I put a list of pictures together that kind of define who I am.

1. Me… No one else.
2. Christian
3. Awed by the works of God
4. Married
5. Totally in love with Jeremy
6. Mom to five
7. Auntie
8. Friend
9. Social, especially with family and friends
10. Love my kitties
11. Photographer
12. Homeschool teacher
13. Often tired, worn out
14. Sunsets, awed almost every evening
15. Mountains, they are “home”, miss them all the time
16. Streams, they are calming
17. Hiking, another thing I miss living in the city
18. Climb trees
19. Flowers, they are all so beautiful
20. Silly, crazy
21. Somewhat crafty
22. Geeky, my computer is used for Facebook, RP, and chat most of the time.
23. Musical, I sing and collect instruments to learn to play
24. Dr Pepper and water, my favorite drinks
25. Chocolate… I’m a chocoholic.
26. Oberweis… a special place for me and my kids.
27. My feet. I like having different cute shoes and sandals and doing my toenails.

I’ll probably add to that as I take pics of more things that define me.