Busy, Busy, Busy… and More Busy

This weekend was just a crazy, crazy time for me. I needed the busy-ness of it even though I don’t like being this busy most of the time.

On Friday, after dropping Jeremy off at the train station, I had another dr’s appointment. I think since I’m starting to feel more okay with things that I might share a little more about what is going on, but be patient with me, my friends… I am still coming to terms with everything.

After the dr’s appointment, I went home and picked up the kids. They’d made a picnic lunch while I was at the dr’s office and were all ready to go to the zoo. We have a membership at Brookfield Zoo. It was a lot of fun. We were outside most of the time and spent about 5 hours walking around. Well, most of the time we walked. Near the end, the kids started taking turns getting into the wagon since we no longer needed it to carry the food and drinks. Guess what? I took a turn too! The kids and I giggled so much while they pulled me around.

After the zoo, we came home and I had about ten minutes before I had to head off and go to the train station to get Jeremy. We had a bit of a detour before coming home… we went and bought a second vehicle! I have a car now. It will help save gas and we just needed a second one anyway. Too many things going on right now.

Today, we got up, got the kids ready for dance classes and then I went and rented a small U-Haul van to go pick up some things from my grandparents’ apartment while Jer stayed home and made sure the kids all got to their classes. The trip for me was about 6 hours of driving with a half hour break while the van was loaded up. I got home, we quickly unloaded it and I barely got the van back to the place at the time they needed it for someone else who had reserved it. Whew… what a trip. My wrist hurts a bit from driving that big thing because the steering wheel vibrates so much.

Once I got back home, we packed the kids up in the van and we headed over to the church for a “Back to Africa” Barbecue. We have some missionaries who are trying to get back to their mission field in Africa, but were running low on funds, so our church held this fund raiser for them. It was a lot of fun. I got to be in the fashion show and had on this cute blue outfit with a scarf tied around my head. I know pictures were taken, so I expect it to show up on Facebook at some time… LoL

In the next few weeks/months… hmmm… I sing in the Praise team next week, then in two weeks go to Kingsport for a friend’s wedding (YAY!) and I’ll get to see a few other friends while down there. Then dance classes start getting crazy in preparation for the recital in June. I have my next blood test and dr’s appointment at the beginning of July and another dr’s appointment in early August. Then Andrew and Betsy’s wedding is August 13.

I’ve just gotten home and I’m pretty tired, but not sleepy. It’s funny how that works… I’m exhausted, but my mind is going crazy with everything going on and I can’t settle down. I ought to try, right? Well, off I go to try to sleep.

Breakaway and Fish Tales

Last Saturday night, there was a big all-night youth event here called Breakaway. It’s an annual event that our church group attends. We had 14 kids come with our group and we had a pretty good time.

We started with a rally at Trinity Christian College. I enjoyed the speaker and the improv group.

The rest of the night the youth groups were split into three large groups of around 200 people each. We had pizza first and then spent two hours each at Odyssey Fun World (an arcade), a bowling alley, and Lifetime Fitness, ending the night at 7am Sunday morning and heading back to the church.

I found there was a lot I still am not able to do since hurting my wrist almost a year ago. I had a hard time playing skeeball and laser tag. I couldn’t bowl, play volleyball, basketball, dodge ball, or go rock climbing. Most of my night was sitting or standing around talking, but I love to talk, so it wasn’t bad.

On Sunday, the kids had their Easter musical. It was called Fish Tales. James had some speaking lines and did a great job with them. He played his favorite… the comedian. Christine had a solo and did a an awesome job. I was very proud of my children. Noelle was too young to participate, but the others all did so well.

It was a busy weekend and I was worn out from it, but it was good.

I Love Spring

I am not a cold weather person and winter seems way too long up here in the Chicago area. When the temperatures start getting up into the 60’s, I get excited. I start taking walks again and planning outings to the park and the zoo.

We got a family pass to Brookfield Zoo again. It was so worth when we had it two years ago and the kids were really wanting to go again. So far, we haven’t had an opportunity to go since we’ve had too many rainy days when I’m not watching Little A. If this pattern continues, we may try to get out there on a day I have him.

(Hmm… I got off of my “Spring” topic…)

Spring brings the flowers and you all know how much I love the beauty of a flower and taking pictures of them. Flowers have so much to them and I enjoy playing with editing the pictures of them, working with the colors and the composition.

