Four Easter Dresses

They are done! My girls are all happy to know that they have their dresses ready for Easter. I bought material for my skirt and after we pick up James from Grandma’s house on Saturday, I plan on getting the material for his vest. This week, I’m working on my skirt and then next week is the vest. The week after that is a baby gift for a friend’s baby shower at the end of the month. I know, I’m going to be cutting the baby gift close. I may have some time to work on it this week or next week too, so we’ll see. After that, I’m taking a break for just a little while. My sewing machine is earning it’s keep.

Dove Fellowship

The fellowship meeting that Jeremy and I have been working on starting for a while is having a session tonight. It is a time of dinner and discussion of the Bible with a small praise and worship song time afterwards. If anyone is near Calumet City, we are holding it in the First Baptist Church of Calumet City, IL at 6:30 pm tonight.

May I say that is seems a bit unreal to me at this time. We are hosting this and it is what we have felt is our mission for the last year and a half if not a bit longer. Sometimes it felt as if it would never come to be, but we kept praying about it and now it is. God’s timing is always best. It was hard waiting and with it taking such a long time, I sometimes questioned whether it would ever be. (Human nature) This is a place that people can come and relax and ask questions they might have about the Bible or discuss something they have read. We want to make this a weekly thing and sometime when we have a big enough place of our own, we’d like to hold it in our home, which would be a more relaxed atmosphere. Any prayers you offer for this mission of ours is appreciated. I’ll update you all later.

A Meme

Amie’s penpal had a friend who made this meme and she tagged her mom, Crystal, and so I’m doing it now.


1. Post the rules on your blog.
2. Try not to tag a person someone has already tagged.
3. Tag at least 5 people (if you know that many people).
4. Tell who did it and their URL

1.What do you like about best of Spring? The end of snow for a while

2.What is your favorite season? Late Summer/Early Fall

3. What is a random thing about your house? (the one we own) needs the under house plumbing all replaced

4. What do you like best about blogging? Making friends and being able to write things down to remember them, being able to get things out

5. How old are you? 32 on the outside, forever 20 inside

6. How many rooms are in your house? (the one we rent) 3 bed, 1 bath, kitchen, living room, laundry room… that’s all

7. How many people are in your family (including you)? 7

8. Do you play any instruments? If you do name them? Ooooo, you hit a big one… I play a few instruments. I will list instruments and put either o(wned) or p(layed) after them, some may have both. Flute (o, p), Piano (p), recorder (p), dulcimer (o, p), violin (p), autoharp (o, p), ocarina (o), guitar (o, p), clarinet (p)

I am hoping to find a piano somehow that I can get sometime soon, but I’m not holding out hope, also I’m planning on getting myself, Amie, James, and Christine nice recorders and teaching them how to play them. Someday I’d like to get my own violin and clarinet, but that is in the future. I learned clarinet by using my sister’s high school one some and later I owned one, but lost it in a move. I learned a little violin from some friends when I was pregnant with AnnaBeth and have been wanting one of them ever since.

9. What is your favorite subject in school? when I was in school, it was reading/english, now I’m fascinated by geography and history

10. What is your favorite book of the Bible? Genesis, second to that is Ruth and then Esther

Who to tag? Who to tag? Well, if you do this meme, let me know and I’ll read it and link you here.

High School Memories #1

I can’t sleep because of an awful headache, a nose that is too full to allow air passage, and ears with water slushing around in them. I figured I’d regale you all with some memories that have come to my mind lately.

I was such a giggler when I was in high school. I giggled back then because I was always nervous. My first day of band with the high school band, when I met Mr. Geros for the first time, was really bad. I couldn’t stop giggling except while we were practicing. He thought it was funny and gave me the nickname of “Gigglebox” which stuck with me (more about the nickname’s usage at a later post.) He called me that the whole time I was under him, through my freshman and sophomore years and later when I visited him during my freshman year in college. He took up where my middle school band teacher had left off with the same enthusiasm for music. After my parents, I credit both of them for my love of music and how it’s developed. We had practice all summer long and a week in August for band camp where we were on the marching field from 8 am to 5 pm with a break for drinks every hour and a half hour for lunch. He was very serious about our music and our marching. He made us a great band with his diligence for details, both in music and how we were doing our marching formations. We won 1st in many of the competitions we were in because of him. He was fun to be around too. He didn’t make it always work, work, work, but tried to make it fun as well. I think that is how we came to be on top. We wanted to do our best for him. He inspired us to strive for the best. He encouraged us so much.

