Injury Updates

My wrist is doing fairly well. I finished PT and had almost all of my mobility back. I think it is all back now, but my wrist still has times where it hurts. I was told this would be normal. Most of the time, it is at the end of the day.

Chris’ scar on her forehead is fading. It will always be there, but it is finally starting to lose the pink color.

We have a new injury. AnnaBeth has broken her collar bone… again. All of the kids were outside playing about two weeks ago (the Saturday after we got back) and she fell off of the slide of our playset. Thankfully, the ER was fairly empty and we were in and out within an hour. This is the third time she’s broken a collar bone. She broke her left one when she was almost 2 years old, falling out of bed the first week she was out of a crib. Then when she was 4 and a half, she fell down the stairs at my sister’s house and broke her right one. This time, it’s her left one again. She remembers when she fell down the stairs and was telling the dr and nurses about it and saying that she knows what to do with a broken collar bone. This one is a bit worse than the others. They were both clean breaks, but this one is broken and at an angle. When I saw the x-rays, I cringed. It looks like it would hurt pretty bad. She’s tough and has been fine most days. She isn’t too happy about the fact that she won’t be allowed to start dance until October though.

So, that’s our injury update. My next Dr appointment is Sept 7th and AnnaBeth’s is on the 8th (on her birthday. We’ll probably be celebrating it on the Saturday before since it’s on a Wednesday and Kids Club will be happening at church.) Then on the 9th, I’m heading out to Sioux Falls, South Dakota to spend time with some friends and do some photography.

Martin Family Reunion 2010

At the beginning of this month… well, actually the end of last month… some of us got together down at my parents’ house in NC. My Grandpa, Aunt Becca, Aunt Holly and Uncle Mike, my parents, my brother, my sister and her family, and my family and me.

We arrived on Thursday, July 29. We had left on Wednesday and drove halfway, stopped for the night, and then finished the drive on Thursday so we got there for lunch. That day, for us, was spent around the house, letting the kids run and swing.

On Friday, we drove to the NC/TN border and went to Big Creek for our picnic lunch and swimming time. The kids had a lot of fun and I had a blast taking pictures now that I have that ability again. I saw butterflies, a caterpillar (pointed out to me by my almost 2 yr old nephew), and a river snake.

On Saturday, we planned on going to Chimney Tops trailhead for playing and then to the picnic area for lunch and more playing in the river. We stopped at Newfound Gap beforehand, but didn’t really get to play much in the river because of rain. We headed down to Cherokee and found a couple picnic tables under a pavilion in the park to eat at. When it didn’t clear up, we headed back to my parents’ house and enjoyed a lot of talking.

On Sunday, we went to the early service at the church my parents attend. We filled two pews there. We traveled up onto the Blueridge Parkway to go to Graveyard fields. It was foggy up there, but that just makes it so beautiful. We did a bit of trail walking and blueberry picking before settling down and playing in the stream. I had a blast taking pictures here. Lots and lots of pictures. On our way back down the parkway, we stopped at a certain place that has a lot of blueberries. The kids loved climbing up the side of the mountain picking the berries.

On Monday, we went out to the library in the morning. We decided to keep it a relaxed day and stay at my parents’ house. I met up with my friend, Martin, for lunch and then he followed me back to the house. The kids enjoyed seeing him again. We watched an old Cinderella movie with Julie Andrews, Edie Adams, and Jon Cypher and then talked, took a walk, and talked some more.

We left on Tuesday morning and drove the whole way home… getting here just at dinner time.

At nights, the adults would sit in the living room together. We sang, told stories, talked, reminisced, played games, and just enjoyed being there together.

I really enjoyed it all and look forward to the next one.