Youth trip to Acquire the Fire

The youth are taking a trip over to Indiana to go to Acquire the Fire. We’re going to be leaving tomorrow morning and not getting home until really late Saturday night (or Sunday morning.) Pray for the hearts of the youth we are taking with us. I know of one who is not a Christian yet. I am praying especially for him, that this weekend may make a difference. He basically told me that he doesn’t believe in God and he wouldn’t go to church if it wasn’t so important to his girlfriend. She is one of my girls that I’ve been working with for a little over a year and a half. I talked to him a year ago when they were just friends and he seemed a little more open to salvation, but he had a bad church experience since that time and is kind of skeptical about it all now. We’re doing the best we can do… just accept him and love him as he is and most of all, we keep praying for him.


This last Friday night, I had a sleepover for the youth girls at our church. One didn’t make it because of health issues. (Pray for her, it’s something that will be lifelong and they are still trying to figure out how to control it.) Another one just didn’t show up. We had some guests. Amanda Fessant came and did part of her God-Esteem program with my girls. It was really good. First, we met up in the sanctuary and she sang a few of her songs. Then, we went to the youth house and ate dinner. She started talking about 9:30 and I don’t think she was done until about 1 am. The girls really were into her talk and interacted so well. I could see a difference in their attitudes afterwards. It was neat. After she was done, we made brownies and cookies and played spoons. It was a lot of fun. Only thing is… when you have a group of eight girls/women… you get to talking. The brownies were done perfectly, but the cookies and later (around 3 or 4 am) pizza were all a slight bit overdone. We’d be talking and then suddenly sniff and say, “Hey, you think those cookies are done yet? Anybody checked? Did you hear the timer go off?” LOL It was crazy. Anyway, we put on some Christian music and danced without all the seductive movements. (I don’t allow that kind of dancing.) We got really silly and one of the girls and I had a wet washcloth fight. My co-leader took pictures and I’m afraid of what kind of pictures she got of me. Yikes! Thankfully, it was my camera, so I can control who sees the pictures. I didn’t sleep all night. I was so hyped up on Dr. Pepper that I was still going strong when Jeremy picked me up at 10 am. I had thought all the girls would be ready to go home and to sleep by 7 or 8 am, but most had had a small nap and were enjoying themselves so much that we didn’t realize that it was already 9:00 am Saturday morning before I told them to start calling their rides. Since I had unthinkingly scheduled Noelle and James’s birthday party on that day, I had to get home sometime and clean the house.

Oh, I almost forgot. Because of my unthinking-ness… I decided to make the cake while the sleepover was going on. I baked it at 5 am. Only my co-leader and one other girl were still awake. When the pictures are developed, I’ll have to show you what happens when you let a teenage girl decorate a birthday cake at 5:30 in the morning. James loved it.

Birthday party post coming soon. Pictures will come when they are ready.

Youth trip to Narnia… WOW!!

I’ve never known a movie that stuck as close to the book as this did. It did diverge from the book in a place or two, but nothing that made me mad. I loved St. Nick. He was perfect in his old fashioned clothes and not in the frumpy fur-lined red suit everybody depicts him in these days. It was just a really good movie. If we had the money, Jeremy and I would go see it again and take Amie and James this time, but they may have to wait until the DVD. Aslan was beautiful. Now, you have to know how much I love big cats, so I was worried about Aslan having something taken away from his Lionishness when he talked, but they did a wonderful job with that. He just had an awesome presence in the movie. We’ll be talking about the ways this movie is like the Christian faith in youth on Wednesday night. All, but one, of our youth members went last night and every single one of them left saying how much they loved it.

Only thing I regret…

I didn’t bring my tissues.

Scavenger hunt!

Last night, Jeremy and I worked on clues to a scavenger hunt for the youth. It was a lot of fun. I have to get there early tonight and put the clues in place. Because I know a few of them come here to read, I’m not going to post any of the clues until later. I’d like to see if you could figure a few of them out. Also, I’m going to bring some Bible Trivia to play and see how they do with that. Prizes for these are some school supplies. This is kind of our “Back to School” party for them. Most of them start back tomorrow.

