Being a Youth Leader… Again

As many of you know, I used to be the Youth Leader at our church for the youth girls before we moved to Chicago. I loved doing it. I’m still in contact with a few of those girls through Facebook.

At our new church, Jeremy and I have been asked to fill in until they can find a new Youth Pastor/Music Leader. They are looking for a young man and are willing to look at some fresh out of college. (If you know anyone who might like this job, Here’s the church’s website.) They are thinking that if he is unmarried that I will stay on as the female leader. We went up and met a few of the kids last Sunday night. I enjoyed talking to the girls and getting to know a few of them a bit more.

One big thing that will be different this time… I will have one of my own children in the youth group. Amie will be old enough to join starting in June. It will be interesting… I wish I could share my thoughts on this, but I feel it is safer to keep it off of this public place.

Mostly, I’m excited. I love working with this age. I seem to get along with them well and they are more accepting of my quirks and craziness than older people. So… here’s to starting this new chapter in my life. *smiles*

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