My Thankful List 2009

Some of these will be superficial and some will be a bit deeper, but I want to think about all the things I am thankful for. I’ll start with the obvious.

Family: My husband is my rock. He is kind and gentle. He’s the one I rely on during so many times. (Yes, I rely on God first and foremost, but I believe I was given Jeremy to help me through a lot of life and so I am able to rely on my husband second only to God.) My kids are a source of laughter and strength. They can stress me out some days, but I wouldn’t ever want to live without them. They know when I need rest and most of the time will let me have it. They are forever challenging me, strengthening me, and making me take deep breaths and learn patience and for that, I am thankful. Our extended family is always there for support.

Friends: I have many friends. Some I am close to and some I am more of an acquaintance and some are inbetween, but I love them all. I can talk and goof off and be my completely crazy self with my close friends and they laugh and are crazy with me. We don’t care about the stares we get as long as the people in the bowling lane next to us don’t touch us. These are the people that no matter how long we are apart or haven’t talked, we can get together and it’s as if no time has passed by. I have only a few of these, but I’m sure you all know who you are. I have those that are inbetween. This makes up the majority of my friends. Some of them I have never actually met and some I have. I have made many friends online whom I place in this category. Some I met through my blog, some through chat, and a few through facebook. When I am feeling vulnerable, they have uplifted me. When I am upset or mad, they’ve settled me down. When I am bouncing off the walls crazy, they have laughed at me. I have enjoyed getting to know each one of them and letting myself be shown to them.

Music: This is something I enjoy doing, each and every day. If I am unable to sing, it makes that day a little bit harder. Making music, through my voice, on my keyboard, through my flute, or any of my other instruments is a talent that God has given me and I want to enjoy it and use it to it’s fullest. I am still praying that God will show me a way to go farther with it than I have so far. I still want to live out my dream.

Worship: The worship of God is something that always strengthens me. It sometimes has to break me down to do that strengthening, but God is always helping me grow in one way or another through the process of worship. I enjoy it so much that even though I am stressed with my job of worship leader, I forget about it during our service and just focus on God. Without that focus, worship is nothing.

Cell phones: Being able to talk to my mom and sister often is such a blessing and with us all having cell phones, it makes it much easier. I still keep in touch with some of the youth girls I worked with before moving up to Chicago through text and pix messaging. (Hint, hint: I want some new pics of babies!!) Friends can call me up or text me if they need to and vice versa. Now, I need to remember to charge it when it gets low on battery… like it is at this moment.

Dr Pepper and Chocolate: These are two things that I used to have a lot and I have really, really cut down on. I still enjoy having them, maybe even more now that it is less often, and will continue to be thankful that they were made.

Hulu: I don’t have TV and don’t watch a lot of shows, but for the few that I do enjoy, I am glad that I can watch most of them on Hulu. Now, if only Numb3rs could be on there, I’d be a happy girl. Also, it has some of the old cartoons that I don’t mind the kids watching.

My Camera: Taking pictures isn’t just a hobby for me. It is a way of relaxing. I enjoy finding things to photograph. My favorite things to take pictures of are my kids and flowers… as if that wasn’t obvious to those who have seen my pictures. I would love to do more landscapes, but not city ones. I miss the country and the mountains. I want to head down to my parents’ house in NC sometime and do some photography with the camera I bought this summer. I want to go out west and take pictures of the Rocky Mountains. I want to go to the Atlantic, the Gulf, the Pacific. I want to go to Yellowstone, Yosemite, and Glacier National Parks. Maybe even the Grand Canyon, though I would be extremely scared with my fear of heights. I want to go to Austin, TX and hike with Phisch and her family and get some pictures there (as well as some of her adorable sons.) I want to go to Arizona. I want to go all over these United States and then… head outside of them. Yes, another big dream of mine and one of which I’m not sure will come true, but if I can at least get to some of these places, I will be happy.

My Computers: I am able to do so much through my little laptop and on our desktop. I can write on my blog. I can chat with friends. I can play games. I can edit and share my photographs. I can keep in touch with friends through Facebook and Twitter. I can e-mail family. I can do shopping. I love living in the age of computers… and having my own computer engineer in my house. (I love my computer geek!)

and last, but definitely, NOT least… GOD: He is my everything. He has given me all that I am thankful for. I have eternal life promised me because of sending His Son, Jesus, to die for me and for all of you and I have said YES to having Him in my life.

and though I have so much more to be thankful for… these are the ones I can think of at the moment.

Ugh! Need a Working Refrigerator (and other things)

If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you already know this. It’s really annoying though. I was planning on making some pumpkin pies using soy milk that James could eat, but now I can’t because I have no way to keep it cool after I bake it. We had already planned on making cookies, so we are going to make those and some brownies, I guess. Those need no refrigeration. The freezer part of our refrigerator is working. It is only the fridge part that is not cooling. This did give us an opportunity to really clean it out. The fan isn’t blowing the cool air into that part. Jeremy worked on it most of one day, but couldn’t get it to work. He had it unplugged, so I HAD to eat the leftover ice cream from his birthday. *smile*

As for other news around here, we are heading down to Jeremy’s parents’ house for Thanksgiving. My friend, Sarah, will be joining us. Yay! We’ll be driving down there Thursday morning and coming back up on Friday evening. My aunt and cousins from Alabama are up here at my other aunt’s house and since we don’t get to see them often and my youngest cousin is Amie’s age, we are going to go spend Saturday visiting them.

The kids have been having some creative moments lately. They had two days they were obsessed with watercolors and did a lot of painting. The last few days have been legos. I like it when they do these imagination stimulating play. They were grounded from the computer for 2 weeks and had a bunch of fun doing other things. They had a blanket tent down in the family room one day. They were out roller blading yesterday. Computer time is limited for them on regular days, but having none at all seemed to make them think of what else they could do instead of bugging me if it was their turn on the computer yet.

