Other Birthdays

AnnaBeth turned 8 earlier this month. She got a nerf gun and we had a battle here at the house. It was a lot of fun.

Christine will be 10 tomorrow. She wants to get her ears pierced, so I guess I’ll be taking her to get that done. She wants fajitas for her dinner. I haven’t heard about what she wants for dessert yet. I need to know so I can buy what is needed for it.

Still waiting to see when my new niece or nephew will be born.

Mommy Vacation

Yesterday, I got home from my own personal vacation. I needed it. I went to visit some friends of mine in Sioux Falls, SD. Patrick and Michelle have five children of their own and we had a lot of fun while I was there.

I flew out early Thursday evening. Patrick and the kids picked me up from the airport. The kids had made me a cute welcome poster. Patrick got a big hug and I was tested on if I knew which kids were which. I passed with flying colors.

On Friday, Patrick and the four older kids had school, so I had time to get to spend with just Michelle and Bina (3 yrs old). We went to the mall and let Bina play around. Then we got pizza and met Patrick at work for lunch. (and I was actually a bit quiet as I was still kind of getting to know Michelle.) She needed to go to the eye doctor for a little bit, so she dropped me with Bina off at the mall. We walked around the mall looking at the clothes, commenting on the ones we liked. After a bit, she seemed slightly bored and was doing some funny little steps, so I copied her. It became a game of follow the leader with her being the leader and changing the way we would walk (hop, sashay, itty bitty steps). After a bit, she started walking around and around a big column in the mall and so we had a game of hide-n-seek around that one column. One of us would count on one side of it and the other would hide on the other side of it. *laugh* For a 3 yr old, it’s a great game of hide-n-seek. Michelle picked us up and we went and got three of the kids and she dropped me off at the house so I could nap a bit while they went to the oldest’s volleyball game. I was exhausted from travel, excitement, and a 3 yr old. That night, after the kids were asleep, Patrick and Michelle taught me how to play the card game, Munchkin. I was laughing so much, I had tears in my eyes.

Saturday, we traveled around to different parks. First, Devil’s Gulch. Second, The Palisades. Third, The Falls (You know… what Sioux Falls is named after….) While at the Falls, we got on a trolley and took a small tour around the town. That was kind of nice. We had a picnic after that. Hard to really explain much here… you all will have to wait until I get my pictures edited and up. Patrick and I are directors and actors in a series on YouTube called The Experiment: WIP and we headed out to do some filming for it on Saturday night. We did about 8 films in 3 hours using 2 small digital video cameras, including one vid where I had to slap him.

On Sunday, I went to Mass with them. It was my first time attending a Catholic church and I found the service very interesting. Most of the rest of the day was sitting around talking. In the afternoon, I went out with the kids and took pictures while they played on the swingset. After it was dark, we took a walk. It was nice being able to see the stars again. It’s so hard to see them here in the big city… too many lights. I love their little city.

Monday, I woke up early enough to see the kids and Patrick before they headed off to school and told them goodbye. Michelle and Bina took me to the airport and I flew home.

I am going to miss them. I wish we lived closer. I hope they don’t mind if I use their house as a place to go and get away again, but first… I’m planning on bringing Jeremy and my kids so they can meet everyone.