Last Weekend was a Fun Weekend

and other news.

We got all packed up on Thursday, the 17th, and had the suitcases out at the car that night. I also took Royal, our betta fish, to a friend’s house. On Friday morning, we got up and got breakfast. I took the cats to the vet where they got shots and flea meds and then were put into the boarding there at the animal hospital for the weekend. Christine’s gerbil, Essie, was put into her travel cage and we took off. We headed down to Missouri Baptist University where Jeremy got to talk to a few people he used to work with and then we went to Jill’s house. Because they had to move and Jill took a vacation down to NC and TN in the time between moving out of one house and being able to move into another, they’d been in so many different places and seen so many different people. It had affected Benji and he was not as open to me as he has been before, but I was okay with it and completely understood.

On Friday night, we went out to Forest Park for the Balloon glow, but because of traffic, we missed the glow, but got to see the fireworks. Jeremy’s brother, Jason, was out there too and we finally found him… or he found us after the fireworks were over and we stood out there and talked to him for a while before heading back to the vehicles and driving back to Jill’s house.

On Saturday morning, we headed down to Fergeson, MO for the Farmer’s Market. It was a nice little one and we got peaches, pretzels, free drinks and snacks, and some homemade soap. Most of the rest of the day was resting and relaxing. The guys put up the swingset for the kids and I took some pictures.

Saturday evening was our Girls’ Night Out. God was helping us out here. Carrie had to bring her baby daughter, Trinity, who is fed mostly through a tube in her stomach. One of Jill and Rob’s friends just happened to be there whose son had required a stomach tube for 4 years. He stayed to feed Trinity so Carrie could go out without her daughter. We all need those no-kid times and hers was long needed. Jill, Carrie, Michelle, and I went out to Applebees and ate and talked and laughed. After a couple hours, we went back to Jill’s house and continued talking there with the guys while the kids played around us. After a bit, everybody except for Michelle and I were either gone home or in bed. We talked and talked until it was time for her to leave.

On Sunday, we went to Florissant Valley Baptist Church which had been our church when we had lived down there. It was good to see so many of the friends we have there and to hear great Praise and Worship and an awesome Sermon. After church, we grabbed some food from Sonic and headed down to Aaron and Melody’s house. We haven’t seen them in almost 12 years. I think the last time we saw them, Amie was a only a month or two old. Aaron entertained us with stories of what his older daughter, Jenna (7 yrs old), has done and we revisited some college memories. We had a great time and the kids loved playing with Jenna, especially AnnaBeth and Noelle. James had fun with some of Aaron’s video games. They are asking to go back sometime. Melody made some yummy fruit dip which totally made Amie have a sugar high since she ate way too much of it. On the way home, Amie complained of a headache. I just laughed. When we got back to Jill’s house, Tabitha was home. She’d been visiting Massachusetts with her grandma, so the kids got all excited again when we got there. It was hard getting them to bed.

On Monday, we had to travel home, pick up the cats, get James to his make-up jazz class, pick up the fish, take AnnaBeth to her ballet class, buy pet food, do laundry, and finally… bed.


And now on to the other things.

Jeremy’s cousin and his wife are trying to adopt a baby. This baby is the biological brother of their already adopted son. At this moment, they are working on getting a foster care license so they can have him in their home until other things are settled. They are very good parents to their first son and it would be great if they could have another one. I am asking for prayer for them in this journey as well as some other things they are dealing with.

Pray for me as I’m undertaking some things. I’ll let you all in on it when things really come about… if they do.

One more thing… we are praying about some church issues that have come up. They aren’t recent, but they are wearing me down with trying to deal with them and I’m getting very tired. I love my jobs there, but I’m not sure how much more I can handle. I’m sorry that I can’t go into any more detail, but you know how that goes.

and… I’m off for now. I really need to get back into the blogging mood. I’ve been off way too much lately.

Trip to St Louis Next Weekend

First, just to let you all know… for AnnaBeth’s birthday, we got her an Etch-a-sketch and a game called “Guess Who?”. She has played the game lots of times because it is one she understands and has a good chance of winning.

Also, Dance classes started up this week, so it makes our weeks hectic. AnnaBeth takes Ballet 1 on Monday afternoon. Amie takes Ballet 2 on Tuesday evening and Thursday afternoon. Noelle takes a beginner ballet/tap/tumbling class on Thursday mornings and James takes a Jazz stage techniques class and a Musical theater dance class on Friday evenings. His two classes are back to back and kind of relate. They all enjoy their classes. Because of when Noelle’s class is, most kids her age are in Kindergarten, so all the other kids in the class are younger than she is. They said she could have been in an older class because of her age, but I have found that she does better with the younger kids and I chose to put her in the younger kids’ class… ages 4/5. Her muscle control is about the same as a 4 yr old, so it works out better for her to be with them. I think all the other kids in her class are still 4 yrs.

Anyway, to the subject of which I titled this post. *laugh*

Next weekend, we are going down to St Louis. We have many friends down there we wish we could see, but I think we won’t have time for most of them. We’ll be staying at Jill’s new house. I am looking forward to seeing it. Her oldest is going to be out of town with her grandma, but we’ll be watching the younger two on Friday evening to let Jill and Rob get a date. Saturday night will be a Girls Night Out. I know Carrie and Michelle are coming. I am looking forward to being crazy with them. On Sunday, we are planning on going to our previous church, Florrissant Valley Baptist. (if I spelled Florrissant wrong, please forgive me… I’ve been gone for 5 yrs.) On Sunday afternoon, we are meeting up with other friends, Aaron and Melody. We haven’t seen them in sooooooooo long. I think almost 11 yrs, maybe closer to 12 since Amie was still an itty bitty baby. We have pictures of Aaron looking nervous when holding her. Anyway, we are leaving on Monday morning. Need to be back in time for dance classes. Since James will be missing his Friday classes, he will be joining a Monday jazz class just before AnnaBeth’s class as a make-up.

Anyway, I am so excited about going. It will be good to visit with my family and friends.

It’s the Curly Girly’s Birthday!

AnnaBeth is 7 today! Wow! I can’t believe she is already this old. I was going to link you to her photo set on Flickr, but my blog somehow has changed and there are no buttons to insert links and stuff in. I guess I’ll just post the URL…

I ordered an ice cream cake for her from Baskin Robbins and need to ask her what she wants for dinner so I can pick up the ingredients.