Spring means my cats are outside and more birds and squirrels and other animals are roaming around. (The rabbits avoid my yard, so I don’t see many of them.)

I love sitting outside and watching my kids as they run around and swing and make up all kinds of fun and silly scenarios to act out.

and best of all… Spring means summer is coming and I love summer! I love the higher temperatures and being outside a lot.

Health Stuff…

I’ve been having a lot of health problems lately. Some things have come up that are life long and some may not be. I guess I’m putting it up here because I want you all to be in prayer. I’m not asking for a miracle, though that would be nice, but more that I will be His witness while I go through this.

I believe that sickness came about at the beginning, at the Fall. For my non-Christian friends, that is what we call the time that Adam and Eve went against God’s command to not eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and were cast out of the Garden of Eden. God had created a perfect world, but with their sin, their wrong, they started the world, the universe, and all the inhabitants thereof to slowly breakdown over the years and generations. No matter whether Christian or not, we all will suffer from sickness of some kind at some time. Some people will only have small things like flu and colds and live long lives and die of old age and others, like me, will find out they have something a bit more and have to learn to live with it.

As a Christian, I want to be able to use what I have and show people that no matter what, I know God has me in His arms. I’m not afraid of death because I know I will go to Heaven. I know God is there for me even if I don’t feel well, if I’m exhausted, if I’m depressed, or if I feel like I can’t breath.

I started some of this a few months ago and went on some medication to help me and then when I got the bronchitis, my blood work was off and they found something that may or may not be contributing to the first. (If that makes sense.) When I went in to check on my medications (which are helping me wonderfully) the dr was concerned about something else that I mentioned was going on and she ordered more blood work different from what the other dr did when I had bronchitis. (I have two drs right now.) Those came up with another thing… which may or may not be connected in some way with the previous items. Yes, I know I’m being cryptic, but… well, it’s still kind of hard to think of. My drs both know of the other and though they haven’t shared the info they have as of yet, I plan on having them do that.

I’m not really ready to tell what all is going on with me here. Partly because we need to do more tests and partly because I am still learning how to live with it and deal with it myself. When I know more and am ready, I most likely will give you all more details. Right now, patience is required. We must wait a little while before more tests are done. A few weeks for one thing, but months for the other. It is rough not knowing everything, but I will be okay and get through it all.

Baptism of my Youngest Two

AnnaBeth and Noelle prayed to have their sins forgiven and to receive Jesus as their Saviour last year. We waited a while before having them baptized though Noelle wanted to do it right away. AnnaBeth was really nervous and wasn’t ready to go under the water for a long time and we were thinking we’d have them done at the same time.

A month ago, one of their friends was baptized and Noelle began asking again. I told her that we would talk to the church and find a day to do it. AnnaBeth decided she was ready too now that she was older. When I went into church that Sunday, there was already in the bulletin… “We are scheduling Baptisms for March 27” and how to let them know if someone wanted to be baptized.

I love this church… they sent us “homework” for the girls to do before the big day to make sure they understood what Baptism is and why we do it. The girls enjoyed going through the Bible verses and answering the questions. You could see their different personalities just from their answers. Then, on the Wednesday before, the Children’s Ministry Director and the Pastor met with them and went over it again with them as well as taking them to the baptistry to show them where and what they would be doing. A “dry run”.

So… a few days before, to show them how special we see this day, I took them out to get new dresses. We ended up with new dresses, leggings, ruffled socks, gloves, and hats. Some of that would have been bought for Easter anyway… so it wasn’t that big a deal. Easter comes once a year, but we are baptized once in our life.

They were so excited and were up fairly early that morning. They ate breakfast and got dressed and I did their hair, so that it would be easy to work with even after it got wet. AnnaBeth told the Pastor that she was really nervous and a bit scared and clung to him as he dunked her. Little Noelle had to be carried from the steps to the stool for her to stand on. She was nice and loud and we could hear her answers to the Pastor’s questions. The only thing she did that showed it made her a little nervous was gasping as she came back up out of the water. They both did very well and we were very proud of them.

They chose Chinese buffet for dinner after church and we ate there. They received their first cross necklaces while we were there. Gifts from us that we’ve done for each of our kids on the day they were baptized.

So, that was quite a special day for my AnnaBeth and Noelle… my babies.