bite sized samples that I tried, I liked the Irish Mint the best. It was yummy. It’s a special one they have around St Patrick’s day. We got to watch them decorating the cakes and they decorated one to our specifications and at the end of our tour, we were asked a question that related to the history of the factory that our tour guide had told us about at the beginning. The kid who answered it correctly got the cheesecake that we had decorated. It was cool. Anyway, we all got a whole slice of cheesecake at the end. I picked chocolate peanut butter. James took an Oreo slice and put it into a container to bring home for Jeremy. The lady found out that he was allergic to milk, so she got him an oatmeal cookie and a glass of soy milk to make up for no cheesecake. All three kids (as well as myself) enjoyed this field trip immensely.

On St Patrick’s Day, I took the three older kids into Chicago and we walked up Michigan Avenue and went to the Lego store because they love that place. Guess what? They were giving a little kit away to all kids between 6 and 12 yrs. It made a leprechaun. The guy giving them away helped Amie and James put theirs together. I bought a small bucket of legos. It was one where you can pick the pieces you want in it and I got a bunch of pieces that we didn’t already have. We also went to the Sanrio store where the girls each bought some Hello Kitty stuff. Around lunchtime, we headed down towards Google and got a tour. It is a neat place! After that, we walked down to Millennium Park and sat under the trees and people watched for about half an hour before heading back to the train and coming home.

Last weekend, we had company. Jason, Jeremy’s brother, came up on Thursday and his parents came up on Friday with Noelle and AnnaBeth. On Saturday, after eating waffles, we headed over to IKEA. Mom Wall LOVED the place! She is hoping to come back again with her boss (who is a wonderful friend of both of us) and go shopping for her classroom. She and Dad had to leave on Saturday after a rest. Jason stayed until Monday. On Monday, he went into Chicago with Jeremy and got a tour of Google and then enjoyed walking around downtown.

Yesterday, while chatting with a friend on IM… my computer started shutting down one thing after another. I tried rebooting and got “No Operating System Found”. WHAT? I had Jeremy take a look and he said the hard drive was dead. NOOOOOOO!!! At first, we didn’t think we had the money to get a new one, but after a night’s sleep and some rational thinking, we talked about maybe looking for one. Jeremy took Noelle out for a date this morning and came home with an Asus Eee for me! I think it’s the smallest one, but that’s ok with me as I use my laptop mostly for internet. Now I’m going to make a little satchel to carry it with me. I like it. I’m still getting used to the little keyboard, but it’s not too hard for my little hands.

Anyway, there you go. Another catch up post… I feel like I’m always doing these long posts, but we’ve been so very busy. I’m sure you all understand.

Oooo, one more thing… we are going up to Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin Dells next month. The kids are excited!

Count Your Blessings, Name Them One by One

I don’t know if I can count them, there are too many, but I’m going to tell you of some recent ones. They are ALL from God. (I’m omitting putting the obvious ones in because you all know about them.)

1. We’ve been staying in our budget and even saving a little here and there.

2. The fever/headache/sore throat flu thingy came through our house and though all of us except Jeremy got it, it wasn’t too bad and life went on as if nothing was really wrong except for missing church twice. I think Jeremy missed it because he was gone most of the time.

3. The kids sold a whole box of chocolate bars by themselves. It is fund-raising for our homeschool group’s programs. I think part of it was they weren’t pushy and they enjoyed telling people about some of the programs that we’ve had this year.

4. We were given a puppet stage and some puppets for our family ministry. (Nola, Thank you… and pass it on.)

5. Jeremy enjoyed his trip to Mountain View, CA (except for the pain from bike riding in San Francisco) and came home safe.

6. Jeremy got a bonus with his last paycheck.

7. We were finally able to purchase a new washer and dryer. Now we won’t have floods from the washer leaking and a dryer taking 3 hours to get clothes dry. We’ve been trying to find a way to get new ones for over a year. We’ve bought them and they are being delivered tomorrow. Plus, they are a pretty silvery gray.

8. We made a luxury purchase. We got a Wii. I even count my Wii arm soreness as a blessing as I know it is helping my shoulders. Seriously, I love playing Wii tennis.

9. Friends on Facebook. I finally have someone from LMU, other than Martin, find me. Hi Melanie!! Also, a few friends from way back in TN. If only I could find some I went to high school with down there.

10. We got a pretty betta fish and I like watching him swim around. It’s very relaxing.

11. Though there was a misunderstanding at church… everything got straightened out and things are better than ever between me as Praise and Worship leader and the Choir Director. I’m still assistant choir director, but only in his absence. I enjoy working with him even though sometimes we both get on each other’s nerves.

12. Charlie is sleeping at the foot of our bed again. He got freaked out a few months ago when we had to give Noelle nebulizer treatments. At the time, I was running the nebulizer on our bed and he refused to get on the bed again until Jeremy was gone and I tricked him onto coming up onto the bed. I love having his warmth at my feet.

13. Getting a broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl at Panera’s Bread Co. after church on Sunday. (still known as St Louis Bread Co in my mind) I love that stuff.