To watch our marching formations, he had to climb up a scrub covered hill with just a small path on it to get to a short tower. He was extremely afraid of snakes and the first time out, he had some of the seniors climb up there beforehand and throw mothballs around the path. When the wind was in the right direction, you could smell them all over the marching field. One time, a group of kids bought one of those rubber snakes and laid it so it looked like it was just crossing the path. This was during my sophomore year on the first day of band camp. He started up that hill and let out this scream, then ran back down and grabbed a box of mothballs that he always kept there and threw the whole box up there. He asked for someone who wasn’t afraid to get up there and see if it was gone. One of the guys climbed up and picked it up and threw it away. Mr. Geros was pretty mad that day, but he had a quick temper and after he yelled about a bit, he was done and we got on with our practice.

He had a bit of a sense of humor too. One day, a girl came in with some pamphlets that she’d been given in health class. She was laughing over them because it was telling some myths of how to not get pregnant. She shared them with a few of us other girls and we were all giggling about them when he came in to start band. This was during concert band practice, the second half of the year. We all sat down and started warming up, but we couldn’t stop little giggles coming here and there. After a few minutes, he looks at me (because I was the big giggler), and asks me what is going on. I started laughing so much, I couldn’t talk. One of the other girls scoops up the pamphlets and hands them to him which sets us all to laughing even more as his face contorted into a slightly embarrassed look. He read a bit, laughed, tore the pamphlet in half and put it in the trash. Then he said to us, (and I quote since I remember this one so well) “The only way to not get pregnant is to keep your mouth shut and your knees together.” All of us girls got quiet for about 5 or so seconds and then ruptured into hard laughter. It was the last thing we expected from him.

Anyway, he really helped me learn more about playing my flute, about how the different instruments tuned to different notes and how they blended together. He gave me my first glimpse into music theory, more than just regular playing would. He must have known how much I was interested in this because when he saw me looking at his score of music with all the parts on it, he took a bit of time to tell me how to read it and how it all worked. I remember going home and putting together a duet (Pachabel’s Canon) for flute and clarinet, so my sister and I could play together and finding that it actually worked. He made sure we went to every football game and that we were second to the cheerleaders in leading the crowd to root for our team. I already watched football with my dad, but didn’t really understand it until this time. It was always a fun experience, even in the rain and cold. It is something I will never forget.

Thank you, Mr. Geros, for those memories.

House (Not) For Sale

We went down and got some things from our old house and talked to the people who are moving in. The wife is a friend of mine and her two older children are friends of my kids. We still own the house, but we are doing a contract with them. We won’t have all our things (that we’re taking) out of the house for another two weeks, but they are okay with that. They have all our stuff put into the dining room for now as they are moving some of their stuff in. We are leaving a few things, like our queen bed frame and box springs. We already bought a new mattress and have a new bed frame that doesn’t need springs picked out to get sometime soon, so we didn’t want to have to move that one. A few of the dressers are staying there as well. They needed them, so they are excited about not having to buy them. We got our floor lamp up here. That makes it so much better in our living room up here… or maybe not, since I can see the dirt so much easier. LoL Just kidding. I also grabbed a small reading lamp because I needed it for our bedroom. I’m not exactly sure what else Jeremy grabbed, but I know he got enough to load up the van (which couldn’t be a lot since we already have it mostly loaded with 5 kids.) I enjoyed talking with my friend and holding her 2 mo old baby and the kids had so much fun playing with their friends and showing them the “clubhouse” they had set up when we had lived there. It is in a small shed-like building in the backyard. We never stored anything in it because the kids liked playing in it. It doesn’t have a door on it, so I could watch them playing in it from the kitchen window. I guess it will stay a clubhouse for now. My kids are happy since they painted the bench that is sitting in there.

