Attention! RPG Friends!

SO… for those who don’t know, I love to do role playing. Acting, in a way. A friend of mine, Patrick, came up with a new way of RPing through video. He and I started The Experiment: A Work in Progress… also known as TheExperiment:WIP. Together, with a few other online RPers, we have been playing this out. We have a blog that not only has all the videos on it, but also a few extra blog posts.

To start from the beginning, go HERE.

To read about it and see Patrick’s video explanation, go HERE.

We are encouraging anyone who wishes to participate to do so by using your own YouTube account and replying to any of our videos. If you wish to talk to us about participating or want more information, e-mail us at theexperimentwip (at) gmail (dot) com.

Wrist Update… Week 3

or I could say month 2. *laugh* Depends on how you look at it.

It’s been two months since I fell. A simple fall on a wet kitchen floor caused all this trouble. Three weeks ago, I finally started getting answers as to what really happened, torn ligaments in my wrist, and was put in a splint that the hand specialist believes will assist my body in healing. On Monday, I had another appointment with him to see how it is going. He had me take off my splint and he maneuvered my wrist around with me letting my muscles stay limp. It’s getting a bit stiff, but it didn’t hurt when he did that. I know it still hurts a bit when I move it around. I take off the splint to change the arm sock and to wash my arm once a day. I always accidentally move my wrist, so I know it still is painful, but not nearly as painful as it used to be.

The dr is hopeful that I will only need another three weeks of wearing the splint before I start physical therapy to regain the use of those muscles and ligaments. He did warn me though that if it begins to hurt again with the therapy that he will have to do a scope and repair any damage that didn’t heal with surgery. *shudder* I really don’t want that, so I’m praying and petitioning Jehovah Rapha (God the Healer) to intervene and help my wrist to heal on it’s own.

Dance Recital

It’s been a week since the dance recitals for the studio we were with this last year.

James was in the first show. He did very well in both of his dances. He took Jazz Stage Techniques and Musical Theater. For the first class, they danced to the Glee version of Imagine. For the latter class, they did a dance from Mary Poppins. This was his first year of dance. I was very proud of how well he did.

The rest of us were in the second show. AnnaBeth took Ballet I this year. They did a instrumental version of Beauty and the Beast. It was beautiful. Noelle took a combination class… Ballet/Tap/Tumbling. For the recital, they did a tap number to You’ve Got a Friend in Me. They worked hard on it, especially on the part where they had to thread in and out of the arms. That was very difficult and all of us mothers were so proud of how well they did (as you can hear in the vid.) As for me, well… I took an adult tap class this year. Most of you know how much I have enjoyed this class. I haven’t performed on stage in 15 years or so and I was totally nervous and excited. I never remember the name to the song we danced to, but if you want to see it… it’s there too.

Now, to let you all know… I had to take these vids during the dress rehearsal, so they aren’t from the actual recitals. AnnaBeth and Noelle actually did better in the actual recital. I think they were slightly distracted by having me right there videoing them during the dress rehearsal.

So, that was from this year’s recital. We are switching studios for this next year. One of the youth from our church goes to a Christian dance studio and she introduced me to it. Jeremy and I went to their dance recital last night to check it out. We loved it! It had two acts. The first act had the hip hop, jazz, tap, and some of the ballet dances. The second act was Peter Pan danced out by the ballet classes. Our friend was Wendy. It was totally adorable. I think my children will really enjoy it.

Went to Hand Specialist

So, I had my appointment with the hand specialist dr on Monday. Because of what happened with my shoulder surgery, we are wanting to avoid that route. It would be the quicker way, but it scares me more than anything. So, he’s putting me in an immobilization splint. It will go from my hand all the way up past my elbow on my arm. He said the best way for it to heal without surgery is with no movement. I’m going in today to get the splint made. It has to be custom done to fit me for the way that is best to help my injury heal.

I have mixed feelings about it. One, I’m relieved that I won’t be having surgery… or hopefully won’t be having it. Depends on how well this works. Two, I’m a little down about the fact that I won’t be able to play my instruments or do my photography while wearing this splint. Also, my dr said no dancing. So, I’ll be hanging up my tap shoes until I’m healed. Well, except for the recital this weekend. I refused to drop out of that. I have practice tonight, tomorrow, dress rehearsal on Saturday, and the recital on Sunday. The dr grudgingly said I could take off the splint for those, but then it has to stay on after that. At least I’ll be able to sing… I guess I need to find a song or two to work on. Any suggestions? I can sing most songs for females. My range covers most alto and soprano songs.

Wrist/Hand Update

Well, the MRI results are in. It is not broken. Here is the official diagnosis… “Tears involving the triangle fibrocartilage complex within the substance of the complex as well as the radial and ulnar attachment with fluid extending from the radiocarpal interval into the distal radioulnar joint. There is suspicion for disruption of the lunotriquetral ligament.”

Ummm…. well, I can’t interpret that, but I can tell you it is bad. It is worse than broken. This will most likely require surgery to repair ligaments and/or other things.

For those of you who were with me 6 years ago, when I had my shoulder surgery, you will remember I wasn’t scared back then. Nervous yes, but not scared. I had no reason to be scared. It was a simple non-invasive surgery… and then I woke up with Jeremy sitting next to me worried as can be. I was supposed to be out only 2 hours and didn’t wake up for almost 12. Even then, they had a hard time waking me up every once in a while that night. I’d had a bad reaction to the anesthetic and the nurses said they weren’t even sure I was going to wake up.

Now, I most likely need another surgery. This time, I’m scared… very, very scared.

My next dr’s appointment is with a hand specialist on Monday. Thank you to all of you who are praying for me. I appreciate them so very much.