14. Books, books, and more books. I just love reading books. We got “The Hobbit”, combined with “The Lord of the Ring” trilogy. Jeremy and I have read them before, but they are great books to have and I was really wanting to read them again. Amie is reading “The Hobbit” right now. I also got “The Wizard of EarthSea” as I’d heard that was a good read for someone who enjoys this genre of fantasy.

15. Oh, Chiropractor appointments… My back has hurt since I was 18 and after the first few appointments, I am finally not in pain on a daily basis. Speaking of which… I need to get off now. I have an appointment today.

Sleepless Nights and Sleepy Days

Jeremy’s gone. Well, for a few days anyway. He was sent out to Mountain View, CA for meetings and classes and I think he’s enjoying it except that we aren’t not with him. This means that I’m having trouble sleeping, which is why I’m up blogging at 1:15 am. Now if I can think through this brain fog that I have, I’ll tell you a little of what we’ve been doing.

We’ve had something going through our house, but it isn’t too bad. It caused some grumpy tiredness and fevers, but that was all. It was more of an annoyance than anything. We did have to miss Wednesday church because of it though since that was the day Jeremy left and AnnaBeth was running a fever, so I decided it was better to just stay home. This homebound family went crazy this morning though and since everyone seemed to be doing fine, I decided to do something crazy. I took all five kids to the mall by myself. Yes, I did. When we got there, I directed them to a place near the carousel where there wasn’t a crowd of people and told the kids that if anyone got separated from me than they should go there. The kids were good and we talked about the different things around so they could really know exactly where I was talking about. Then, we headed up to the food court and ate lunch before heading back down there and letting the kids have a ride on the carousel. The kids were a bit wound up still after that so we walked over to the kids’ play area and let them have some fun. I actually have 3 kids who are over the size limit now, but they didn’t run and they enjoyed playing with little kids and helping them do things. It was okay until 3 young teens decided that area would be fun to play tag in. I really don’t like it when the older kids do that because it shows no respect to the little kids or their parents and I’ve seen too many little kids get hurt from that. I just up and told them that that area was made for younger kids, that a game of tag wasn’t appropriate, and if they wanted to stay and play to slow down and help the little kids. I ended up with 3 dirty looks and them walking off, but a set of grandparents thanked me for being outspoken. My kids didn’t really want to stay there, so we left not long after that episode and got some cookies for the girls, a pretzel for James, and an iced mocha for me. Mmmmm, mocha… As we were walking toward the car, we passed the Disney store and the kids really wanted to go look around, so we did. Noelle is a huge Tinkerbell fan, so she was going from one place to the next saying, “Look, Mom, I found ANOTHER Tinkerbell!” (I may have found something to put in her Easter basket.) After a little while I said, “Noelle, it’s time to go”, but it actually took a while to get her from the back of the store to the front. By that time, we noticed that Christine was missing. I made the kids sit just inside the door (to one side, so as not to block it) and I went around the whole store checking for her. No Christine. I discussed the situation with Amie and James and we decided that I would stay with the little kids up there and Amie went down to check for her at our spot down near the carousel. We weren’t sure if she was still around the store or not since it was so crowded. It wasn’t long before Amie returned… with her sister. I was so glad I’d made sure we had talked about that meeting spot. She said that when she heard me tell Noelle that it was time to go, she walked out the front of the store and thought we’d headed on out and didn’t realize she wasn’t with us. She looked a little pale, but she said that she knew we’d find her if she went to our spot. She said that one of the mall guards kept a look out for her until Amie arrived. We left after that and headed out to Borders. I got an e-mail this morning saying that the homeschool group’s science fair is this Wednesday. (For some reason, I had thought it was next month.) I had a crystal kit for James, but nothing for Amie and I knew Borders had some neat little things to do. I got Noelle settled with a couple puppets while Amie and I discussed the options. I thought she would stay with the puppets for a while because she usually lets her imagination go wild with something like that which means she sits and makes up whole stories and I don’t have to worry about her one bit, but no, not today. Today, she found a book that had a pen at the end that had nothing to keep the kids from just picking it out of it’s little recess in the back cover. She pulled that pen out and wrote her name in the book and brought it to me to show me how well she did. Guess what? We now have a new book with a neat little pen in it’s back cover.

So, that was our day today. I talked to Jeremy tonight and he said that he’d taken a bike riding tour of San Fransisco and it was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work which was a pain in the backside… literally. I can’t ride bikes on hills anymore because of my knee, so I told him that if we ever get a chance to go out there together that I’d let him take the bike, but I’m taking a Segway. *smile* After that, we discussed the lesson for Sunday School tomorrow. It’s on Nehemiah. Our discussion somehow got onto the discussion of which books of the Bible are written during the Persian empire (Nehemiah, Ezra, Esther, and Daniel, that we could think of) and the different Emperors (Cyrus, Ahasuerus, and Darius.) Which also made me realize the fact that Daniel was alive during Esther’s reign… and so on. I could go on about it. It’s fun to think about, if you enjoy thinking about those things. Anyway, I’m going to try and get some sleep since it’s now almost 2 am.