Merry Christmas!

It’s actually Christmas eve, but that’s ok. We’re down at Jeremy’s parents’ house.

Earlier today, my friend, Sarah, came over and we talked and laughed over mochas and lattes and then went for a walk out in the falling snow. It was good to get out with her and just giggle and talk.

Tomorrow will be Christmas. I’m sure I’ll be woken up early by excited kids. Later we’ll have a wonderful ham dinner. Unfortunately, we can’t stay too late tomorrow, so we’ll be heading home in the afternoon.

We’ll be opening presents at home also as we didn’t bring down what we bought for the kids. I think we’ll have our annual reading of the Christmas story just before then to remind the children why we are celebrating this wonderful holiday.

It’s Hard to Believe… My Baby is Seven

Today is my Noelle’s birthday. She woke up and I heard a small little voice saying, “It’s my Birthday.” Made me laugh. She was extra hyper all day long. She got a kit with a bunch of instruments, most of them rhythm, but it also had a wooden xylophone, a kazoo, a wooden recorder, and a harmonica. She also got a bunch of bath stuff to help make bathtime more fun. Bath salts, soap, bath bubbles, bath beads, fizzies, shower gel, and a cute little butterfly poof. It also had some nail polish and lip gloss. She loved both of them.

She’s been talking about her cake for days… weeks even. Chocolate cake, chocolate icing, with cookies making a face on top. I made just that for her. It was kind of funny looking, but she was pleased.

I was glad to make her day. She was adorable today.