Unexpected, but very welcome visitors today!

With a phone call about 2 and a half hours before, Jeremy’s brother Jason brought Ash and Rhesa as well as his African roommate, Richard. It was a good day. The kids were very well behaved. We enjoyed food, fun, and good conversation. Cameras were out and the kids tried to get in as many shots taken as possible. Noelle and AnnaBeth just wanted to have their pictures taken so they could see themselves. Aren’t digital camaras great?

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know I had a great day.

Oh, by the way, if you’re interested, Jason has finished his hiatis and is blogging again.

18 months and the versatility of saw horses

First, today is when Noelle turns 18 months. My baby won’t be a baby much longer, but she’ll always be Momma’s baby. Edit: I just found a molar in her mouth. I was wondering why she was so fussy about 3 or 4 days ago. She has the front four and the one molar. Her teeth sure are coming in funny. End of Edit

Did you know saw horses (or work horses as I keep calling them because you use them when you work in a shop) are very versatile. Not only can you use them to help you with wood work, but we’ve used them to hold up a mattress that needed cleaning, as soccer goals, as the dividing net for badmitton or volleyball with small children, and the legs work great for the game of horseshoes since I don’t feel like pounding stakes into the ground. Plus, they are helping me exercise. I’m getting my weight lifting in by moving them all over the yard for whatever the kids want them for. It’s really kind of nice having them around.

The Truly Ultimate Makeover

Is that a new reality series? No, it IS reality. The ultimate sacrifice is the key to a truly ultimate makeover. I’ll be getting mine someday. You’re probably wondering what I mean. Well, when we get to Heaven, we’ll have a new body with the same soul. This is revealed in Revelation 21:3-5. No more aches and pains, no more sickness or tiredness. Won’t that be so awesome? Are you looking forward to that also? I hope so. If not, then I can tell you how you can be sure to join me in this Truly Ultimate Makeover.

This got long, but it is my story. Continue reading The Truly Ultimate Makeover

Lucky man!

Jeremy’s boss took them all to St. Louis for the Cardinals/Cubs game today. During work hours and all expenses paid. I want a nice relaxing day like that. Only, I don’t want to go to a baseball game. I want to see my best friend, MW, and have a giggle fest with her while bowling or watching a video. That’s what we always end up doing and it is always so refreshing. He texted me a little bit ago to tell me that it was a boring game. He’s probably still having fun with that group of guys. They are all geeks like him.