Birthday Party x 3

Today, we had our annual 3 girl birthday party for the girls who have birthdays in September and October (Amie, Christine, and AnnaBeth). It was really good. Jeremy’s parents and his brother from St Louis came up yesterday and spent the night. My aunt, uncle, and 2 cousins came today. We had hot dogs, hamburgers, brats, and chicken cooked on the grill with chips and fresh fruit. After a little bit of talking, we got out the desserts… chocolate cheesecake mousse pie (also known as my “Chocolaholic’s No-Bake Chocolate Cheesecake“), chocolate cupcakes, vanilla cupcakes, and some strawberry jello. The pie was the first to go and only one and a half jello servings were eaten. The cupcakes were a hit with my little ones. They liked them. I had chocolate icing with an animal cracker on top. No, I didn’t take pictures. Not a single picture. My camera batteries died and I couldn’t find where I put the extra batteries. We had three others taking pictures sometimes during the day, so I hope I can get some pictures from them. The kids really seemed to enjoy the day. Well, except for when Noelle erupted in big crocodile tears when she realized that she wasn’t getting a present. Also, Jeremy’s parents were able to bring up the kids’ bicycles that we had left down at their house when we moved up here and hadn’t been able to bring up yet. They had wanted to bring the kids’ swing set that is at their house (from the time that we lived there), but weren’t able to. Oh well, it will come up here eventually.

After the party and everyone had left, the pastor’s wife from our church came and took the three girls out for some treat shopping. I relaxed a bit while they were gone and then started some pizzas for dinner.

Now, we are getting the kids into bed. I hope they sleep well tonight because I am totally exhausted. After cleaning and baking yesterday and then doing everything today, I am just ready to rest and have my sore feet rubbed. (hint, hint to my dear husband)

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