Prince of God!

My son, James, accepted Jesus as his Saviour last night. He will be baptized next Sunday. It will be the best opening to our church revival that could happen. It was a good ending to a bad day. He made me cry. Jeremy and I went out to have some time out with friends for a few hours just before the kids’ bedtime. Just as we arrived at our friends’ place, James gave us a call and told us he had prayed with Grandma and Grandpa. I couldn’t keep the tears out of my eyes. I just wanted to take him into my arms and give him a great big hug.

A James funny

My Mom gave us some water to drink on the way home. I still have a few bottles in the van. I had just opened one up to water down Noelle’s juice, put the cap on, and just set it on the floor behind my seat before leaving the other day. When I took off to merge into traffic, it fell over. James yelled, “Mom, you just made a waterfall!!”

Yes, the pun was intended. He immediately cracked up which made Jeremy and I realize he knew exactly what he was doing and we couldn’t help laughing with him.

My website caretaker better add some categories sometime. AND somehow the date is wrong, so he better fix that too. I just posted this and today is April 13TH.