Edit: I think they had a good time. We didn’t have many kids there tonight, but we had fun. I blew up some little balloons for the party and one of the boys stayed late and entertained my kids by popping all of them while I was cleaning up. James didn’t mind picking up all those pieces thankfully.

Okay, here are two of the hints I did tonight. Where do you think they meant? 1.) Matthew 25:37 – Our church’s ministry for this. 2.) II Chronicles 21:18 – He must have spent much time in this room.

I’ll give the answers in a few days.

Well, Saturday was good and bad

Jeremy and I were up at 6 am and left the house by 6:15. We’d had everything all set out so it didn’t take long to get ready. We left with all the youth from the church at 7 am and got to Six Flags about 10:30. If you want to read all about it… well, you can, but I’m warning you now that it’s long. Continue reading Well, Saturday was good and bad

Prayer for one of my youth and her family

One of the girls in my youth group called me two days ago. Her cousin was in the hospital with bad complications from diabetes. He’s had diabetes all his life and it’s always poured it’s worst symptoms on him. She told me that his sister died 4 years ago from the same thing. Yesterday, she called and said he had been put on a respirator because he was barely breathing on his own, but the last time they’d checked, he wasn’t breathing at all on his own. I’m waiting for her to call today. I’m sure she will. He’s a Christian, so they know he’ll be in Heaven when he dies, but she said it’s still sad to see him going through all this. He’ll be whole in Heaven. No more insulin shots, no more complications like blindness. She said it will be such a wonderful transformation for him, but she’ll still miss him.

I’ll update when I hear from her again.

Update: I talked to her at youth tonight. She said his breathing is doing better and the respirator is only at 23%. He’s still teeter-tottering between life and death, but it’s looking like he’s still needed here on earth for a little while longer. She said she’ll keep me updated.

Another update: Now it’s Thursday. She called and said he’s been taken off of the respirator all together and doing fine.

Youth girl time

Every so often on Sunday evenings, I plan on having a girl time with the youth girls. Yesterday was the second one I’ve done. The first one was only an hour and it was when I first became a youth leader. I sat down with the girls and gave them my testimony and then set down some rules. I think they were glad to learn they have an adult who is honest with them. Only one of my girls has parents that come to church regularly.

Anyway, we had our second girl time last night. It was supposed to last 2 hours, but ended up going half an hour over. It was about trust. Trust in marriage, trust in God, and what happens if you trust in nonchristians. We did trust walks, where one person is blindfolded and the other person either guides by leading them or by giving directions with their voice. In the first one, I gave it as an example of how it is in marriage, you go through it together… side by side. I purposely ran my charge into a chair (I’d warned her beforehand) to let them see that we are human and our husbands are human and may make mistakes and though we let him guide us, we can always have a little say in it since he may not always see that he’s heading the wrong way. When I was sitting across the room giving directions, I didn’t even let my charge come close to hitting anything. That is like God. He is always here giving us directions and if we put our trust fully in Him, He’ll help us to avoid sin and temptations, but we don’t always listen and sometimes fall because of our waywardness. I explained that if she hadn’t followed my directions completely (good thing she did) then she would have tripped over a chair or ran into a table, just as we would trip over sin or run into temptations when we don’t listen to God. We don’t feel Him physically touching us, but He is always here spiritually to guide us. They seemed to have fun.

It was a good thing I’d already arranged to take everyone home, except the one girl who can drive, or parents/grandparents would have been getting impatient waiting for us to get done.

Company coming

Jeremy’s aunt and uncle are coming down to visit, mostly with Grandma Anna. All her children have made an effort to come visit at least once, some twice, this year. She really enjoys having them come.

Today, it’s off to clean for me! I have one of my youth coming. We are raising money for the youth group for different things we plan on doing by having them doing some odd jobs for the members of our church. She is coming to help me clean today.


Please pray for a band. They were going to give a concert at our church for our youth group tonight. We got a call this morning to tell us they were cancelling because their drummer died. I can’t go into details online, but it wasn’t good. I just finished calling all the girls. (The youth director is calling the boys.) I’m going to round up the youth group tomorrow morning before Sunday School and we’re going to have a small prayer time for this band.

Sorry about lack of details, but I don’t want anyone upset over this post. This day has literally drained me and it is only half over.