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It’s that time of year. We are slowly getting back into the routine of school. I now have all 5 of them to work with now. Amie and James are able to do much of their work with a little bit of help from me. Christine spends about as much time working by herself as she does working with me. Both of the little girls spend most of their time working with me. Anyway, we started a little this last week and we are gradually adding more each day.

Pray for the children and I as we go through this next year of school.

So VERY Busy!

I can’t believe this much time has gone by without an update! I’m very sorry to those of you who are faithful readers. I don’t even remember everything that’s been happening since my last update, but I’ll do my best to let you all know what’s going on with me now. Hmmm, let me check through my twitters and see what I wrote down. That should help me remember some stuff.

Ok… My brother called me a few days after the family reunion. It was a nice surprise. He was thanking me for the KJ-52 CD I got him as an early birthday present. We’d given it to him at the family reunion, but he hadn’t been able to listen to it until he got home. He said he really enjoyed it. I was pretty happy to have finally found something that he likes. We are so different so I’m never sure what to get for him. Of course, I can’t say this without giving credit to my sweet hubby who helped me pick it out. All I knew was that I wanted Jon to have some music and I wanted to find a Christian artist he would enjoy, but the genre of music that he listens to is so different from what I listen to that I was clueless as to who would be good. Thankfully, Jeremy listens to the rap/hard rock stuff and suggested that artist.

I don’t remember if I mentioned this before. It actually happened before the family reunion. I found a dance studio nearby and they had a summer program going for 6 weeks. Amie and AnnaBeth were put into ballet classes and James went into a Musical Theater class that had Jazz techniques as part of it. He really seemed to enjoy it. He sees it as opening up more avenues in his dream to be on stage. He loves acting, so I hope this helps. I think the teacher will tell us when there are auditions and stuff nearby. We’ll see how that goes. Anyway, AnnaBeth and James both had class on Mondays and Amie had class on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so it made my weeks a bit more hectic. Of course, it will be even more hectic starting in September. AnnaBeth will have class on Monday, Amie will have classes on Tuesday and Thursday, Noelle has a class on Thursday morning, and James will have his class on Friday night. It’s going to be CRAZY! (Oh, and if anyone wishes to help with tuition… it would be nice. LoL Just kidding… somewhat.)

In late July, we had a mission team come from Oklahoma and help out at the church. They went out to some houses, but mostly they helped us fix up a lot of stuff at our church. They also hosted a Block Party at the church. It was a lot of fun. Amie made a new friend. One of the girls is only a year older than Amie and is homeschooled as well. They clicked and enjoyed talking and doing stuff together. They did the produce mobile one day and we showed up to help out with that as well. I wish we’d had more time to interact with them. They are such an awesome group. I have some of them as friends on Facebook and hope we can somehow get together again someday.

The weekend of July 23rd… there was a women’s blogging conference thingy up here in Chicago. Now, I couldn’t go, but the author of one of the blogs I read was. Matthew from Childsplayx2 was one of the few male bloggers invited to BlogHer 2009. Now if you’ve ever read his blog, you would understand why he was invited. He is a daddy blogger and he pulls at your heart strings or makes you laugh or both. I picked him up from Midway airport and drove him to his hotel. It was nice meeting him. He’s just as nice and witty as on his blog. As for looks, well, he’s not as good looking as Jeremy, but he’s still nice on the eyes. Amie talked his ear off the whole way to the hotel and Noelle sang softly. AnnaBeth was quiet except for when she was protesting him calling her AnnaBanana. I wish I could have gone to the conference and maybe gotten to know him and others a bit better.

Our next event was having Angie come visit. She’s a friend from Arizona who was up in New York for the summer doing an internship. She is another lover of photography, so together we took a ton of pictures. We took her to the nature center and forest preserve and went on a small 1/4 mile hike, which is about how far Noelle can go before having to get to the bathroom again. Jeremy watched the kids on the Saturday that she was here, August 1st, and I went with her into Chicago for a photo time. We walked up Michigan Ave from Millennium Park up to the John Hancock Center. Because the JHC’s observation area is enclosed, I was okay with going up there even with my fear of heights. I was a bit nervous, but did well. It was a lot of fun and a bit of an education for both of us as we have different photo techniques that we use and she would see a picture where I didn’t and vice versa. She came to church with us and seemed to enjoy it, even with the lack of sleep we both had.

A few days after she left, my friend Martin came up again. He had found out he had two days off back to back and asked if he could come up. We didn’t really do anything special this time. The kids enjoyed talking to him. He stayed overnight and then had to leave in the afternoon the next day. The kids always enjoy when Uncle Martin comes up.

The day he left, Jeremy’s brother came. Andrew arrived that night and stayed until Thursday morning… or maybe early afternoon. I’m not exactly sure when he left. While he was here, he attended church with us and the boys had a day out. Jeremy and James went with him to see the GI Joe movie. Jeremy left with him. They went down to work on the yard of our house down where we lived before moving up to Chicago-land. We are planning on going down today… (as it IS already Friday) and staying overnight down there. The older kids have their 4-H International group project to show at the State fair on Saturday in Springfield. Remember when they won 1st place in the county fair? They are so excited about this. I need to remember the red shirts. If Jeremy has to stay and work on the yard on Saturday, I’m not going to be able to take the younger two kids with me, so I hope we have someone able to watch them if that happens.

Anyway, now you are caught up on that last busy month.

Next week is VBS at our church. I’ve been working on the songs, but I feel totally unprepared still. Pray for me as I do this. Pray for the kids and the other workers as well.