AnnaBeth loves dancing! She is enjoying her classes. She’s kind of shy, so she has only made one friend… the other quiet, kind of shy girl. She said she loves her teacher and I think her teacher is really great with them. I was hoping for the owner of the studio to be the teacher because she was doing this Intro class last year, but this year someone else is, but I’m happy with how it’s going. I was kind of worried at first because AnnaBeth held back and wouldn’t do anything, but I knew she was learning because she did it at home. The last few times though, she’s been participating very well.

She has two outfits. A blue short-sleeved and a black long-sleeved (well, it’s supposed to be 3/4 sleeved, but it’s slightly big and covers all of her arm.) I don’t have any pictures in her black one, but I do have a few with her blue one. Sorry about the poor quality. I’m really thinking it’s time for a new camera, once we can afford it.

Here she is showing how she can walk on her toes.

This is doing some of her stretching exercises.

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