Just Me

Hi, it’s me. I’m living here alone until this house gets packed and cleaned up. James is with my parents in NC and the girls have gone to Jeremy’s parents house. I have some friends that are coming over to help me and keep me company, which is really nice.

Try, Try Again

Ok, I’m on a break from caffiene again. I allow myself a cup of coffee every once in a while or a cup of Dr. Pepper when we’re out, but for the last week, I’ve had hardly any. I picked up some caffiene free Dr. Pepper last Friday because I was feeling too dependent on the caffiene and drinking too many Dr. Peppers. On Saturday, I had one regular Dr. Pepper (have some around because Jeremy drinks them) and then I haven’t had any more until today when I drank a cup of caramel kiss coffee. (yummmmy!) I have also cut back on my soda consumption. I decided to stick with only 1 soda a day. The same day that I bought the c-f Dr P, I bought some bottles of water. Our store has Spring! natural spring water on sale for $1 for 6 bottles. I bought 2 packs. While I’m at home, I have my bottle of water and I carry it around with me. I find it easier to carry around than a cup, especially since usually my cups get knocked over and spilled with all these kids around here . (Where did they come from? *laugh* Just kidding.) We got a filter for our kitchen sink cold water and so I re-fill my bottle over and over at home from that water. If I lose my bottle or it gets thrown away while the kids are doing chores, than I can easily grab another bottle from the pack. It’s tastes good and I feel like I get my $1 worth out of the whole pack. Also, if we go anywhere, I can grab a bottle or two and not worry about having to save them. Anyway, I’m going to try and stick to this a bit longer this time.

I Have a Digi!

I got a small digital camera that can fit into my purse. I don’t want to rely on my phone camera when we’re out and about. It’s a Canon PowerShot A550 with 4x optical zoom and 7.1 mega pixels. I hooked it up to my TV, so the kids could see the pictures I’d taken at James’s drama play on Saturday (oh, wait, I forgot to post about that… pictures coming soon, maybe later today) and we checked out how big the picture could get on the TV without getting too pixellated. It was pretty good and I’m satisfied for now. Someday, I’ll be able to afford the Canon Rebel, but until then I’ll stick with this one for whenever shots and my film camera for the nice shots.

Oh, speaking of my film camera. This last roll of film has not a single photo of any of my children on it. It was dedicated to other things. I’ve used the last 10 or so shots on it to keep track of a flower growing in a pot on my window sill. I have 1 photo left on that roll of film and the flower should bloom anytime, so I’m saving it for that.

Extreme Tiredness

This time, it’s not kids.

I got up at 7 am on Friday morning to go to an Acquire the Fire event in Muncie, IN. I roomed with two girls who did not sleep at all that night. We didn’t get home until 2:30 am on Sunday morning. I had to wake up at 7:30 am for church this morning. Jeremy decided to go to the chinese buffet restaurant in a town 20 minutes away for lunch. It had a long line. We didn’t get home until 3:15 pm. I had to go back to church for choir at 4:30 pm. Got home around 7:30 pm and Jeremy made me dinner. Kids finally went to bed and got quiet.

When did I sleep? Between 3:00 am and 7:30 am this morning and a bit of a snooze from 3:30 pm to 4:15 pm this afternoon. That gives me around 5 hours of sleep since Friday morning.

Good Night!

Excuse Me, Please

Part of why I haven’t posted as much on here as I used to is that Jeremy is working at home most days, so my computer time is somewhat limited. Also, we had sick kids and lots of church stuff going on around here. I’ve dedicated more time to reading the Bible and praying. It’s been hectic. I also haven’t been able to post comments on many of the posts that I read on other people’s blogs. Just know that I am reading them when I can, about every other day or so. I really miss reading them every day. Many of you all have become friends because of your blogs and the e-mail correspondence that has come because of them.

I’m not going to stop blogging, but if I don’t blog for a few days just don’t worry much about it. Just pray for me. That means I’m very busy.

I Figured It Out

How to send a cell phone picture to my e-mail. Of course, I can’t really do it much because we don’t have pix yet in our cell phone plan, but did one. When I get my new cell phone in March or April, I would like Jeremy to put pix on our plan. We’ll see how much it cost and check our budget at that time to see if it can be done.

Check out my Vox blog to see the pic. The format of how I post has changed and I can’t really figure out how to slap a pic in here.

Ten Things I Love That Start With “W”

Linda was giving out letters. I got “w”. These are listed in no certain order.

1. Wall family. They are my family by marriage, but I love them just as much as my own.

2. Wonders. All the cool things God has made. They are wonders to me. I love nature.

3. Worship. Praising, praying, discussing, learning, singing. All that for God. It helps me to combat the stresses of the day.

4. Womb Fruits. or also known as my children. They are such blessings.

5. Windows. The ability to let the light of the sun into my house and see all that is outside. I like being able to see the Amish buggies go by.

6. WWW. The internet is great. It’s so nice to be able to meet people so easily, though I’m a bit cautious as well.

7. my Wall man. My wonderful, loving husband.

8. Wicks. candles, nice smelling ones or the hurricane lantern. I love to turn off the lights and just have candles and our hurricane lantern on.

9. Waltzing. ok, so dancing with my husband. He can’t really waltz, but I learned back in high school for the musical “My Fair Lady”. I enjoyed it. These days, I like a dance I can do with my husband, laying my head on his chest.

10. Wonderful friends. I don’t have many friends, but those I have are good ones who care for me and love me for who I am.

Withdrawal Is Awful!

The internet went out about 10 minutes after I got on to check my e-mail and blogs and all.  We have ours through Mediacom and they had a massive state-wide breakdown.  This is my socialization most of the time these days and I wasn’t sure if I could handle a day away from it.  Well, ok, so I’m exagerating.  I could easily make it.  I just like being able to keep track of my friends and all.