Blue Ridge Parkway 2

It took me three days, but I’ve finally recovered from staying up all night Friday night. My mind is back to being clear and thinking okay… or at least as clear as it can be with 5 kids to help occupy many of it’s thoughts.

I’ll tell my story, then the pictures will come afterwards. That way, those of you with dial-up will have the pictures loaded by the time you get down to them.

That day, we drove up to the on-ramp to the Blue Ridge Parkway. The Parkway itself was closed to vehicles due to snow. I didn’t have any hiking boots and my shoes were kind of sliding on my feet. (I bought them right after having Noelle and my feet have shrunk back since then.) They didn’t bother me too much with just walking. Most of the snow had been there long enough to get a nice hard top to it and we could walk on top of it. As I was walking at one place, I hit a soft spot and my right foot went through about half a foot of snow. Of course, some fell inside my shoe and my foot started getting damp as the snow in there melted. When we reached Devil’s Courthouse, (see previous post for picture) I went through again… with the same foot. This time, there was a good size puddle under the snow, at least four inches. My foot got soaked this time. We were almost to the top of where we were hiking, so we went on up a little further. When we got to a tunnel, we stopped. The tunnel had some ice in it from water that had dripped down. It looked like a clear stalagmite in a cave. Well, there was some black ice nearby which Amie slipped on and hit her hand (I think) on that stalagmite. We figured we needed to start back then. Both Amie and James were getting kind of tired and cold, plus my foot was starting to feel kind of cold. On the way down, I went through a full foot of snow which only helped my foot get even colder. I wasn’t the only one who went through the snow, but everyone else had on shoes that fit better than mine did. The last time I soaked my foot was when I was taking the picture where I jumped out of the van on the way home. At least my foot had dryed a little since then and when I got back into the van I took off my shoe and sock. I went and got myself some new hiking boots after that day. One last thing… down where my parents live, it was in the high-50s that day, so the kids thought it was neat that it was so warm there, yet all we did was drive a little ways up the mountains and get to where it was cold and there was snow. The higher up we got, the more snow there was covering the parkway. The last picture, you can see that the whole road wasn’t completely covered and that was near where we started and ended, but in the second picture it is up higher and the whole road is covered.

Amie and James both took ski sticks to use while hiking and had fun playing in the snow with them. Too bad Jeremy didn’t get a picture of James playing snowball with his. I would toss him a snowball and he would try to hit it with his stick. Here is Amie attacking the ice coming down the rocks at the side of the road.

From left to right: me, Amie, James, and my Dad. Look, I could “walk on water!”

Amie going through the snow like I did. She was getting tired there at the end, so was behind just a bit. We were all waiting on her. You can see our shadows there.

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