Anyway, just pray for this situation.

Back Home (Temporarily)

Well, to the home we have for the next however many days.

Jeremy and I went house-hunting this weekend. Silly me didn’t think to pack a jacket. Most of the places I’ve lived, it is usually warm enough by this time to not need one except in early morning or late evening. I’ve only lived up in northern US for 6 months the year I turned 16 and I didn’t really think of the difference in the weather. He had to work on Friday and we left the children with his parents after he got off of work and headed up north. I talked to the Realtor up there while we were driving to get some of our mental bearings oiled and working together. We got to Lansing, IL kind of late on Friday. It was the closest hotel to Hammond, IN and I was so cold that I turned on the heater in our hotel room.

On Saturday, we were up bright and early for an over the phone meeting and to get a fax with all the houses she’d pulled up with the criteria we asked for. After breakfast, we went around to different houses and looked at the outsides of them, taking notes to see which ones we actually wanted to see inside of. I called her back at different intervals during that time so she could call and make appointments for us to see the houses. It was chilly out, but I was able to endure it because we were in the van the whole time. We were done by lunch time, so we took a break and waited for her to call us back about any appointments later that day. We had time to go to one of the libraries and browse their selection. They still didn’t have the Terry Brooks one that I am wanting to read. Anyway, after a while, she called us back and said that she couldn’t get any appointments for that afternoon, but was able to get all but one of the houses for Sunday after church. That one house was a back-up, only if we couldn’t find another house we liked. It didn’t fit all our requirements exactly, so it probably wouldn’t have worked anyway. We went back to the hotel and took a nap. Ah! That hardly ever happens for us. We checked out a Mexican restaurant for dinner. It was yummy! It might be a good date restaurant for later… if we can find anyone who is willing to babysit 5 children and not make us pay a ton to do it.

On Sunday, we visited a possible church for us. We like small churches. This one was really small. It was very, very friendly. I think almost everyone in the congregation came up to greet us and they prayed for us and our housing situation. I thought it was very sweet. After church, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed for the first house, than #2, #3, #4, and #5. We didn’t get to see inside #4. The lock box wasn’t working. We looked in the windows and saw that most of the rooms were just too small and there wasn’t nearly enough cabinet room in the kitchen for all our big family groceries, so it was struck off the list. The ones we liked best were #1 and #3. We started driving back just before 3:00 pm. A cold front had come in and I was very cold. I don’t like much under 70* and it was only about 50* there. As we were driving home, we discussed the pros and cons of both and decided that #1 is probably the best choice for our family. We got back just in time for evening church at our own church. I loved getting out of the van down here. Wonderful, wonderful warmer air. It was great.

We’ll be talking to the Realtor tomorrow about our decision. Keep praying. Pray for wisdom in this choice, pray that the house here sells easily, and pray for all the packing and cleaning we’ll be doing in the next few days.

A Hero’s Funeral

One of the young men who fought in Iraq and died on April 28th was from around here. On Saturday, his body was brought down from the nearby base to the funeral home here in town. It had to pass through about 4 different little towns. The streets all the way had people standing out to pay tribute to him.

Today, the streets were cleared by public consent between the funeral home and the graveyard since 3:30. They weren’t cordoned off, everybody just stopped and waited. The funeral procession just went by at 3:45 and the streets were lined with so many people, like for a parade except that it was hushed and the mood was subdued. Even the children were quiet. Those who had been in the service of our country were all out in their outfits, saluting as the procession passed. I didn’t know the young man, but I’d heard a lot about him and it brought tears to my eyes to see so many people showing respect and honor to him. A few of them I talked to afterwards and most didn’t know him, but they wanted to show his family that they are proud of him and teach their children about a hero.

May God bless this little town for their respect for one who sacrificed himself for us. May God be with the family and fiance of this young man.