Finally, Able to Post

The hotel internet had a problem with their DNS something or other. Jeremy helped them fix it. I had some internet access until this morning, but couldn’t post here at all. It was kind of annoying. I really don’t have a lot to say. Mostly we’ve been here at the waterpark. We’ve only gone out to eat for lunch each day. I had brought little cereal boxes for breakfast and sandwich makings for dinner to help us save money. Five kids sure do eat a lot. We went out today and went to a hands-on science place in town after a drive all around looking at the sights. It’s pretty here, but it’s hard for me to take pictures as I’m the one driving, so there aren’t any pictures of the scenery. *sad face* Oh well, it really is nice. I feel more at home up here in the woodsy town then down where we live near Chicago. It was a little chilly, so we didn’t get out of the van to do anything outside. I really wanted to do some hiking or ride the duck boats or something, but… oh well, maybe some other time. Yesterday, we went to this cute restaurant called Moose Jaw Pizzeria. It is loggy and rustic and has the best chicken alfredo pizza ever. Plus, I got myself a little moose. Check out my Flickr or Facebook photos to see my Bullwinkle. He’s cute. Anyway, I took some pictures, but it’s hard to take pictures when most of the time you are in the water and you don’t have a waterproof camera. I hope I got enough for you all to see the fun that we had. We plan on hitting the waterpark here one more time before leaving tomorrow.

That’s MY Girl!!!

I went to Target to get some potting soil for our garden (we’re using big pots to plant a few things in) and while we were standing in line to pay, Amie was looking at the pictures on the front of the magazines. As we were leaving, she turned to me and said, “Only photo wizards and movie magicians can make a woman look like that.” I smiled, proud to be her mom and told her to always remember that.

Looking For A Dream

I feel like my dream is so out of my reach. I love singing and I’ve felt like God wants me to use it outside of the church walls for quite a while. I still want to do Christian music. I like singing both contemporary and southern gospel. Know what I really enjoy doing? Singing harmony. I’ve sung melody most of my life because I’m a soprano, but I’d really enjoy doing back-up, especially with a guy’s voice. I enjoy the blend of the two ranges. I’d love to do my own songs too, but seriously, I love doing the harmony so much more.

Anyway, if anyone knows of a way I can realize my dream… Can you help me, please?

6 Days Until Our Spring Break Vacation

I think I am better at keeping the countdown than the kids are. *big smile* I am so looking forward to this. I know I will still have to watch my kids, but I won’t be having to remind them to do chores and schoolwork, so that will help me relax some. Just getting out of our normal routine and doing something so fun will be great.

Anyway, today I went to Sams Club and got juice boxes and snacks to take with us. At home, I got the suitcases down and have started getting the kids to pack them as I get laundry done the next few days. I’ll check them before we leave to make sure they have what is needed. I’ll most likely have to repack Noelle’s and do a little something to AnnaBeth’s, but the other kids are good at following my list and getting everything they need in there.

There is internet at the hotel, but I’m not sure how much I’ll be on. I’ll see if I can get at least a little something up on here while we’re there. If not, you all will get one of my mega-posts when we’re back home.

Warm Weather

I have totally enjoyed the weather yesterday and most of today. It’s been around 70 degrees F here. I love it! Just thought I’d tell you all.

Looks like there’s rain about to fall now, but it’s not going to get me down. The sunshine really helped.

The Easter Story – By: Amie

All spelling and punctuation is as she wrote it.

Jesus was in the Garden praying. When the apostols were sleeping, Judus and some solders came. Peter awoke and cut off a servant’s ear. Jesus healed it, it’s back! They sent Jesus to Pilate. He sent Jesus to Herod and Herod sent Jesus back to Pilate. They let Babass out of Jail to kill Jesus at the Place of Skull. The people cried, “Kill him! Kill him!” when Pilate asked what to do with Him. Jesus died on that cross. Two robers on each side of him. They put him in the tomb.

After they put Jesus in the tomb, they put a Huge Stone in front of the tomb. A solder worked around the clock garding the tomb. Sunddunly an earthquake came on Sunday that moved the stone. An angel sat on the stone. Women who whent to morn at the tomb were frightened. Jesus was gone! The angel said “don’t be afraid I know you wonder where Jesus is. Well, He is not here, He is risen!” Mary saw Jesus on the way back. He said “Go tell my freinds I’m alive!”

He died! He rose! Easter’s made!

The end