Yesterday and most of today, I’ve taken a hiatus from chatting with my friends. I am thinking I’ll be back for a little bit tonight. I spent a lot of time cleaning yesterday, getting laundry and dishes done, straightening up the laundry room, cleaning the downstairs bathroom, and making sure the kids got the family room cleaned up. I have also found a lot of summer clothes while going through the clothes that we didn’t get out of the kids drawers, so we got them pulled out and put away.

Anyway, my life isn’t all that glorious, so those of you who read… thanks. I appreciate your interest.

Speaking of thanks… I’ll do a thankful post here soon. Until then… I bid you adieu.

A Lovely Snack Time

Rocky and Bullwinkle came to tea. It was quite delightful. We talked of the stress of being a super hero squirrel and Bullwinkle chuckled at all that was said. Then a bear walked by, picking flowers and singing. She asked if she could join us. I amiably agreed. We talked and we joked and ate brownies and ice cream. That’s when I realized I had gone crazy in my head.

Some Prayer Requests

My Dad had a bike accident while out on a trail on his mountain bike. His new helmet protected his head, but he has a broken collar bone. He was out there alone and had to get his bike back to the car, on the back of it, and drive home so Mom could take him to the emergency room. My Dad’s a tough guy. I’m glad he’s okay.

Remember praying for Emily. She’s still doing well, but her mom, Crystal, has found a lump on her thyroid. She’s having a lot of tests to see what is going on. Please, keep Crystal and her family in your prayers as they go through all this. It is really frightening after going through the thyroid cancer with Emily. Also, Crystal’s goddaughter, Ava, is in the hospital. She’s really sick. At the moment, I can’t remember what is going on. She is only 4 months old. Pray for her mom and dad and brother as well as they deal with this.

Lastly, I ask for prayers as Jeremy and I have made a decision about church. This is going to be very difficult and I hope people understand why we need to do what we are doing. It took a lot of prayer, but our decision has been made.

Sorry About the Long Pause in Posting

We’ve been caught up in so much lately.

No more long distance trips, but birthdays, dance classes, emergency oral surgery, a field trip, school, and cleaning.

Christine had her 9th birthday at the end of September and Amie had her 12th birthday in the middle of October. They chose the option to have $20 allowance to buy what they wanted for their birthday instead of having a surprise present. Christine picked out two small stuffed animals… a cat and a dog. Amie picked out a Blue Tree CD and a fantasy book about dragons.

Amie quit her ballet class. She wasn’t enjoying it as much as she used to. She wants to focus on learning to use her voice, so I’m calling around to see if I can find out how much voice teachers cost. I don’t know if we can afford it though. This really hurts to not be able to do this for her. In the meantime, I’m doing what I can to help her.

We are working on learning piano here at the house. I got a beginner book with Christian songs for Amie and James to work with. James is doing well with it. Amie is not as diligent in her practice, so she’s not picking it up as quickly as James is, but that’s ok. I’m not pushing her. I also got myself a piano book for my birthday. It is some Praise and Worship songs. I am working on one of them at a time.

In October, Martin came up to visit the weekend after Amie’s birthday. He came up on Saturday and stayed until Sunday afternoon. The girls hug tackled him. I have a picture on my Flickr. It was a bit of a break in our normal routine and the kids enjoyed having him around to draw pictures for and to talk to and to climb on (well, Noelle did that.)

A few days after he left, we went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago while it had free days. We didn’t even have time to see all the exhibits, there were so many of them. The kids really enjoyed it. We are already planning on going again during next year’s free days. I have a lot of pictures of that trip on my Facebook and Flickr. It was really fun.

Noelle still prefers the tumbling part over the dancing part in her class, but she is starting to pay more attention and do better with the dancing. She picked up on the tumbling part fairly quickly and is getting a lot of “very good, Noelle!” during that part of her class. She’s made a friend and enjoys talking about her friend, but I have noticed that they don’t goof off during class for which I am grateful.

James’ jazz and musical theater dance classes are going well. He is learning and doing better and better. A few weeks ago, the teacher let us come in and watch them. They were doing a routine to part of “Marian the Librarian” from “The Music Man”. It was so fun watching them and seeing how much he was enjoying his class.

I am taking tap classes. I’ve only had one class so far, but I had a lot of fun. I had to borrow shoes from the studio for that class and they were split sole and a little big, so the heals kept slipping down and hitting the floor when they shouldn’t have. I got my tap shoes this last Saturday. It was hard to find them in my size (I have children’s size feet.) and be the type that my teacher wanted, but we found some. It is much easier doing the tapping with them.

About two weeks ago, I suddenly had one of my wisdom teeth give me extreme pain, so I had an emergency dental appointment. He gave me some vicoden for the pain and referred me to an oral surgeon. I had to wait about 5 days before I could get my appointment and the vicoden wasn’t always able to mask the pain though it did a good job of making me dizzy and sick to my stomach. It got pretty bad. I was very happy to get that tooth out. They also removed the wisdom tooth on the opposite side of my mouth as it probably would have been just as bad soon. I lived on vicoden for another 2 days and then only used it at night for about 3 days after that. I am just now gotten to where I’m able to eat normal food.

This last weekend was nice and it is still nice today. I got the front yard raked and I’m working on the back yard. It’s a lot of leaves and I have to take breaks to let my shoulders rest, but I am enjoying being outside.

Speaking of which… I need to get back to doing that raking. Talk to you all later. Hopefully much sooner than I did this time.