We didn’t have a really busy vacation for the kids’ Spring Break. It was really cool down there which is unusual for this time of year. The first day was somewhat busy because it was Easter and we were traveling right after church. I thought that at least Noelle would have taken a nap on our way down, but they all attacked their candy after lunch and not a single kid slept the whole way down. We got there about 10:30 pm and got the kids ready for bed and down. Amie was awake by 6:30 am on Monday morning and able to see her cousins before they went to school, but Noelle slept until 9 am. That morning, we went to a park and let the kids play while my aunt and I talked. In the afternoon, the kids played on the trampoline and see-saw at my aunt’s house. On Tuesday, we went to the Botanical Gardens down there. The kids really enjoyed going there. The cool morning meant there weren’t a lot of people there and the kids ran around on the paths in our sight while we had a nice walk. That afternoon, it got up to around 65* and the kids really, really wanted to swim. My cousin (Amie’s age) did too, so they all got their swimsuits on and got into the pool in the backyard. Brrr! AnnaBeth got in, but not for too long. Amie, James, and Christine all got in and played for quite a while. Noelle took a nap during most of the time they were swimming and even after she got up, she didn’t want to get into the “cold freezer water”. Christine fell from a raft into the 4 ft deep part while trying to reach the side of the pool. Her swimming lesson stuff helped her to kick herself up and I was able to pull her out without getting into the pool. (I was fully prepared to jump in if needed.) That was the end of her time in the pool. Not long afterwards, the other kids all got out and we had them get dressed and then settle down with a movie while dinner was fixed. On Wednesday morning, we went to another park. It had a bunch of good climbing rocks all around it and my kids spent more time on the rocks than on the playground equipment. That afternoon, we went to the mall for dinner and walked around a bit. I got Amie a shrug for ballet. In the winter, she needs something to help keep her arms warm, but can’t have it cover her lower back or abdomen, so her teacher can tell if her posture is right. A shrug is perfect for this and we finally found one. It is a size too big for her right now, but she should be able to wear it for next year. She may wear it today since it is still kind of chilly around here. On Thursday morning, we let the kids play in the backyard while I was getting all the suitcases packed back up and Jeremy was getting the van all ready. We left after lunch and traveled home. Noelle, AnnaBeth, and Amie all took good naps not long after we left.

It was a nice relaxing time for me and the kids had fun and enjoyed no schoolwork to do (though I did go over phonics with Christine a few times).

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